airlift evacuation from Mt Broken Top

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airlift evacuation from Mt Broken Top

Post by Chip Down » July 9th, 2018, 7:02 pm

Okay, there's not really a Mt Broken Top. I'm just making fun of how journalists botch hiking stories. :lol:

Anyway, here's a condensed version of the story:
Authorities airlifted an Oregon City woman from Broken Top, a central Oregon peak, over the weekend.

Sarah Rask unintentionally went off trail near the summit of the peak, lost her footing and grabbed a large rock that gave way and caused her to fall about 25 feet.

Authorities requested help from the Oregon Army National Guard, which sent a Salem-based Blackhawk helicopter to the mountain's summit, according to the sheriff's office.

A medical team was lowered to Rask — who 911 callers reported was anchored, immobile and near a 60- to 70-foot cliff — and she was lifted from the mountain in a litter.

Rask, 29, was flown to a Bend hospital for treatment of unspecified injuries.
Damn, gives me chills reading that. I think I was a year younger, 28, when I went up BT the first time. The Oregonian said she went off-trail, but of course there's no trail approaching the summit. I think they mean she struggled to find the standard route, as did I. That mountain is a terrifying slagheap, and to this day I'm not sure what the standard route is. It's better done when cemented with a good coating of snow.

summary of user comments: Stupidity and arrogance. And critiques of her instagram. Imagine lying in a hospital bed while strangers see your name in the paper and immediately go to check out your instagram so they can talk trash about you. My main complaint is she drinks Rainier beer at the top of Mt Hood. What a tragedy!

full story: ... ed_fr.html

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Re: airlift evacuation from Mt Broken Top

Post by Aimless » July 9th, 2018, 7:37 pm

I fully agree that Broken Top is a terrifying loose slag heap. When I was much younger and more foolish I ascended BT from the Green Lakes side and every other hand hold I attempted was of the portable variety.

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