Wallowas/Winds 9.1 to 9.16

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Wallowas/Winds 9.1 to 9.16

Post by turtle » August 26th, 2017, 9:44 am

I know this is last minute but maybe...

The plan is leave after work Friday 9.1-about 4 pm-drive to Joseph, OR; sleep at campground/motel then start hiking on Saturday from Wallowa Lake for 5 days in the Wallowas-specific route TBD.

9.6: Start towards Pinedale, WY; sleep campground/motel, arrrive sometime 9.7. Hike 7 days-route TBD- in the Winds. Start at Elkhart TH. Off trail 9.14, sleep in campground/motel.

2 days; 9 15-16; to drive back to Portland which leaves a Sunday to recover and back to work on Monday.

Easy peasy right! I'm not planning on doing any off-trail, not too fast, maybe 10-15 miles per day. Lots of pictures.

My vacation time is locked in, no wiggle room. My car is a 2015 Toyota Yaris. If your car is preferable, we can discuss. I expect about 32-34 MPG highway. Two or three nights in campground or motel. Pay half expenses do half the driving. Roughly 1800 miles round trip. If you don't return from vacation thoroughly whipped, you didn't do it right :). PM this site if interested.
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