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Southern Oregon Hikes

From Oregon Hikers Field Guide


Southern River Valleys

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Umpqua Valley
North Bank Ranch Loop Hike Moderate 10.0 2225 Loop in a deer refuge using ranch roads through ridges and open meadows
South Umpqua Riverfront Hike Easy 5.2 130 Hike the trail system on the north bank of the South Umpqua River in Roseburg

Lower Applegate River Area
Cathedral Hills Loop Hike Easy 3.8 425 Hike a network of trails in hills just south of Grants Pass
Fish Hatchery Park Loop Hike Easy 1.5 140 Follow a numbered nature trail in this county park on the Applegate River
Bolt Mountain Hike Moderate 6.6 1280 Hike up Jeffrey pine and madrone slopes to a summit above the Applegate

Rogue River/Bear Creek Valleys
Rogue River Greenway Hike Easy 7.1 25 Follow trails along the Rogue River in Valley of the Rogue State Park
Lower Table Rock Hike Easy 4.9 800 Get beautiful views to the Rogue River and Cascades from a scabland plateau
Upper Table Rock Loop Hike Easy 3.5 730 Hike up to an andesite plateau with vernal pools and expansive views
Roxy Ann Peak Loop Hike Moderate 3.5 730 Loop up to a viewpoint in Medford's wonderful Prescott Park
Lithia Park Loop Hike Easy 3.1 345 Loop up and down Ashland Creek in Ashland's signature park

Beekman Woods Loop Hike Easy 1.8 375 From a historic house, hike up through a madrone/oak woodland
Jacksonville Woodlands Loop Hike Easy 4.1 410 Loop up to a woodland viewpoint and then explore historic Jacksonville


Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Wild Rogue Wilderness
Mount Bolivar Hike Moderate 2.8 1160 Short, steep wilderness hike to a former lookout site with views
Rogue River Hike Difficult 39.8 3080 Classic backpack along the Rogue River that can be done early in the year; watch the river rafters
Wild Rogue Loop Hike Difficult 29.2 3700 An amazing loop through the Wild Rogue Wilderness; Hanging Rock; old-growth forests; Rogue River

Kalmiopsis Wilderness
Pearsoll Peak Hike Moderate 5.4 1400 Hike to a lookout on the highest peak in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness
Babyfoot Lake Hike Easy 2.4 360 Hike to a pretty little lake in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness
Illinois River Hike Difficult 29.8 4620 A unique hike above the Illinois River in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness; shorter options are available
Vulcan Peak Hike Moderate 2.6 935 Hike to an old lookout site with sweeping views of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness
Vulcan Lake Loop Hike Moderate 3.9 890 Hike to two mountain lakes and use an unmaintained trail to reach the Gardner Mine

Siskiyou Mountains
Wagner Butte Hike Moderate 10.4 2200 Easy access from I-5; spectacular views summer and winter; winter/snow hiking possibilities
Gin Lin Loop Hike Easy 0.8 195 Interpretive loop around a 19th century Chinese mining operation
Mule Mountain Loop Hike Difficult 11.9 4010 Challenging loop with views from Baldy Peak, lots of wildflowers, and brushy creekside hiking
Acorn Woman Peak Hike Moderate 10.7 1800 Views from Acorn Woman Peak; spring wildflowers; visit an historic lookout
Da-Ku-Be-Te-De Trail Hike Moderate 8.5 350 Fairly level hike along the northwest shore of Applegate Lake
Bigfoot Trap Hike Easy 1.8 365 Hike up Grouse Creek to a genuine Sasquatch trap!
Collings Mountain Loop Hike Moderate 10.9 1780 Loop over a Siskiyou peak and return along the shore of Applegate Lake
Kerby Peak Hike Moderate 6.8 2600 Panoramic views from the summit; spring wildflowers; historic lookout site; Brewer's spruce
West Fork Illinois River Loop Hike Easy 3.8 680 Loop hike through mixed forest in the Illinois River Forks State Park
Rough and Ready Flat Hike Easy 0.6 20 Universal access trail at a botanical wayside
Windy Valley Hike Moderate 3.8 610 Hike through the Chetco Bar Burn to a beautiful meadow in a lush valley

Oregon Caves National Monument
Oregon Caves Loop Hike Easy 1.2 300 Guided tour through underground marble chambers with many formations
Big Tree Loop Hike Moderate 3.7 1380 Loop through different Siskiyou vegetation zones to Oregon's biggest Douglas-fir

