Eagle Creek trail reopens \o/ plus other reopenings

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Don Nelsen
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Re: Eagle Creek trail reopens \o/ plus other reopenings

Post by Don Nelsen » January 11th, 2021, 10:26 am

Guy, thanks for the TR and great photos.

"Everything works in the planning stage".

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Re: Eagle Creek trail reopens \o/ plus other reopenings

Post by squidvicious » January 17th, 2021, 7:00 am

Guy wrote:
January 11th, 2021, 8:08 am
It certainly feels more like a ridge hike now in the burn area.
I finally made it out there. Majorly opened up views, for sure, but there is a flip side to that. I was hiking directly into the low winter sun on a clear day, sans hat (having left it behind after mostly carrying it the day before due to the sweltering January heat), and without tree cover the sun glare was completely blinding. I had a hard time even seeing clearly where I was putting my foot down a lot of the time. Bring a hat!

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