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Mount Hood Hikes

From Oregon Hikers Field Guide

Salmon River AreaClackamas River AreaBarlow AreaZigzag Mountain AreaMount Hood AreaLookout Mountain AreaLost Lake AreaWaucoma Ridge AreaHoodIndex.jpg
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Waucoma Ridge Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Mount Defiance/Rainy Lake Area
Kingsley Wahtum Trail to Rainy Lake Hike Moderate 9.1 840 Hike along a buried irrigation pipeline before ascending to Rainy Lake
Warren Lake to Mount Defiance Hike Moderate 4.7 1340 Varied route past a lake to the top of Mt. Defiance; good views
Mount Defiance from Wahtum Lake Road Hike Easy 3.2 1145 The short route to the Mt. Defiance summit
Bear Lake Hike Easy 2.6 480 Up and down walk to a secluded lake
Rainy Lake Loop Hike Easy 3.2 755 Short loop to a high viewpoint and a wilderness lake
Green Point Mountain Loop Hike Moderate 8.0 1275 Easily graded hike to a ridge high point and two lakes
Black Lake from Rainy Lake Hike Moderate 2.0 285 Try to find the route of an abandoned trail down to Black Lake
Waucoma Lakes Loop Hike Difficult 16.5 3170 Visit four lakes on the north side of Waucoma Ridge and get some views, too!

Wahtum Lake Trailhead
Featured.GIF Mud Lake Hike Moderate 7.4 1400 Moderate hike to a secluded lake below Waucoma Ridge
Tomlike Mountain Hike Moderate 6.8 1565 Take a user trail along the wide open Woolly Horn Ridge
Featured.GIF Chinidere Mountain Hike Moderate 5.6 1140 Wahtum Lake and views from Chinidere summit
Indian Mountain Loop Hike Moderate 11.5 2640 Old growth forest, a mountain lake, springs, wildflowers and spectacular views

Lost Lake Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Lost Lake Area
Lost Lake Butte Hike Moderate 4.6 1270 Climb to peak with Mt Hood Views
Featured.GIF Lost Lake Loop Hike Easy 3.2 100 Easy hike around lake
Buck Peak Hike Difficult 15.8 2500 Difficult hike to rocky viewpoint

Zigzag Mountain Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
From Old Maid Flat
Cast Creek Hike Moderate 12.4 2970 Ridge climb to beargrass meadows
Horseshoe Ridge Hike Moderate 10.8 2700 Ridge climb to views of Mount Hood
Lost Creek Loop Hike Easy 0.6 10 Short interpretive loop that details the Old Maid Eruptions
Burnt Lake Hike Moderate 6.6 1420 Forest hike past a waterfall to lovely Burnt Lake
Featured.GIF East Zigzag from Lost Creek Hike Difficult 9.4 2300 Enjoy secluded Burnt Lake and then panoramic mountain views
Paradise Park via Burnt Lake Hike Difficult 15.6 3400 The "long" way to Paradise Park

From Highway 26
West Zigzag Hike Difficult 11.2 2900 Forest climb to a rocky lookout site
Castle Canyon Hike Moderate 2.2 840 Leafy hike to interesting pinnacles composed of volcanic breccia
East Zigzag from Devil Canyon Hike Difficult 8.0 1670 Forest hike to mountain views from a subalpine ridge
Flag Mountain Loop Hike Moderate 6.8 1060 Loop taking a high ridge and then returning via the Pioneer Bridle Trail
Still Creek Hike Easy 3.2 605 Short hike to the bank of rushing Still Creek where it flows under tall trees
Paradise Park Hike Difficult 13.9 3050 Summer wildflower hike beginning at a lower elevation
Paradise Park-Hidden Lake Loop Hike Difficult 18.1 4300 Elevation loop hike from shady coniferous forest to beautiful alpine fell fields
Zigzag Overlook from Hidden Lake Hike Difficult 12.0 2800 Forest hike to a mountain viewpoint on the edge of Zigzag Canyon
Little Zigzag Falls Hike Easy 0.6 50 Short hike to a cool, shaded waterfall
Enid Lake via Pioneer Bridle Trail Hike Moderate 9.5 1570 Ascend Laurel Hill on historic travel routes
Laurel Hill Chute Loop Hike Easy 0.6 230 View one of the difficult descents on the Oregon Trail