Red Buttes Wilderness Area (Oregon)
Bolan Mountain Hike Moderate 4.0 945 Loop around Bolan Lake and then hike up to the Bolan Mountain Lookout
Tanner Lakes Loop Hike Moderate 8.3 1880 Loop hike (with a little off-trail) to two lakes and a mountain with views
Swan Mountain Hike Moderate 7.2 1800 Views; historic structure; small lake; summit

Southern Cascades

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
North Umpqua River
Susan Creek Falls Hike Easy 1.6 105 Short hike off Highway 138 to a forest waterfall
Fall Creek Falls Hike Easy 2.2 380 Hike up through a mossy, bouldery old growth forest to view a three-tiered waterfall
McDonald Homestead Hike Moderate 5.0 995 Explore old growth on the North Umpqua River; then hike up to the remains of a small cabin
Zane Grey Campsite Hike Moderate 7.5 355 Hike the Mott Segment of the North Umpqua Trail to the mouth of Fisher Creek
Pine Bench Hike Moderate 5.8 1280 Hike to a wide old-growth bench and canyon viewpoint in the Boulder Creek Wilderness
Toketee Falls Hike Easy 0.8 120 Picturesque waterfall that plunges into an amphitheater of columnar basalt
Watson Falls Loop Hike Easy 0.8 360 Short loop hike past old-growth trees to a tall waterfall
Lemolo Falls via North Umpqua Trail Hike Easy 3.5 450 Hike a scenic stretch of the North Umpqua to the river's highest waterfall

Mount Thielsen Wilderness
Tipsoo Peak Hike Moderate 6.2 1505 Gradual hike to a cinder cone on the Cascade crest
Mount Thielsen Hike Difficult 9.4 3780 Follow a climber's trail to high on Mt. Thielsen; steep 80-foot scramble to the summit

Diamond Lake Area
Diamond Lake Loop Hike Moderate 10.8 195 Walk a paved, mostly level trail around sparkling Diamond Lake
Horse and Teal Lakes Hike Easy 2.6 20 Visit two little tarns on the south shore of Diamond Lake
Silent Creek Hike Easy 2.0 85 Lovely stroll along a winding subalpine creek

Crater Lake National Park
The Watchman Hike Easy 1.6 420 Short hike with switchbacks to one of the best views over Crater Lake
Garfield Peak Hike Moderate 3.5 1115 Stunning hike along the rugged rim of Crater Lake to an 8,000 foot viewpoint
Union Peak Hike Moderate 9.6 1600 Huge views from Thielsen to Shasta; oldest mountain in the park; no crowds; no entrance fee
The Pinnacles Hike Easy 1.2 60 View colorful spires on a short hike along the rim of Wheeler Creek Canyon
Mount Scott Hike Moderate 4.4 1275 View-filled hike on the highest peak in Crater Lake National Park

Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness
Rocky Ridge-Fish Lake Loop Hike Difficult 12.6 1900 Big views; lake; wildflower meadows
Grasshopper Mountain Hike Moderate 7.3 2075 Hike past two mountain lakes to a former lookout site
Abbott Butte Hike Moderate 7.0 1500 Big views; historic lookout tower; wildflower meadows

Upper Rogue River
Upper Rogue River Hikes Moderate 47.1 1985 Seven section hikes along the Upper Rogue; waterfalls; old growth; rapids; pumice cliffs
Muir Creek Hike Moderate 5.5 270 Level hike with old growth above a meandering creek and wetland
National Creek Falls Hike Easy 0.8 210 Short hike to a waterfall that has an impressive flow all year
Pearsoney Falls Hike Easy 1.2 165 Short walk to a lovely little falls on Mill Creek
Mill Creek Falls Hike Easy 1.4 325 View tall waterfalls as well as a spectacular cascade on the Rogue River itself
Blue Grotto Hike Easy 4.9 380 Hike along Lost Creek Lake to a colorful rhyolite box canyon

