Lost Creek Falls

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Lost Creek Falls

Post by ukiahwynd » June 7th, 2020, 11:26 am

If you like adventuring...
This is between Mrtyle point and roseburg off the Old Wagon Road.
It took us three different times to find this amazing hidden waterfall and cavern.

By the way this road has some pretty amazing waterfalls on it already!

So, about the 30 mile marker is a bridge that crosses the coquille river. Its a very wide bridge and in faint lettering says Lost Crk written on it. There is a yellow gate a couple hundred yards up the hill from it. Cant miss it, its the only road w a yellow gate. If coming from mrtyle point its after the two waterfalls on the road.

We road our bikes up this road past the yellow gate 2.2 miles. There are two slides where the road is gone. But trails around it are navigable.
Youll hear the waterfall, just hike so your right above it and you'll have to find the trail in the treeline. It looks like an elk trail. There are no signs at all

Going down the trail is very steep. There are two seperate sections you must repel down the side of the rocks with ropes!

But once you arrive u walk behind the tall waterfall into a cavern/cave that is quite large!
People have had fires there and u could pitch a tent but the deafening sound of the waterfall is loud! Old huge logs are inside the cavern to hop around on. Big flat rocks to lay out on. A little sandy area. Well worth hunting this one down!

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