Where to sell hiking gear?

Ask questions and share your experiences with hiking & backpacking gear, and share trail recipes and gadget tips. Please see classifieds forum for buying/selling stuff.
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Where to sell hiking gear?

Post by thehikingdude » July 23rd, 2022, 8:31 am

Hey Gang, my hiking and backpacking days were left behind years ago. Knees can't take it anymore. It's time to sell all my gear. Looks like people aren't selling much through here. Any other suggestions?

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Re: Where to sell hiking gear?

Post by lordgares » July 23rd, 2022, 2:51 pm

You could sure post it here, someone like me who lurked for about 10 years before making an account might buy something just on the basis that that piece of gear was owned by a PH legend. ;)

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retired jerry
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Re: Where to sell hiking gear?

Post by retired jerry » July 23rd, 2022, 5:56 pm

"Gear swap" on backpackinglight.com has a bunch of gear sold. But you have to pay some fee to be able to post.

I think you can read without a payment to get an idea of whats there

I've never bought or sold myself so I can't recommend it, but I've read a lot of people that have done it

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Re: Where to sell hiking gear?

Post by Bosterson » July 23rd, 2022, 7:12 pm

Craigslist still works. Geartrade. Register on NW Hikers maybe - their sale forum seems a little more active than ours.
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Re: Where to sell hiking gear?

Post by adamschneider » July 24th, 2022, 8:49 am

I have a friend who swears by OfferUp.

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Re: Where to sell hiking gear?

Post by BigBear » August 1st, 2022, 9:40 am

Mazamas have an annual equipment sale in March.

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Re: Where to sell hiking gear?

Post by SarahDeeCee » February 14th, 2023, 1:28 am

The Facebook marketplace has been surprisingly good for selling gear locally for me. For other things I have used Facebook groups to sell random things and Im sure there are huge Facebook groups for hiking and hiking gear.

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