Mist Falls Hike Description

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Mist Falls Hike Description

Post by Peder » December 1st, 2008, 6:44 pm

Sunday, my son and I had the pleasure of hiking up to the Mist Falls. We almost didn’t find the trail! It must be said that it was well hidden under a thick cover of leaves. The description in the Field Guide gave me the impression that the trail to Mist Falls goes past the Multnomah Lodge chimney; this is not the case. I would suggest adding a few words in the middle portion of the text as follows:

“The first few feet from the Mist Falls Trailhead are deceptively easy. You'll pass a plaque commemorating Rose Lenske, the woman who donated this land for use as a park. Just after the plaque, 30 ft from the trailhead, the trail reaches Mist Creek. To visit the Multnomah Lodge chimney, look for an unmarked use path across the small creek. This 30’ side path leads to the remnants of the fireplace and chimney from the original 1916 Multnomah Lodge. It's not obvious at first, but if you aren't looking, you might walk into it. If you miss it, don't worry. It's a bit easier to find on the way back, and those with good eyes can even see the chimney's profile from the parking wayside.

The Mist Falls trail follows the western side of Mist Creek, so go back and re-cross Mist Creek and turn uphill following a steep talus slope. Etc...”

It is a lovely place and it was fascinating to watch the stream of water waving in the wind above our heads.
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