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Help:Hike Rings

From Oregon Hikers Field Guide

What they are

Hike rings are used to generate the navigational guides that you see on some Destination and Trailhead pages that look like this:

Devil's Rest via Wahkeena Hike   (TH | <—   —> | LOG)

The code which generates the above hike ring looks like this:

{{Hike ring|trailhead=Wahkeena Trailhead|hike=Devil's Rest via Wahkeena Hike|log=Devil's Rest via Wahkeena Hike/Log|previous=Wahkeena Trailhead|next=Lemmon's Viewpoint}}

By placing this template code under the "Hikes passing this location" section on every trailhead and destination for a particular hike, the user can navigate through the destinations sequentially.

Hike rings can only be placed on Trailhead, Destination, and Junction pages, not Hike pages. They are not required, but can be useful in a hike with multiple destinations, or a hike that is in an area with many other hikes.

Arguments passed to the template

  • trailhead: The name of the Trailhead page
  • hike: The name of the Hike page
  • log: The name of the Trail Log page (same as the Hike page)
  • previous: The name of the previous Destination in the hike ring
  • next: The name of the next Destination in the hike ring

Special cases

First page in ring

The first page should be the trailhead. The "previous" argument is the current page, because there is no previous destination.

Last page in ring

This should be the final destination of the hike. The "next" argument is the current page, because there is no next destination.
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