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Portland Street Art Loop Hike

From Oregon Hikers Field Guide

The Collector by Josh Keyes, 13th & Morrison, SE Portland (bobcat)
River of Time by Celeste Byers and Aaron Glasson, MLK & Morrison, SE Portland (bobcat)
Alexis wall 1 by Kango, Joins, Giver et al., 2nd & Stark, SE Portland (bobcat)
Questions for Humans by Gary Hirsch, 11th & Ash, SE Portland (bobcat)
Ship of dreams by J.Shea & Yoskay Yamamoto, 9th & Sandy, SE Portland (bobcat)
Smoking dog by Jack Graydon, 9th & Stark, SE Portland (bobcat)
Cheshire Cat by Yoshi47, 11th & Stark, SE Portland (bobcat)
Fox and birds by Apeseven, 10th & Taylor, SE Portland (bobcat)
Flying boats by J. Shea, Grand & Madison, SE Portland (bobcat)
Boy and tiger by Andrew Hem, 13th & Ankeny, SE Portland (bobcat)
Connect the dots! Find some of Portland's best street art - X marks the spot! (bobcat) Courtesy: Google Maps
  • Start point: Water Avenue TrailheadRoad.JPG
  • End point: 11th and Stark
  • Trail Log:
  • Hike Type: Loop
  • Distance: 3.5 miles
  • Elevation gain: 110 feet
  • High Point: 125 feet
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Seasons: All
  • Family Friendly: Yes
  • Backpackable: No
  • Crowded: No (best day is Sunday, when it's not crowded)


Hike Description

Portland is just coming into its own regarding street art. The shift in attitude comes with a bureaucratic relaxation of strict ordinances against illegal graffiti to accommodate “legal” street artists under the auspices of organizations like the Portland Street Art Alliance and Forest for the Trees. The latter has had an annual event since 2013 when select artists from all over the world as well as local talent are invited to paint murals on local businesses (with the full agreement of the businesses themselves, of course). Generally, the art is non-controversial in the sense that it fits what may be perceived as the city’s quirky ‘persona.’ The loop laid out here fits within a rectangle of streets, with Water Avenue to the west, 14th Avenue to the east, Ankeny Street to the north, and Madison Street to the south. While there are many murals in other parts of the city, this part of the inner Southeast has the highest density of wall art. Feel free to wander outside the parameters of this walk and discover other works. Note also that some street art is quite transient: a business may decide that it wants something else in its wall, and some ‘canvases’ are designated ‘rotating walls’ that see new creations every year. The best time to do this walk is on a Sunday morning, when there is little traffic and few parked cars to block views of the murals.

You can park almost anywhere for this excursion, but the list below follows a sequence that begins with Hair of the Dog Brewing. On the north wall is a huge tiger, Ernesto Maranje’s Guardian, striding through a garden of messages preceded by a fluttering bird. From the tiger, continue north on a convoluted clockwise loop that takes in more than 50 examples of street art. Here is some of the wall art to check out (as of early 2018; displays may change or be painted over in time!):

  • 2nd & Belmont: Magic snail by NoseGo; giant eagles by Yatika Fields
  • MLK & Morrison: River of Time by Celeste Byers & Aaron Glasson (on River City Bicycles)
  • MLK & Stark: Mural by Joram Roukes, a Dutch artist
  • 2nd & Stark: Greek urns by Guams, Humen & Clamo; around the corner is a large piece by Kango, Joins, giver, and other artists (on the Alexis warehouse)
  • 3rd & Oak: Ice cream! at Ice Cream Express
  • 2nd & Ash: Sun by Souther
  • MLK & Pine: Icons by Michael Salter (on Miller Paint)
  • Grand & Oak: Andy & Bax store mural
  • Grand & Ash: Woman and bird by Jade Rivera, a Peruvian artist; Nothing Good Comes Easy by Ola Volo & Zach Yarrington
  • 8th & Ash: sunflowers by José Solis
  • 8th & Ankeny: Mural on KBOO Community Radio
  • Sandy & Ash: Let Go!
  • 11th & Ash: Questions for Humans by Gary Hirsch
  • 12th & Ankeny: It’s Lillard Time by Aaron Chapman & Andrea Glaser (on a garage door); Claire by Skye Walker (the Brim Apartments)
  • 13th & Ankeny: Boy and tiger by Andrew Hem
  • 9th & Sandy: Large mural by Seher One; night ship by J. Shea & Yoskay Yamamoto
  • 10th & Oak: Gear mural at Base Camp Brewing
  • 10th & Oak: Wall art
  • 11th & Oak: Goats, OR-7, etc. by David Rice & Blaine Fontana; tentacled man by David Rice & Blaine Fontana
  • 11th & Stark: Snake by Spencer Keeton Cunningham; Cheshire Cat smile by Yoshi47
  • 10th & Stark: Kalief Browder memorial; Yo yo by Nina Chanel Abney; 3D wall art by Meredith Ditmar (on the ANX Gallery)
  • 9th & Stark: Hummingbird by Apeseven & PlasticBirdie; collaborative mural by Jack Graydon, Kanga, Derek Yost, Toiletsnake, etc.
  • 9th between Stark & Washington: Wall art by various artists
  • 11th & Alder: Birds by Klutch (opposite the old Carnegie library); cat mural above
  • 14th & Alder: Cycles of by Shawna X; mural by Laura Berger
  • 13th & Morrison: The Collector rhinoceros mural by Josh Keyes (behind Zell’s)
  • 12th & Morrison: Buckman Community mural by Joe Cotter; moon squabble mural
  • 12th between Belmont and Yamhill: fence art at empty lot; ‘’Decolonize’’ by Derek Yost; on Taylor – Freedom Ship by Dominic Sigari
  • 10th & Taylor: Fox and birds by Apeseven; wall art by Dominic Sigari, Rupeezy, Klutch and others; Bird in the Hand by Apeseven; feathered bear and owl; ABZs by Derek Yost
  • 8th & Taylor: Hey! You’re Part of It by David Rice & Zach Yarrington; opposite is a cubist-type mural by Erik Marinovich
  • 9th & Main: Alley art
  • Grand & Madison: 2014 mural by J. Shea
  • Railroad tracks & Yamhill: Large mural by Ashley Montague & Joshua Mays

Fees, Regulations, etc.

  • Dogs on leash
  • Best on Sunday mornings, when there is little traffic and few parked cars screening the art.


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