Mt. Hood National Forest -- more opens up in the fire-affected areas

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Mt. Hood National Forest -- more opens up in the fire-affected areas

Post by datura » August 20th, 2022, 7:33 pm

As of August 19, 2022, more roads and areas in the Clackamas River Ranger District of Mt. Hood National Forest have opened up. ... eprd835619

The newest info, quoted directly:

Forest Road (FR) 46, FR 63, FR 70, FR 42, and many of their spurs are some of the popular routes that are now open. Additionally, virtually all forest roads outside of the Riverside, Lionshead, and Bull Complex fire perimeters are now open. Many of these roads do require high clearance vehicles.


Roads that will remain closed to motor vehicles until danger trees are removed include:
FR 4220 between FR 46 and Olallie Lake
FR 45 (Hillockburn Rd.) at forest boundary
FR 4620 at Hwy 224 junction
FR 4631 at Hwy 224 junction
FR 4630 between Hwy 224 & Lake Harriet
FR 54 (Fish Creek Rd.) at Hwy 224 junction
FR 57 between Hwy 224 and Lake Harriet
FR 46 is CLOSED to motor vehicles at the Willamette National Forest boundary.

The map showing current open and closed roads/sites/trails is here: ... 017866.pdf

Here is the current FAQ: ... 008921.pdf

Here is what the FAQ says about trails:

3. When will the trails within the fire areas reopen?

It depends. While many sections of trail were lightly impacted, many trails lost bridges, have
scorched and damaged soils, suffered rockslides, or are covered with down trees.

While most trails are now open, keep in mind the Forest Service will not clear standing dead and
dying trees along entire trails, so hikers should use extreme caution and keep aware of hazards.

Trails that remain closed include Clackamas River Trail #715 and Riverside Trail #723 as they were
highly damaged, lost trail bridges, and are dangerous in many parts. Double Peaks #735 is
effectively gone as a trail and will need to be rebuilt. Check our website for other individual trails in
fire areas:

[As far as I can tell, no other trails are mentioned by name in the link given]

Bagby Hot Springs may open in early 2023 depending on whether the concessionaire can hire staff.

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Re: Mt. Hood National Forest -- more opens up in the fire-affected areas

Post by longboard16 » August 20th, 2022, 8:27 pm

While I would like to say it is about time (guess I just did) it is very good to hear that so much area has finally open up. It will provide some much needed access to some additional areas. Thanks to those who worked hard to achieve the goal of opening up as well as to those who will be doing continual cleanup and hazard mitigation.

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Re: Mt. Hood National Forest -- more opens up in the fire-affected areas

Post by RobFromRedland » August 21st, 2022, 5:17 am

One thing that may not be entirely evident in that response is that ALL of the burned areas are now open for foot traffic - meaning you can't drive into them, but you can enter them legally on foot - FINALLY. I don't know what made them magically OK to enter now after 2 years, but I'm happy they are finally open for foot traffic.
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