Connection from GPNF 406 to W2000, W1490

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Re: Connection from GPNF 406 to W2000, W1490

Post by jvangeld » June 1st, 2021, 7:41 am

I hiked it yesterday. There was one other person on the trail, a motorcyclist who came down from Lookout Mountain. He stopped to talk about the road. He said he used to hunt up there, when he could take his truck up it. But he calls that area the "Dead Woods" because there just aren't many animals up there. If he is reading, I saw two big deer prints just up the trail from where we met. So it might be worth a try again.
Across from the TH a slide threatens Rock Creek Pass
The first part of the hike from Rock Creek Pass is challenging, as Don said. At the trail split I found the left route to be easier. On that leg I found a washout below a clogged culvert. A lot is made about the damage caused to forests and streams by road building. But when you read deeper in the literature most of the damage is caused by erosion from clogged or washed out culverts. So I cleaned this one out as best I could with my hands.
Some rocks and mud removed
It was while I was doing this that the motorcyclist came along. I heard some shooting as the day went on, but otherwise it was peaceful.

As you approach the three-way junction with trail, there will be a turnout on the left side of the trail. Just a short, steep climb from this:
Turnout with fire circle
To this:
Three-way junction from SE
This is what it looks like coming from the NE
I headed down on the route to Lookout. At the bottom there might be a decent camping area, though there is no water.
Ascending again I caught a glimpse of Silver Star through the trees. There are several places where you can glimpse SS and Three Corner Rock.
This outcropping was my high point for the day
My brother in law brews for Buoy. They make some good stuff
From there I descended a bit. But I came to a switchback and saw that it descended even further. I didn't want to add on to my reclimb, so I turned around there. But it was a beautiful day and I removed some more brush from the trail.
Rhododendron starting to bloom
Also, the new roads in the cleacuts above Prospector Creek and Deer Creek are still open. On my way home I explored one of those.
Looking NE
Jeremy VanGelder - Friends of Road 4109

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