Salmon River Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Brightwood to Zigzag
Barlow Wayside Loop Hike Easy 2.7 185 Shady interpretive loop through lush forest and wetland
Cascade Streamwatch Loop Hike Easy 4.4 40 Interpretive trails through shady forest on the Salmon River
Boulder Ridge to Huckleberry Mountain Hike Difficult 10.6 3450 Steep climb to a ridge top viewpoint with easy trailhead access
Huckleberry Mountain via Bonanza Trail Hike Difficult 11.8 3485 Little-used trail up a pristine creek and then to a ridgetop viewpoint
Hunchback Mountain Hike Difficult 9.0 3270 Steep trail along a forested ridge to a viewpoint
Devils Peak from Hunchback Mountain Hike Difficult 15.4 5940 Rugged wilderness ridge hike to a lookout and viewpoint

From Salmon River Road
Featured.GIF Old Salmon River Hike Easy 5.0 200 Family trail through ancient forest along the pristine Salmon River
Featured.GIF Salmon River Hike Moderate 7.8 950 Popular hike through a rugged, forested canyon
Green Canyon-Salmon River Loop Hike Difficult 15.6 4355 Loop visiting various highlights of the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness
Kinzel Lake Hike Difficult 17.2 3455 Hike up the Salmon River Canyon and then take a dry slope to a secluded lake
Salmon Butte Hike Moderate 11.8 3170 Shaded in and out hike to an expansive viewpoint in wilderness

Still Creek Area
Devils Peak from Cool Creek Hike Difficult 7.6 3200 Challenging climb from valley floor to summit

Government Camp Area
Featured.GIF Mirror Lake Hike Easy 4.4 640 Popular family hike with a reflection of Mt. Hood in Mirror Lake
Tom Dick and Harry Mountain Hike Moderate 7.7 1460 Enjoy spectacular views of Mt. Hood and other Cascade peaks from a rocky crest
Wind Lake-Multorpor Fen Loop Hike Moderate 9.1 1955 Lots of views of Mt. Hood, a wilderness lake, and a protected bog
Multorpor Mountain Loop Hike Moderate 5.1 1100 Hike to a summit with views and then loop back through Ski Bowl East
Town to Timberline Loop Hike Moderate 9.0 2090 Loop hike to Timberline Lodge from Government Camp with views and wildflowers
West Fork Falls Hike Easy 2.6 405 Unofficial trail to a hidden waterfall; loop option also described

Near Sherar Burn Road
Trillium Lake Loop Hike Easy 1.9 10 Loop through bog and forest with views and wildflowers
Featured.GIF Veda Lake Hike Easy 2.8 660 Easy family hike to secluded lake
Devils Peak Hike Easy 3.0 660 Forest trail with mountain views
Dry Fir Trail to Veda Lake Hike Moderate 8.8 1660 Hike a looping trail through the Sherar Burn, then drop to Veda Lake
Jackpot Meadow Hike Moderate 6.0 1140 Hike across the Salmon River to a lush meadow

Mount Hood Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Timberline Lodge Area
Paradise Park from Timberline Lodge Hike Difficult 12.1 2300 Most popular segment of the Timberline Trail
Mountaineer Trail Loop Hike Easy 2.7 1065 Family-friendly alpine hike to 7,000 feet
Featured.GIF Timberline Trail around Mount Hood Hike Difficult 38.3 9000 A Pacific Northwest classic
Mount Hood Meadows via White River Canyon Hike Moderate 9.0 2320 Rugged White River Canyon traverse, buried forest, and high meadows
Zigzag Overlook from Timberline Lodge Hike Easy 4.4 400 Alpine trek to the canyon rim

Ramona Falls Area
Featured.GIF Ramona Falls Loop Hike Moderate 7.1 1035 Pretty but popular loop to a lacy waterfall; difficult crossing of the Sandy River
Muddy Fork Loop Hike Difficult 13.8 2585 Loop hike to Bald Mountain, crossing the Muddy Fork twice
Yocum Ridge Hike Difficult 16.0 3600 Challenging hike to amazing alpine viewpoints
Paradise Park from Ramona Falls Hike Difficult 13.8 3400 Challenging hike to alpine meadows

