Volunteer with TKO! Mitchell Point, Columbia Gorge, March 19

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Volunteer with TKO! Mitchell Point, Columbia Gorge, March 19

Post by Shoofly » March 13th, 2016, 8:06 pm

Mitchell Point, Columbia Gorge
Saturday, March 19, 8:30 AM-3:30 PM

The Mitchell Point hike is a short but moderately steep trail covering 1,300 feet of elevation gain to the top of Mitchell Point. While it boasts one of the best views in the Gorge, the combination of power lines, poison oak, and some less-than-optimal trail conditions keep this from being a crowd favorite. TKO is working with Oregon State Parks on short- and long-term plans to improve the overall hiking experience here. This project is the second of three work parties to catch up on some badly needed routine maintenance.

Project description
This project will concentrate on two areas of need. First, we’ll be repairing a section where rock slide activity hid the original trail and a new, somewhat sketchy, reroute has developed. We will decommission the reroute and reestablish the original course. Second, we will continue brushing and treadwork started on a previous work party in a 200 yard section close to the summit.

Hiking information
The two work sites are about a half mile apart. The first – the talus repair – is less than a mile from the trailhead with 600 feet of elevation gain over moderately steep, well-worn tread. The brushing and treadwork section is another half-mile up trail gaining another 300 feet of elevation and traversing one additional talus slope with looser-than-usual scree. We’ll stop and assess a minor washout in that section that will be the focus of a future work party. If it’s a sunny day, note that both work areas have full sun exposure.

What to expect
No experience is necessary. You’ll be working with experienced, friendly crew leaders be who will guide you through the project throughout the day, starting with a trailhead safety briefing. You should be prepared to hike on terrain that is muddy, uneven and sometimes over loose scree while carrying your day pack and work tools. We do not cancel events due to rain!

This is an area known for ticks and poison oak. Long sleeve shirts and pants are recommended. Volunteers may consider applying insect repellent, especially if we’ve had some sunny weather leading up to our project.

What to bring
Lunch and plenty of water
Rain gear
Work gloves
Boots (tennis shoes are not allowed)
Long sleeves shirt recommended

As always, dress in layers and avoid cotton clothing. Eye protection (glasses, sunglasses or safety glasses) is recommended. TKO will supply hard hats and safety glasses if needed.


We will meet at the Mitchell Point Trailhead. The trailhead can only be reached from eastbound Interstate 84. From Portland drive east on Interstate 84 to Exit 58, and follow sign pointing to the Mitchell Point Overlook (If you’re coming from Hood River heading West you’ll need to pass Mitchell Point and exit at Viento Exit 56 and turn around back onto the Interstate to access Exit 58)

Please sign up here.

Questions? Please email [email protected].

Thank you for supporting Oregon's hiking trails!

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