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Two Chiefs Trail Hike/Log

From Oregon Hikers Field Guide

Two Chiefs Trail Hike

This is a trail log page. The hike mile column refers to how many miles you'll have hiked on this particular hike to reach the listed point. Hike miles will be different from one hike to another. The trail mile column is a permanent marker for the trail measuring miles from the start of the trail. Trail miles are a permanent feature of the trail and are the same from hike to hike. Sections of the trail included in this hike are blue. Other trail segments are provided for you to personalize your own hikes.

Aldrich Butte Trail
Hike Mile Trail Mile Marker Dual Trail Mile Marker Elevation Notes Location
0.0 0.0 70 Road.JPG Dick Thomas Trailhead
0.9 0.9 600 Junction.JPG Aldrich Butte-Greenleaf Falls Trail Junction
1.0 1.0 600 Junction.JPG Aldrich Butte-Aldrich PCT Bypass Trail Junction
1.3 750 Junction.JPG Aldrich Butte-Cedar Falls Trail Junction
1.6 1141 View.JPG Aldrich Butte

Two Chiefs Trail
Hike Mile Trail Mile Marker Dual Trail Mile Marker Elevation Notes Location
1.0 0.0 600 Junction.JPG Aldrich Butte-Greenleaf Falls Trail Junction
1.4 0.4 700 Seasonal Stream
1.8 0.8 820 Junction.JPG Pacific Crest-Two Chiefs Trail Junction
4.0 4.0 1350 View.JPG Table Mountain Slide Area
4.3 3.3 1340 Water.JPG Greenleaf Creek Crossing

Connecting Trails

Pacific Crest Trail #2000 (Partial Log)
Hike Mile Trail Mile Marker Dual Trail Mile Marker Elevation Notes Location
2160.1 1720 Road.JPG PCT Road 2000 Trailhead
2157.8 2360 Road.JPG Three Corner Rock Trailhead (Road 2090)
2157.2 3320 Junction.JPG Pacific Crest-Stebbins Creek Trail Junction
2150.0 1500 Junction.JPG Pacific Crest-Westway Trail Junction
2149.6 1400 Junction.JPG Pacific Crest-Eastway Trail Junction (Closed)
2149.4 1300 Junction.JPG Pacific Crest-Aldrich PCT Bypass Trail Junction
2148.5 820 Junction.JPG Pacific Crest-Two Chiefs Trail Junction
2147.8 800 View.JPG Greenleaf Viewpoint
2147.4 510 Water.JPG Greenleaf Creek Bridge
2147.2 350 Water.JPG Road
2147.2 350 Water.JPG Greenleaf Pond
2146.7 350 Water.JPG Natural Gas Pipeline
2146.6 350 Water.JPG Abandoned Road
2146.5 350 Water.JPG Gillette Creek Bridge
2146.4 280 Water.JPG Gillette Lake
2146.2 410 Junction.JPG Road
2144.1 250 Junction.JPG Pacific Crest-Tamanous Trail Junction
2143.6 140 Road.JPG Fort Rains
2142.8 140 Road.JPG Icehouse Lake Trailhead
2142.2 150 Road.JPG Bridge of the Gods Trailhead
2142.1 200 Road.JPG Moody Street
2142.0 240 Road.JPG Moody Street Extension
2142.0 (400) 25.1 240 Junction.JPG Pacific Crest-Gorge Trail Junction
2141.1 (400) 26.0 680 Road.JPG Powerline Road
2140.2 (400) 26.8 720 Junction.JPG Pacific Crest-Rudolph Spur Trail Junction
2140.2 (400) 26.8 720 Junction.JPG Road.JPG Pacific Crest-Dry Creek Falls Trail Junction
2140.2 (400) 26.8 720 Water.JPG Dry Creek Bridge
2139.3 (400) 27.7 750 Water.JPG Rockslide
2138.5 (400) 28.5 960 Water.JPG Creek

  • Campsite.JPG Campsite
  • Closed.JPG Closed area
  • Bathroom.JPG Restrooms
  • Road.JPG Road access
  • Junction.JPG Trail junction
  • View.JPG View
  • Water.JPG Water source

Icons courtesy of famfamfam.com

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