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360 cameras

Posted: September 20th, 2019, 9:33 am
by mtncorg
Anyone else using 360 cameras on their hikes? I have a Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere which is a pretty neat adjunct to my iPhone 8 - the best 360 for the money currently is probably the Insta360 One X, but like everything else, that seems to change quickly. The photos on the Mi Sphere are great - especially since it is cheaper by $100 - and the video is 4K 360 which you can edit to whatever view you want. So many times, I have been atop places where I wanted to capture some essence of what I was experiencing. The photomerge on portrait shots still gives the best photo, but the 360 views - albeit with fisheye lenses - are very fun.

Sorry, don't think this site will support examples - that is a reserve of Google Maps and Facebook for the moment.

The 360 video capability, current stabilization in phones and 360 cameras plus the occasional shot from a DJI gives you the opportunity to become a competitor to ... E8JPIEa0-w Mediocre Amateurs, the boys from SLC.