Weeklong hike - Mt Adams, Goat Rocks, Whitepass

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Weeklong hike - Mt Adams, Goat Rocks, Whitepass

Post by AlpenGlowHiker » May 14th, 2020, 6:58 am


I'm looking for a partner for an upcoming trip in August, starting 8/7 and ending the following Sunday. Specifics can be discussed if you're interested.

Trip Background
A good friend of mine, and I were planning this trip. Unfortunately, his inner demon won, and he's no longer with us. I want to do this trip in honor of him.

It was designed to be an out-and-back triple lollipop (is that even a thing?) he hated traditional out-and-back, and had a desire to stay with 15-18 miles per day.

The trip starts north of Trout Lake at the Williams Mine TH for the PCT. North up to Walupt Lake, there splitting off from the PCT to go on the west side of the lake, and up to Sheep Lake, to rejoin the PCT. Once across the Knifes Edge, we would veer west again (this is the PCT re-route from the Miriam Fire). Stay one night and resupply in White Pass. Then head south, staying on the PCT until just north of Mt Adams, were we would go on the East side of the mountain, to then rejoin the Round the Mountain Trail / PCT and finally end up at the starting TH.

There are a few variations that can be done with this, but i'd like to stay as true to the original plan as possible.

Here's a google doc with the tentative plan, along with a Plan B.
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

and a Caltopo map of the trip:

About Me
40 yr old Male
As a child I was camping and hiking throughout my teens with family and boy scouts. I took a 17 year hiatus before getting back into backpacking (2017). I currently have a UL/Lightweight setup and can sustain 18 miles days. My sustained hiking speed is around 2.25 MPH, this includes stops, but not long breaks.

I try to get out for a weekend trip once a month starting in April and stopping in October, and a week-long trip in the summer.

My and my buddy (i'm on the right)
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