Government shutdown = garbage and feces at National Parks

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Government shutdown = garbage and feces at National Parks

Post by Bosterson » January 1st, 2019, 8:47 pm

This is going swimmingly.
Some visitors have strung Christmas lights in the twisting Joshua trees, many of which are hundreds of years old, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Most visitors were being respectful of the desert wilderness and park facilities, Joshua Tree’s superintendent, David Smith, said in a statement.

But some are seizing on the shortage of park staffers to off-road illegally and otherwise damage the park, as well as relieving themselves in the open, a park statement said.
At Yosemite, Snider, the local resident, said crowds of visitors were driving into the park to take advantage of free admission, with only a few park rangers working and a limited number of restrooms open.

Visitors were allowing their dogs to run off-leash in an area rich with bears and other wildlife, and scattering bags of garbage along the roads, Snider said.
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Chip Down
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Re: Government shutdown = garbage and feces at National Parks

Post by Chip Down » January 2nd, 2019, 8:16 pm

Imagine if it had been summer! :shock: (well, not so much the christmas lights...)

Anyway, we've seen first-amendment defenses for all manner of atrocities. I wonder if this could be considered a political protest.

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Re: Government shutdown = garbage and feces at National Parks

Post by BurnsideBob » January 3rd, 2019, 2:17 pm


Social experiment.

Can members of the American public use the American public lands without rules or supervision, without damaging the resource, and without stepping on each others toes?

And, informed by what we learn, what do we think about the NW Forest Pass, the Gorge ODOT paid-parking proposal, and other regulation of our use of public lands?

Stay tuned!
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Re: Government shutdown = garbage and feces at National Parks

Post by BigBear » January 4th, 2019, 9:34 am

There is an element that will ignore the rules (written, posted or really-well posted) whether or not rangers are their to write citations or slap the cuffs on the violators. Human arrogance is just getting worse all of the time - perhaps its our "role model" back in the Oval Office that is setting the etiquette bar so high for the rest of us to follow.

In watching others, I have come tot he conclusion that:
1) "No" means "do whatever you want"
2) Violators do not believe rules apply to them, but expect the rules to protect them from others
3) It's not a violation until I get caught, and then its debatable depending on how good of a lawyer they can afford
4) Anyone enforcing the rules is a bad person (just ask social media)
5) Wild animals are pets, not to be feared but solely there for the purpose of selfies
6) Littering isn't an issue because the park has gremlins that will pick up after them (you just don't see them)
7) Everyone loves the music on my boom box so I'll turn it up a couple of notches
8) I'm so pretty that everyone wants me in their travel photos so I'll go stand (a) under this waterfall, (b) off the boardwalk or (c) get another selfie of me and this buffalo
9) It is important to bag your dog pooh and fling it (even if the sign says No Dogs on the Trail)
10) They really meant to draw a bicycle under that stick figure walking even though its a wilderness

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