From Lolo Pass Road
Featured.GIF Bald Mountain from Top Spur Hike Easy 2.0 550 Short hike to an old lookout site with a spectacular mountain view
Muddy Fork Hike Moderate 6.2 800 Hike to site of recent mudflows with beautiful mountain views
McNeil Point Hike Difficult 10.4 2200 Close-up view of Mount Hood's sheer west face
Cairn Basin from Top Spur Hike Moderate 8.7 2200 Spectacular alpine traverse
Bald Mountain from Lolo Pass Hike Moderate 6.6 1400 Hike through quiet forests to a spectacular viewpoint
McNeil Point via McGee Creek Hike Moderate 8.7 2820 Hike up to the Timberline Trail and then do a spectacular alpine loop
Cairn Basin via Mazama Trail Hike Moderate 8.8 2465 Popular summer access to wildflower meadows
Featured.GIF Owl Point from Vista Ridge Hike Easy 4.0 500 Newly restored trail with spectacular views
Featured.GIF Perry Lake from Vista Ridge Hike Moderate 5.7 1000 Newly restored trail and spectacular views
Cairn Basin from Vista Ridge Hike Difficult 7.6 1560 Loop through beautiful mountain meadows
Elk Cove from Vista Ridge Hike Moderate 8.8 1790 Towering mountain views and wildflowers

Laurance Lake Area
Laurance Lake High Ridge Hike Moderate 6.6 1170 Switchbacking trail to stunning views of Mt. Hood's north side
Elk Cove from Pinnacle Ridge Hike Moderate 8.4 2490 Steep trail to avalanche lilies and Mount Hood's north face
Elk Cove Hike Moderate 10.2 2200 Mount Hood's most beautiful alpine basin

Surveyors Ridge Area
Bald Butte Hike Moderate 8.2 2465 Climb through open meadows to a former lookout site with expansive views
Yellowjacket Viewpoint Hike Moderate 7.0 2195 Hike to a rocky viewpoint above a wildflower meadow
Surveyors Ridge Rim Rock Hike Moderate 7.9 1560 Walk along a ridge with viewpoints and wildflower meadows
North Section Line Hike Moderate 10.3 1700 Ridge hike to wildflower meadows along the north border of The Dalles Watershed
Dog River Trail Hike Moderate 7.1 1600 Shuttle hike above the East Fork Hood River valley

Cloud Cap Area
Featured.GIF Cooper Spur Hike Difficult 6.4 2800 Mount Hood's highest trail hike
Eliot Moraine Hike Moderate 2.1 870 Spectacular glacier views
Elk Cove from Cloud Cap Hike Difficult 11.6 2200 A classic hike for more than a century; new crossing over the Eliot Branch
Gnarl Ridge from Cloud Cap Hike Difficult 8.4 2420 High alpine traverse and ancient krummholz
Tilly Jane Hike Difficult 3.6 1100 Alpine hike with north face views

West of Highway 35
Featured.GIF Tamanawas Falls Hike Easy 3.6 590 Streamside hike to thundering falls
Lamberson Spur Loop Hike Difficult 18.3 5035 Take an unmaintained trail and then go cross-country above the timberline for a high, wild loop
Bluegrass Ridge-Cold Spring Creek Loop Hike Difficult 15.5 3580 Long remote loop using an abandoned trail, mostly through a burn

Hood River Meadows Area
Elk Meadows Hike Moderate 5.3 1200 Mount Hood's largest meadows
Elk Mountain-Elk Meadows Loop Hike Moderate 8.2 1445 Reach Elk Meadows by detouring to a lookout site
Gnarl Ridge from Hood River Meadows Hike Moderate 9.5 2480 Hike to mountain meadows and the top of Lamberson Butte
Mount Hood Meadows Loop Hike Moderate 10.1 1845 Scenic loop with lush meadows, mountain views, glacial streams, and waterfalls
Featured.GIF Umbrella Falls Loop Hike Easy 4.1 840 Loop hike across alpine parklands to two waterfalls

