2019 Trail Work Parties at Mount St. Helens

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2019 Trail Work Parties at Mount St. Helens

Post by Ryan Ojerio » May 3rd, 2019, 10:51 am

Hello Hikers,

Washington Trails Association, Mount St. Helens Institute and the Forest Service have teamed up to host some great work party events this year. Here's the full list. We've even got pack support and some meals provided by our friends with the Backcountry Horsemen of Washington. Its going to be a great season! Hope you can join us!

- Ryan


May 22-25: Kalama Horse Camp with Back Country Horsemen of Washington
4 days of work based out of Kalama Horse Camp; Back Country Horsemen are providing dinners every evening. We'll be taking on trail maintenance projects in the Monument nearby.
Wednesday RSVP: https://www.wta.org/volunteer/schedule/ ... 00008wHPr/
Thursday RSVP: https://www.wta.org/volunteer/schedule/ ... 00008wHPw/
Friday RSVP: https://www.wta.org/volunteer/schedule/ ... 00008wHQ1/
Saturday RSVP: https://www.wta.org/volunteer/schedule/ ... 00008wHQ6/

June 1/2: Weekend work party for National Trails Day at Hummocks and Elk Bench Trails.
Come for one or both days. Camp at the MSHI bunkhouse and join us for a potluck on Saturday evening!
https://www.wta.org/volunteer/schedule/ ... 00008wHQf/

June 19-21: Backcountry Response Team along the Lakes Trail
We'll be camping out for two nights along the Lakes Trail and working to clear the trail corridor. Bring all your own camping gear and food, and don't miss out on this chance to camp in the Mount Margaret Backcountry.
https://www.wta.org/volunteer/schedule/ ... 00009BAnH/

Jul 13/14: Weekend work party on the Truman Trail!
Join us for one day or both to work on this fantastic trail right on the shoulder of Mount St Helens. Campout potluck on Saturday! And free camping at the volunteer bunkhouse near the Coldwater Science and Learning Center.
https://www.wta.org/volunteer/schedule/ ... 00009BAtf/

July 18-21: Backcountry Response Team at Bear Camp
Full, but a waitlist is available.
https://www.wta.org/volunteer/schedule/ ... 00000AJgf/

July 31-Aug 4: Backcountry Response Team at Deadman's Lake
Join a massive trailwork effort to clean up the Goat Mountain area, a beautiful but often overlooked part of the Monument! Camp by Deadman's Lake and spend the days fixing the trail! Gear packed in by our partners the Backcountry Horsemen of Washington.
https://www.wta.org/volunteer/schedule/ ... 00008wHRT/

August 3/4: Weekend work party at Butte Camp
Join us for one day or both; camping is available and everyone's invited to a Saturday campout potluck!
https://www.wta.org/volunteer/schedule/ ... 00009BAtk/

Aug 15-18: Backcountry Response Team along the Lakes Trail
Full, but a waitlist is available.
https://www.wta.org/volunteer/schedule/ ... 00000AJu8/

Sept 12-15: Work Parties at Harmony Trail
Camp out at the MSHI Science and Learning Center, and spend days on the only trail that goes down to Spirit Lake!
Thursday RSVP: https://www.wta.org/volunteer/schedule/ ... 000009BB0b
Friday RSVP: https://www.wta.org/volunteer/schedule/ ... 000009BB0g
Saturday and/or Sunday RSVP: https://www.wta.org/volunteer/schedule/ ... 000008wHQz
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Re: 2019 Trail Work Parties at Mount St. Helens

Post by vitameatavegamin » May 20th, 2019, 8:38 am

Two questions for you:

1. There's going to be a trail race on the same day and trail you're doing on 8/3. How's that going to work for all parties involved?

2. Any chance the Boundary West trail, between JRO and the Hummocks, will see some love soon? There are some sections with trail sloughing that are getting pretty bad and have been so for the past several years.

Thanks for all the work you do!

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