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Battle Creek Shelter Hike/Log

From Oregon Hikers Field Guide

Battle Creek Shelter Hike

This is a trail log page. The hike mile column refers to how many miles you'll have hiked on this particular hike to reach the listed point. Hike miles will be different from one hike to another. The trail mile column is a permanent marker for the trail measuring miles from the start of the trail. Trail miles are a permanent feature of the trail and are the same from hike to hike. Sections of the trail included in this hike are blue. Other trail segments are provided for you to personalize your own hikes.

Elk Lake Creek Trail #559
Hike Mile Trail Mile Elevation Notes Location
0.0 0.0 2440 Road.JPG Elk Lake Creek Trail Northern Trailhead
??? ??? 2540 Water.JPG Pine Cone Creek Crossing
??? ??? Bull of the Woods Wilderness Boundary
1.6 1.6 Unmarked Trail to Janus Butte
2.0 2.0 2680 Water.JPG Knob Rock Creek Crossing
2.1 2.1 2630 Water.JPG Welcome Creek Crossing
2.2 2.2 2630 Junction.JPG Elk Lake Creek-Welcome Lakes Trail Junction
2.3 2.3 2550 Water.JPG First Elk Lake Creek Ford
3.7 3.7 2620 Water.JPG Second Elk Lake Creek Ford
4.0 4.0 2780 Water.JPG Side stream
4.8 4.8 2750 Water.JPG Battle Creek Ford
4.9 4.9 2790 Location of Battle Creek Shelter
4.9 2790 Junction.JPG Elk Lake Creek-Mother Lode Trail Junction
6.3 3480 Water.JPG Side stream
8.9 3700 Water.JPG Elk Lake Trailhead at Elk Lake (Bull of the Woods)

Connecting Trails

Welcome Lakes Trail #554
Hike Mile Trail Mile Elevation Notes Location
0.0 2630 Junction.JPG Elk Lake Creek-Welcome Lakes Trail Junction
2.4 4350 Water.JPG Welcome Lakes-Lower Welcome Lake Trail Junction
2.6 4450 Water.JPG Campsite.JPG Side trail to Upper Welcome Lake
2.6 4450 Junction.JPG Welcome Lakes-West Lake Way Trail Junction
3.2 4850 Junction.JPG Welcome Lakes-Geronimo Trail Junction
4.1 Junction.JPG Welcome Lakes-Schreiner Peak Trail Junction
4.3 5200 Junction.JPG Welcome Lakes-Mother Load Trail Junction
5.0 5520 View.JPG Bull of the Woods Lookout
5.0 5520 Junction.JPG Welcome Lakes-Bull of the Woods Trail Junction

Mother Lode Trail #558
Hike Mile Trail Mile Elevation Notes Location
0.0 2800 Junction.JPG Elk Lake Creek-Mother Load Trail Junction
0.7 2960 Junction.JPG Mother Load-Geronimo Trail Junction
2.1 Junction.JPG Side Trail to site of Porcupine Mine
2.3 3950 Junction.JPG Mother Load-Twin Lakes Trail Junction
3.9 3900 Water.JPG Mother Load Creek Crossing
4.9 4600 Junction.JPG Mother Load-Pansy Lake Trail Junction
5.9 5200 Junction.JPG Welcome Lakes-Mother Load Trail Junction

  • Campsite.JPG Campsite
  • Closed.JPG Closed area
  • Bathroom.JPG Restrooms
  • Road.JPG Road access
  • Junction.JPG Trail junction
  • View.JPG View
  • Water.JPG Water source

Icons courtesy of famfamfam.com

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