Proposed new wild and scenic rivers/rules

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Proposed new wild and scenic rivers/rules

Post by greenjello85 » February 3rd, 2021, 9:28 pm ... rs-oregon/
Didn't see any specific rivers but adds 4700 miles of rivers and expands the limitations on industrial uses from 1/4 miles to 1/2 mile.

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Re: Proposed new wild and scenic rivers/rules

Post by ErikFernandez » February 4th, 2021, 9:16 pm

There is more information on Senator Wyden's webpage: ... oregonians

Good news for protection of trails that are in river corridors proposed for Wild & Scenic River status. It includes rivers across the state. Also good news for wildlife, clean drinking water, and the role these river corridors can play in a changing climate (shade, carbon storage in trees, wildlife migration corridors, etc).

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