Winter Hikes

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Winter Hikes

Post by cweiss » September 19th, 2016, 9:59 am

Hey guys,

My name is Chris (28) and I've been on here a couple months, but am still getting to know the site and meet people.

I've been in PDX about 4 years, but only recently truly been bitten by the camping, hiking, and backpacking bug. I just did a few days out at Mt. Margaret, as well as Jefferson Park and around Hood a bit.

I still haven't been to Bend, but hear the weather there is much drier. If anyone is up for experiencing some winter hikes (Sisters?), maybe November-ish, I would be down for an over night or two, or if the weather is cooperating in our part of the state heading out to one of our own places.

Definitely more of an up-for-a-challenge person than a leisurely walk.

Let me know if anyone has ideas or is feeling similarly.


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