Sky Lakes Wilderness Area
Stuart Falls Hike Difficult 8.9 1495 Unmaintained trail through burn zones passing several waterfalls
Rogue Wolf Loop Hike Difficult 27.8 4400 Middle Fork Rogue River; PCT; lakes; solitude
Devils Peak Loop Hike Difficult 13.7 3100 Easy scramble to a prominent summit; big views; lakes
Judge Waldo Tree Loop Hike Moderate 14.5 1500 Lots of lakes; visit a unique piece of Oregon's history
Fish Lake Hike Easy 6.6 155 Hike the north shore of a reservoir near the Cascade Divide
Mount McLoughlin Hike Difficult 9.6 3920 Steep hike to the summit of the highest peak in the southern Oregon Cascades
Fourmile Lake Loop Hike Difficult 17.0 1500 Lots of lakes; good camping and fishing; Judge Waldo Tree
Sky Lakes Loop Hike Moderate 14.7 1600 Lots of lakes; some views from the PCT
Puck Lake Hike Easy 5.3 615 Short hike into a serene wilderness lake

Mountain Lakes Wilderness
Aspen Butte Hike Moderate 10.3 2580 High point of the wilderness; big views; lakes
Lake Harriette Hike Moderate 12.2 1790 Day hike or backpack to the biggest lake in the wilderness
Mountain Lakes via Varney Creek Hike Difficult 16.8 2870 Hike up a creek to join the loop around the Mountain Lakes Basin

Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument
Grizzly Peak Hike Moderate 5.1 840 Early summer wildflowers and spectacular views
Pilot Rock Hike Moderate 2.8 1010 Short steep hike with some fantastic views
Lone Pilot Loop Hike Difficult 17.8 2900 Access to the interior of the Soda Mountain Wilderness; wildflowers; early season hiking
Green Springs Mountain Loop Hike Easy 2.9 340 Easy loop using the PCT, with views and wildflowers
Hobart Bluff Hike Easy 2.4 360 Short hike along the PCT to a rocky viewpoint
Soda Mountain Loop Hike Moderate 6.4 1090 Hike the PCT to Little Pilot Peak and then loop up to Soda Mountain
Boccard Point via the PCT Hike Moderate 10.1 1530 Introduction to the Soda Mountain Wilderness; views; wildflowers

Klamath Basin

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Eastern Cascades
Yamsay Mountain Hike Moderate 6.8 1600 Follow the old lookout road to the highest peak in the eastern arc of the Cascades
Hager Mountain Hike Moderate 7.4 2025 Hike through ponderosa woods and high meadows to a lookout with great views
Winter Ridge Hike Moderate 9.9 535 Enjoy ponderosa/sagebrush parklands on a rim 3,000 feet above Summer Lake
Gearhart Mountain Hike Moderate 12.2 2520 The trail passes weathered rock formations to reach a viewpoint and lush mountain meadows

Williamson River
Collier State Park Loop Hike Easy 4.1 115 Visit a logging museum and walk along the Williamson River and Spring Creek

Sprague River
Devils Garden from Switchback Hill Loop Hike Moderate 4.4 320 From the OC & E Woods Line State Trail, go cross-country to explore an ancient volcano

Klamath Falls
Moore Park Nature Trail Loop Hike Easy 1.1 155 Loop through ponderosa parkland with views of Upper Klamath Lake
Link River Hike Easy 3.4 85 Level hike with lots of bird life along a canal and tumbling river

Northern California

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Red Buttes Wilderness Area (California)
Azalea Lake via Steve Fork Hike Difficult 12.9 2400 Views; charming lake; good camping
Cook and Green Loop Hike Difficult 15.8 3500 Expansive views; pretty lake; PCT
Swan Mountain Hike Moderate 7.2 1800 Views; historic structure; small lake; summit

Marble Mountain Wilderness
Marble Valley Hike Moderate 12.6 2400 Hike to high meadows and views of a marble ridge
Campbell Lake Loop Hike Moderate 9.7 1480 Wilderness hike to a mountain lake, with options to visit more lakes

Mount Shasta
Bunny Flat to Old Ski Bowl Hike Easy 4.9 900 Hike through red fir forest along the south slope of Mt. Shasta

Trinity Alps Wilderness
Granite Lake-Horseshoe Lake Loop Hike Difficult 27.1 7000 Hike to high alpine lakes in granite cirques
Long Canyon to Emerald Lake Hike Difficult 34.6 8000 An out and back hike using three creek valleys to visit lakes and alpine passes
Trail Gulch Loop Hike Moderate 9.4 2300 Uncrowded access to the northern Trinity Alps; pretty lakes in a subalpine setting
East Boulder Lake Loop Hike Moderate 9.7 1960 Uncrowded access to the northern Trinity Alps; PCT; views; pretty lakes in a subalpine setting
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