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Salish Ponds Hike

From Oregon Hikers Field Guide

East Pond, Salish Ponds Wetland Park (bobcat)
Alex Brown's Bridge, Fairview Community Park (bobcat)
Oak forest along Fairview Creek (bobcat)
Trails in the Salish Ponds area (bobcat)


Hike Description

Fairview City took the bull by the horns and developed this formerly ugly area as a wetland and greenspace. The two ponds are former gravel pits that were then stocked with trout for public enjoyment. However, this led to extreme degradation of the banks around the ponds, and the city recently performed a major rehabilitation of the pond fringes and no longer stocks them with fish. The unheralded section of this hike is the in and out trail that runs along Fairview Creek through a lovely swale of Oregon ash, black cottonwood, and Oregon white oak to Fairview Community Park. Even though it passes by a large Target store, this is a relatively pristine riparian corridor among the suburban developments.

From the parking area at the elementary school (the former location of Reynolds High School), head into a gravel path. In fact a couple of gravel paths lead right to join the main path that leads from a gate to the West Pond. This is a popular family fishing hole although stocking is no longer done. Walk to the path that heads right along the east shore of West Pond. There is another path that parallels it along the west shore of East Pond: Fairview Creek runs between these two gravel trails. Willows overhang the creek and the still pond waters. Reach a fence and an open gate and exit to Glisan Street.

Go left and find another gate that leads to the trail around the East Pond. Head right along the shore of East Pond, now mostly hidden by a dense growth of willow and red osier dogwood; the path is bordered with cottonwood and Douglas-fir plantings. Go left past an apartment complex. Pass the John Pettis Dock: a flock of hungry ducks lives here and will gladly welcome your presence. Coots will scoot away to keep a distance. Walk along the east shore, which is fringed by ash, willow, and rustling cottonwoods, and pass colorful signs detailing the local wildlife. Reach a junction at a restroom and go right.

Walk under powerlines into a wetland of ash trees, willow, teasel, and cattails. The trail follows Fairview Creek under Fairview Parkway into a willow/ash swale. Then the path runs along the edge of a large parking area for a Target store before diving back into a woodland of Douglas-fir, western red-cedar, oak, hazel, and vine maple. Cross a footbridge over Fairview Creek and pass under cedars and oaks. At a junction, a trail leads right into ash and oak woods and fetches up at Woodland Elementary School.

Return to the main trail and go right. Cross a covered pedestrian bridge – Alex Brown’s Bridge – and enter Fairview Community Park. Across the street, Park Lane, is Fairview City Hall.

Returning, head along the north shore of the two ponds, crossing the Inatay Bridge between them and reach the trailhead.

Fees, Regulations, etc.

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