Red Berries Around Mt Hood

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Red Berries Around Mt Hood

Post by leiavoia » September 26th, 2018, 9:25 am

There are gobs of these around Hood right now (late September). I have a feeling they are not edible but would still like to know what they are:
These i think are Red Huckleberries. Am i right? I didn't eat any because i didn't know at the time, but i wish i had. There were plenty:
Based on a previous thread, i believe this to be Twisted Stalk:
Is this Baneberry?
Thanks for your help!

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Re: Red Berries Around Mt Hood

Post by adamschneider » September 26th, 2018, 10:53 am

The first one is Sitka mountain-ash. The berries are edible in theory, but they don't taste like much.

The second one is definitely huckleberry, either red or unripe black. (The only reason I hesitate on the "red" is that they're usually a brighter red than that. The leaves do look like red huckleberries though.) You can always tell huckleberries by the raised circle on the bottom of the berry where the round petal was attached, and they're all edible.

The third one is indeed twisted-stalk. Maybe rosy twisted-stalk, based on the round rather than elongated berries.

And yes, the last one is baneberry. Don't eat those. :)

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