Work on Portland-to-Coast trail has begun

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Work on Portland-to-Coast trail has begun

Post by romann » August 23rd, 2018, 11:06 pm

I think this trail will be very popular when completed. On one hand, if you liked railroad hike it will be totally different experience. OTOH, failing bridges and tunnels, and overgrowing thread (it's Coast Range after all) will close parts of the route in a few years, but being official trail it will stay open. May become a good "bikepacking" destination, if they'll allow bikes?

Hood-to-Portland link is next? :)
Salmonberry Trail project has finally begun. It will be taking the strip of land once used as a railroad line and repurposing it into an 84-mile multi-use trail, which will connect eight cities and two counties from Banks to Tillamook on the coast. ... tillamook/

The article also links to Oregon Field Guide. Another article describes local concerns about the project, No. 1 being remote area with no cell service (sic) and long response times for rescuers.

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Re: Work on Portland-to-Coast trail has begun

Post by Chip Down » September 8th, 2018, 11:07 am

I was surprised and pleased to read this: "The third section is the Salmonberry portion which runs 16 miles through tunnels and forests, along bridges, and along the Nehalem river. Officials have said this section will be for the "most adventurous users" as there will be limited access or facilities along the way." I was worried this plan would lead to a sanitized disneyfied "upgrade".

Regarding the concerns that there's no cell service, and this poses a danger for hikers: Wow. Have we become that soft?

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