Augspurger Mountain new signage

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Augspurger Mountain new signage

Post by arlohike » April 1st, 2018, 4:03 pm

The field guide for the Augspurger Mountain hike... ... ntain_Hike

...says to look for a faint trail with pink ribbons after the hairpin on the forest road. I went there today and found some clear signage and a well-defined trail at this junction.

The trail also had blazes with blue diamonds north of the Dog Mountain Trail junction, plus small wooden signs with arrows at some of the switchbacks north of the hairpin junction.

By the way, the signage at the trailhead and at the Dog Mountain Trail junction indicates a distance to the summit as 7.5 miles. But the sign shown here, four miles in, indicates a distance of 6.5 miles, which matches my Green Trails map and is close to the 6.3 miles indicated by the field guide.
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Re: Augspurger Mountain new signage

Post by Bosterson » April 16th, 2018, 12:01 pm

I was up there a couple months ago and also noted the new signage, but thanks for the reminder to update the FG - those signs were not there back when I wrote that entry in 2011. (It really was just ribbons tied to the tree at that hairpin, and you could barely see the trail through the brush!) :)

This has now been fixed.
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