Some Eastern Oregon flowers to ID

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Some Eastern Oregon flowers to ID

Post by Aimless » August 3rd, 2020, 11:36 am

I thought I'd give our resident experts something new to look at. Here are five different flowering plants I saw while hiking on the Elkhorn Crest trail. I hope there's enough detail of flowers, leaves, and stalks, plus a bit of location to make valid identifications.

#1: Found in a semi-shady forested place, neither arid nor wet.
yellow flower - cropped.jpg
#2: Found on a open slope, I think it is a penstemon variety, but looks unfamiliar to me.
penstemon - possibly.jpg
#3: Another open slope, somewhat dry, porous soil.
white flowers 2 - cropped.jpg
#4: This was growing in a rock crevice, but the cliff provided part-shade.
white flower - cropped.jpg
#5: The leaves attracted me to this. The flowers were very small, light blue. Partial shady environment.
blue flowers.jpg

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Re: Some Eastern Oregon flowers to ID

Post by adamschneider » August 3rd, 2020, 11:50 am

1. Arnica, probably A. cordifolia.

2. Penstemon, probably P. speciosa.

3. Penstemon attenuatus.

4. Heuchera cylindrica.

5. Polemonium californicum.

All of these grow in the Cascades too, except maybe #3.

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