Oregon Dept of Forestry Fee Increase

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Oregon Dept of Forestry Fee Increase

Post by CampinCarl » May 27th, 2016, 12:28 pm

Better grab an extra $5 per night if you're planning on camping at an Oregon Dept of Forestry campground this year.

Info: New state forest recreation rules in place for summer, aim to reduce conflict and protect resources
These fee revisions are the first in more than twenty years as ODF state forests continue to be the most financially equitable option for local communities looking to experience and enjoy the outdoors for a reasonable price. These fee revisions and camping rule changes include:

Revised fees: drive-in sites are $15 per night; walk-in sites are $10 per night; group sites are $50 per night. Extra vehicles will be charged $5 per night, per vehicle.
A campsite may not be occupied by more than eight people and two motor vehicles, unless otherwise posted.
Registered campers must physically occupy campsites each night during the entire length of their stay. Sites cannot be reserved in advance except for group campsites at select campgrounds.

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