All Out 2017

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All Out 2017

Post by Shoofly » January 8th, 2017, 5:31 pm

Have you ever walked a trail and wondered how it was designed, built and maintained? You will have an opportunity to learn more about trail design, and trail work in general, at this 3-hour workshop. This event is proud to be a part of REI's All Out 2017!

Trailkeepers of Oregon, along with Antfarm Youth Services in Sandy, have been working since late September to build a ½ mile of new trail through a steep canyon at Milo McIver State Park between Oregon City and Estacada. This workshop will take you to the trail, where we will discuss the elements of the trail’s design and our work with the park rangers. We’ll talk about the challenges of the terrain and how we have worked to overcome them, while maximizing the beauty of the area and the view from the trail. You will have an opportunity to learn (or review) the tools that are used in trail work, and even have a chance to “get dirty” and help to complete this trail! We will also talk about the work that Trailkeepers of Oregon does in Northwest Oregon and how you can get involved.

Learn more or sign up for All Out 2017 here.

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