Sierra Club story on Mt. Hood

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Sierra Club story on Mt. Hood

Post by anna in boots » February 24th, 2009, 6:56 pm

Ok, so it's actually about mountain biking, it's entertaining as all get out. He's a fantastic writer and the tale parallels the joys and agonies of hiking so closely, you'll lose yourself in it. I'm betting many of you out there may actually recognize the locations he's talking about.

Because It Hurts

Mount Hood's biking trails offer verdant glens, boisterous wildflowers, gawk-worthy views, and grueling days that cause exhausted legs to cry out in agony.

And we want to do this again?

By Peter Frick-Wright

PS: Please enjoy this post as an opportunity to read a fun article and not as a battleground for a bikers vs. hikers cage match. Peace out.
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