Barlow Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
From Wapinitia Pass
Twin Lakes Hike Moderate 7.0 1360 Hike through montane forest to two lakes
Twin Lakes-Palmateer Point Loop Hike Moderate 9.4 1935 Visit two lakes and a viewpoint; then loop back on the PCT
Frog Lake Buttes Loop Hike Moderate 7.4 1745 Loop from a scenic lake up to a viewpoint and down to another lake
Catalpa Lake Hike Easy 1.4 150 Easy walk to a secluded lake below Frog Lake Buttes
Clear Lake via Blue Box Trail Hike Moderate 8.0 1815 Old growth ridge crest hike that descends to a reservoir
Wapinitia Pass to Little Crater Lake Hike Difficult 15.4 2025 Take the Pacific Crest Trail to a beautiful artesian spring

Barlow Pass Area
Boy Scout Ridge Hike Moderate 10.2 1640 Hike an old growth ridge forest to alpine parklands and expansive views
Featured.GIF Boy Scout Ridge Snowshoe Moderate 5.0 1800 Classic snowshoe hike to alpine overlooks of Mount Hood
Pioneer Woman's Grave Hike Easy 2.2 465 Hike next to the ruts of the Oregon Trail to reach the grave site of an unknown pioneer woman
Tri-County Ridge Snowshoe Moderate 3.2 768 Snowshoe hike to a fine Mount Hood view
Devils Half Acre-Palmateer Point Loop Hike Moderate 8.8 1330 Visit wet and dry meadows, viewpoints, and a mountain lake
Barlow Road Hike Moderate 8.8 1275 Take the route of Oregon Trail wagons as they took on their first serious mountain pass
Barlow Butte Hike Moderate 4.0 1585 This short hike takes up to Barlow Butte and a little beyond for some great mountain views
Barlow Ridge Loop Hike Difficult 9.5 2845 Loop using an abandoned ridge trail and a section of the Oregon Trail back up to Barlow Pass

Lower White River Area
Catalpa Lake via Bonney Meadows Trail Hike Moderate 9.0 1750 Cross the White River and then Barlow Creek to head up to a mountain lake
Clear Creek to Keeps Mill Hike Moderate 9.9 1650 Hike through lush meadows and then along Clear Creek Canyon to the White River

Bonney Meadows/Boulder Lakes Area
Bonney Butte via Bonney Meadows Trail Hike Moderate 7.1 2070 Up a wilderness slope to beautiful meadows and then to a raptor counting station
Crane Prairie-Boulder Lakes Loop Hike Moderate 8.7 1280 Loop using some unmaintained trails: bogs, meadows, creeks, old growth, lakes, and solitude!
Bonney Butte Hike Easy 1.2 220 Watch HawkWatch volunteers identify migrating raptors at an old lookout site
Featured.GIF Bonney Meadows to Boulder Lakes Hike Moderate 6.1 910 Forest campground loop to mountain lakes, meadows and viewpoints
Bonney Butte via Hidden Meadows Loop Hike Moderate 13.0 1855 Hike a little used trail to access Bonney Butte and then return along a rim with views
Boulder Lakes Hike Moderate 6.3 1070 Loop hike to mountain lakes, meadows and viewpoints
Boulder Creek-Swamp Creek Loop Hike Difficult 11.3 1550 A loop through the old growth of Boulder Creek which also visits the Boulder Lakes
Upper Boulder Creek Loop Hike Moderate 10.4 2140 Lollipop loop into a remote old-growth bowl drained by Boulder Creek

Lookout Mountain Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Fivemile Creek to Fifteenmile Creek
Knebal Springs Loop Hike Moderate 9.0 1885 Loop through eastside coniferous forest with wildflower meadows and an old lookout site
Eightmile Creek Loop Hike Moderate 6.8 1985 Pleasant loop along a ridge with views and then up a shady creek
Underhill Trail to Fifteenmile Creek Hike Moderate 11.8 1785 Take a rarely hiked trail through grassy parklands down to Fifteenmile Creek
Fifteenmile Creek Loop Hike Moderate 10.2 2210 Scenic loop through wildflower parklands on the east side of the Cascade Divide

