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Home Aquarium Photography Timelapse Basic Tips:

Posted: January 9th, 2018, 8:12 pm
by flixter
If you never tried this before, you can take your DSLR and the Standard Kit Lense and
create some interesting aquarium timelapses. Gold fish bowl with fish will also work.

To Start set your camera for the following settings:
1. Set the Shooting Mode in Manual Mode
2. Set the Shutter Speed 1/180
3. Set the Aperture to f5.6 or lower.
4. Set the ISO to 100 or 400
5. Shoot at angles to glass or use a CPL Filter (CPL Circular Polarizer Filter)

REMEMBER: Wait till you see the whites of thier eyes, then start shooting.
Stats: Canon T3i on a Tripod
Number of Shots taken: 510
Time Between Shots: Unknown, used remote switch, just clicked away.

Here is a Aquarium Timelapse of my desktop aquarium, it took approximatly 510 shoots by hand, since
my Intervalometer's does not drop to tenth's of a second, I shot the timelapse by hand.
To See How Things Turned Out Just Watch At The Web Link Below:

Happy Shooting...Pnwhiker