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House Appropriates Funds to Fight Wildfires

Posted: March 26th, 2009, 3:08 pm
by Grannyhiker
More good news--maybe what few trail maintenance funds there are won't be yanked away for fighting wildfires in the future?
WASHINGTON -- With fire season approaching, the House Thursday passed legislation to protect funding for fighting fires so government officials won't have to siphon money from other programs to handle the emergencies.

The Federal Land Assistance, Management and Enhancement or FLAME Act moved easily through the House on a vote of 412-3.

All five Oregon members of the House voted for a bill that reflected growing dissatisfaction with the way the Forest Service and other agencies managed money for fire fighting. It also was a response to the sharply rising cost of fighting fires as they occur near more developed areas and burn with greater intensity.
More here: ... p_pay.html

Of course this still has to pass the Senate and be approved by the President. But certainly the House vote is encouraging.

At least the acronym has something to do with the subject of the bill, unlike many past bills like COBRA (nothing to do with snakes), ERISA (not a girl's name), etc. Maybe that's a good sign?