Lookout Mountain/Flag Point Area
Featured.GIF Lookout Mountain Loop Hike Easy 2.9 565 Island in the sky with wildflowers and expansive views
Flag Point via Lookout Mountain Hike Moderate 11.4 2340 Undulating ridge hike with wildflower meadows and wide-ranging views
Lookout Mountain-Gumjuwac Creek Loop Hike Difficult 14.2 3835 Loop into the Badger Creek Wilderness taking in some of its most outstanding features
Palisade Point via Fret Creek Hike Easy 4.8 1325 Head up under old growth larches to a rocky viewpoint over wilderness
Gordon Butte-Douglas Cabin Loop Hike Difficult 9.5 2925 For experienced route-finders: meadows, springs and views on two abandoned trails

Badger Creek Wilderness - West Side
Gumjuwac-Badger Lake Loop Hike Moderate 11.8 3155 Loop down into the Badger Creek valley from Highway 35
Gunsight Butte-Badger Lake Loop Hike Moderate 8.5 2025 Hike a high ridge east of Mt. Hood and enjoy wildflower displays
Jean Lake Hike Easy 0.8 240 Hike down to a secluded and marshy wilderness lake

Grasshopper Point Area
Rocky Butte-Grasshopper Point Hike Difficult 4.7 1010 Hike an abandoned trail from one lookout site to another; longer loop also described

Badger Creek Wilderness - East Side
Pine Creek-Badger Butte Loop Hike Moderate 9.8 2180 Use rarely hiked trails and then bushwhack to the top of Badger Butte
Badger Lake Loop Hike Difficult 12.7 2490 Loop using the Post Camp, Badger Creek, and Pine Creek Trails as well as Badger Lake Road
Badger Creek Hike Moderate 23.0 2420 Hike up Badger Creek past numerous campsites to arrive at Badger Lake
School Canyon-Little Badger Creek Traverse Hike Moderate 8.3 1650 A drier area on the east side of the Cascades; may be done as a loop with additional 1/2 mile off-trail hike
School Canyon-Tygh Creek Loop Hike Difficult 13.7 3240 A beautiful loop highlighting the diverse forest and parklands of the east side

Clackamas River Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Estacada Area
Milo McIver Riverbend Loop Hike Easy 5.3 420 A couple of loops beginning on a high bluff above the Clackamas River
Milo McIver Riverside Loop Hike Moderate 6.1 480 Loop hike up a bluff above the Clackamas and then down along Estacada Lake
Metzler Park Loop Hike Easy 1.9 245 Forested loops at a county park on Clear Creek

Eagle Creek Area
Featured.GIF McIntyre Ridge to Wildcat Mountain Hike Moderate 7.0 1100 Ridge top hike to beargrass meadows and Mount Hood views
Douglas Trail to Wildcat Mountain Hike Moderate 5.0 1000 Forest ramble to Mount Hood and Eagle Creek canyon views
Eagle Fern Park Hike Easy 1.5 250 Day use park with picnic, playground and a trail through an old growth forest
Eagle Creek (Salmon-Huckleberry) Hike Moderate 15.4 1835 Hike as far as you want along this beautiful, secluded wilderness creek

Old Baldy Area
Fanton Trail to Tumala Mountain Hike Moderate 10.6 2115 Forest hike along a ridge to a secluded summit; shorter option also possible
Old Baldy Hike Moderate 7.5 1470 Follow slopes and a ridge above Eagle Creek to reach an old lookout site
White Iris-Bissell Trail Loop Hike Difficult 11.1 1955 Use two abandoned trails to make a loop in the upper South Fork Eagle Creek drainage
Tumala Mountain from South Fork Saddle Hike Easy 3.0 1025 Short ridge hike to the Tumala Mountain lookout site
Eagle Creek Cutoff Hike Moderate 4.8 2040 Very steep hike down a wilderness slope to a ford of Eagle Creek

From Abbot Road
Huxley Lake-Roaring River Hike Difficult 9.2 3060 It's 5.6 miles round-trip to lonely Huxley Lake; optional extension requires some experience
Tumala Mountain Hike Easy 4.4 1000 Quiet forest hike to a secluded summit (formerly named Squaw Mountain)
Sheepshead Rock Hike Easy 3.2 840 Hike across The Plaza to a viewpoint
Salmon Mountain Hike Moderate 10.0 1960 Remote ridgetop hike to old lookout site in the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness
Plaza Lake Hike Easy 1.4 560 Downhill hike to quiet lake

