Lost Wallet at Wahkeena Falls Trailhead 9/29/2019

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Lost Wallet at Wahkeena Falls Trailhead 9/29/2019

Post by alexap » October 1st, 2019, 9:07 am

Hi all I am new to the forum and excites to read and learn more. Just wanted to quickly let folks know I lost my smal leather zip wallet with every card I own in it at Wahkeena on Sunday 9/29/2019. If anyone finds it please let me know [email protected]. Thank you!!

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Re: Lost Wallet at Wahkeena Falls Trailhead 9/29/2019

Post by squidvicious » October 1st, 2019, 5:43 pm

Sorry to hear that. I've seen people take found stuff down the road to the visitors' center at Multnomah Falls. Have you checked in with them? I assume from there anything valuable would make its way to the police if the owner didn't turn up shortly.

I have to say, it's a weird coincidence finding this post. This morning at Wahkeena, as I started walking away from my car, I realized my keys were still in my pocket instead of securely clipped inside my pack where they should be. After some brief mental resistance / laziness I decided it really was worth it to stop and take my pack back off to get everything properly configured. Then in the process of doing that, something catches my eye. Look down and tucked behind my front tire is my wallet. Apparently it had fallen out as I was getting out of the car. Never heard or saw a thing and would have walked off without it if it hadn't been for my keys. Sitting there by the pile of broken window glass, I'm sure it wouldn't have been there long.

Lacking any sort of altar to offer the appropriate sacrifices to the providential force in charge of these sorts of things, I had planned to come here and make a public post of gratitude for my good fortune. Only to find your post. Hopefully the coincidence continues and it turns into a "found wallet" themed thread.

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Re: Lost Wallet at Wahkeena Falls Trailhead 9/29/2019

Post by adamschneider » October 2nd, 2019, 8:33 am

I once left my GPS on top of my car while I went hiking... from the Wahkeena Falls Trailhead. (Amazingly, it was still there when I returned.)

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