a few problems with Aldrich Butte-Cedar Falls Loop Hike

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a few problems with Aldrich Butte-Cedar Falls Loop Hike

Post by zoogelsnof » August 4th, 2014, 9:11 am

I had a few problem following this guide, and also think it would be worth adding some more details on certain sections.

1) The guide states 5.8 miles and 1770 feet of elevation, but then in paragraph 3 it says, "All told, it’s a rather easy 8 mile loop."

2) It's only 8 miles if you include the optional climb up Cedar Mountain. However, if you do that, the elevation goes from 1,770 to 3,700(ish) and this goes from a moderate to a difficult hike.

3) Further confusion about if the hike should include Cedar Mountain in this sentence (and if it's included in the overall ranking/distance), "Looking north from the summit you get your first view of Cedar Mountain, which we’ll climb later on this hike."

3) Cedar Mountain itself probably needs a page or something? At a minimum, it should be notated that the trail is not-defined, and as of yesterday was about 65% loose sand and gravel. It's a treacherous climb, and an even more dangerous decent. Despite an abundance of caution, I still ended out slaloming from tree-to-tree on my way down, and ended out on my butt a few times.

4)Broken link - > http://digitalcollections.lclark.edu/cd ... =224&REC=1

5) Broken link -> http://www.portlandhikersfieldguide.org ... Summit.jpg

6) broken link -> http://www.portlandhikersfieldguide.org ... rFalls.jpg

7) broken link -> http://www.portlandhikersfieldguide.org ... Valley.jpg

8) Clarification of this point - "The creek crossing (photo) can be a bit tricky in the wet season when you're a bit more desperate to keep your boots dry, but it's a rock hopper in the summer months. Stop here to refill your water and enjoy the cool breeze, then pick up the trail again. The ownership of the land here is a bit in question. Some of it is public, but there is a large section owned by the Girl Scouts. There are no known plans for developing it."

-> The creek crossing is a little tricky to find. I'd add these directions - "When you come to the creek, you'll be in a small clearing. On your left is a fire pit with some rough hewn benches. To your right about 5 feet and across the stream is the continuation of the trail. As of 8/1/2014, it is marked with two 5 stone cairns, one on the ground and another on a fallen log elevated above the stream. "

Otherwise, good information I was able to mostly follow. Absolutely true that a GPS or map/compass is mandatory for this one. Even with GPS I overshot my targets a few times.


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Re: a few problems with Aldrich Butte-Cedar Falls Loop Hike

Post by bobcat » August 9th, 2014, 1:47 pm

@zoogelsnof: Thank you for all the details! I think I've corrected/deleted everything you mentioned and also added links to TRs from the area. I didn't realize that there wasn't a Cedar Mountain Hike in the Field Guide. I've got it on my list now!

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