South Fork Clackamas Drainage
Hillockburn Trail Hike Easy 2.9 900 Wilderness hike to a secluded spot on the South Fork Clackamas
Memaloose Lake Hike Easy 2.6 700 Family friendly lake hike
South Fork Mountain Hike Moderate 4.6 1400 Continue above Memaloose Lake to an old lookout site

Roaring River Wilderness
Dry Ridge Hike Difficult 14.0 3415 Steep wilderness hike on a little-traveled trail to a viewpoint
Cache Meadows via Cripple Creek Loop Hike Moderate 11.6 2845 Hike up a slope with old growth trees and forest lakes to an expanse of marshy meadows
Mount Mitchell-Cottonwood Meadows Hike Moderate 9.7 1995 Take a trail to a spectacular viewpoint and then descend to lush meadows
Shellrock and Hideaway Lakes Hike Easy 3.8 280 Hike around two pleasant lakes: best during huckleberry season!
Pyramid Lake Hike Easy 2.4 340 Walk a road and then a short trail to a wilderness lake
Serene Lake Hike Moderate 6.6 900 Hike past the Rock Lakes to secluded Serene Lake
Rock Lakes-Serene Lake Loop Hike Moderate 8.9 1265 Classic wilderness loop to lakes, viewpoints, and wildflower bogs
Shining Lake Hike Moderate 9.7 1050 Hike a former lookout road to a secluded lake with great trout fishing

Clackamas River
Clackamas River Trail Hike Moderate 8.2 1550 One way hike along the Clackamas River and into wilderness (car shuttle or hike 'n bike)
Pup Creek Falls Hike Moderate 7.8 1695 Follow the Clackamas River Trail to a 240-foot-high waterfall
Alder Flat Hike Easy 1.6 210 Short hike through old growth to a shady riverside camping spot
Riverside Trail Hike Moderate 7.8 575 A National Recreation Trail that runs close to the Clackamas River

Oak Grove Fork Area
Little Crater Lake Hike Easy 1.4 10 Visit a sapphire-colored artesian spring and then the marshy shoreline of Timothy Lake
Headwaters Loop Hike Easy 5.4 330 Loop to a large spring, old-growth groves, two lakes, and a historic ranger station
Clackamas Lake-Timothy Lake Loop Hike Moderate 13.3 935 Gently graded loop that visits three lakes and a historic ranger station
Timothy Lake Loop Hike Moderate 11.6 200 Hike around a lake that can be crowded during summer; nice campgrounds
Black Wolf Meadows-Anvil Lake Hike Easy 2.6 170 Easy, flat hike through a remote wildflower meadow to a shallow lake

Fish Creek Divide
Fish Creek Mountain Hike Moderate 8.1 2375 Hike along a ridge to a remote lake and the site of a lookout
Thunder Mountain Hike Easy 3.1 965 Remote route to a wildflower summit with expansive views
Skookum Lake Hike Moderate 6.4 2065 Hike to an isolated backcountry lake in the Fish Creek valley
Baty Butte via Thunder Mountain Hike Moderate 10.1 3115 Take little-used trails and abandoned forest roads to two summits and a remote lake

Molalla River Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Molalla River Recreation Area
North Molalla River Trails Loop Hike Moderate 5.8 1140 A shorter loop along the slopes above the Molalla River
South Molalla River Trails Loop Hike Moderate 9.9 1375 All season loop on trails and old forest roads in secondary woodland

Table Rock Wilderness
Table Rock Hike Moderate 7.2 1570 Hike through wilderness to the top of an Old Cascades summit with 360-degree views
Rooster Rock via Table Rock Hike Moderate 10.1 2780 Cross the Table Rock Wilderness from north to south taking into two great viewpoints
Table Rock-Image Creek Loop Hike Difficult 13.6 4030 Long loop that circumnavigates the Table Rock Wilderness
Rooster Rock via High Ridge Trail Hike Difficult 11.5 3770 Ascend an old Native American and settler pathway through forest and meadows to a viewpoint
Pechuck Lookout Hike Moderate 5.2 1580 Historic lookout just outside the Table Rock Wilderness

Molalla River Headwaters
Joyce Lake Loop Hike Easy 0.6 60 Loop around a remote lake; optional exploration of an abandoned trail
Nasty Rock Hike Easy 2.7 580 Short hike along a scenic ridge to a rugged prominence with expansive views

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