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Perdition Trail

Posted by Stevefromdodge (2006-10-26)
Does anyone know anything about the Perdition Trail? Will it ever be reopened? Is it that dangerous? Has anyone really been hit with the fine?


Re: Perdition Trail

Posted by jeffstatt (2006-10-27)

Welcome Steve!  Nice to have you here!  I saw your trip report on the Larch Mt trail as well.  Nice! Smile

Here's the last post on the Perdition Trail in our forums:

Sore Feet:
As of May, the Perdition Trail was still roped, chained, fenced, signed, tree-fallen and rock covered.  At least as far as I could tell from where I passed the two junctions.  I think the FS is trying to hint that they don't want to maintain the trail (or whats left of it). Stick out tongue


Someone had posted some photos as well.  Let me see if I can find those....

Re: Perdition Trail

Posted by Stevefromdodge (2006-11-02)
Don, I really enjoyed skimming all your photos, particluarly the abandoned railroad lines. Thanks for sharing the link.

I also really enjoyed the 1991 photos of Perdition Trail. I've been curious what's in there for several years and I enjoyed the peek.


Re: Perdition Trail

Posted by Anonymouse (2006-11-03)

Here are a few pictures taken in early October by a tiny mouse that snuck in behind the threatening "Trail Closed" signs. He wants the pictures shared, be he's a little timid to admit he was hiking a closed trail.


Most of the damage seems to be on the Wahkeena end. There was a slide area that escaped the mouse's camera just east of the Wahkeena Trail. Then about 1/4 mile in is the staircase. This was the only part that really was a bit spooky. Here's a piece of trail that's just gone.




The bottom of the stairs:




The mouse was actually chicken to climb these stairs, so he walked all the way around in a torrential rain and came back to the top of the stairs from the Multnomah end a week later.



With the rain easing a bit, the mouse grabbed a few more pictures on the way back. Here are a few shots of overgrown railroad tie stairs. There was quite a bit of blowdown here as well, although nothing a good chainsaw couldn't quickly clear.





The tattered guidebook in the mouse's pocket (next to his pocketwatch) said that there were three side trails to viewpoints, but he only found one, with a view east to Multnomah Falls.



There was a mysterious scarf tied quite close to the ledge. It seemed good news that someone else had ventured on to the closed trail, but foreboding that he tied his scarf on the way to the cliff edge and didn't return to retrieve it.




Back on the main trail, our mouse found a shelter or a hideout. It seemed sized for a human, but styled for a mouse, hidden beneath an overhanging cliff of basalt.



Next he came to Shady Creek Bridge, which seemed really solid. At least it supported the mouse OK, and to be honest, he's not all that tiny.


Nearing Multnomah Falls, the mouse came to a what looks like a dry falls with some pretty serious rockwork.



Finally, his feeling of being alone was shattered when he came across a bunch of animals of the species tourist. The tourists, being naive in nature, didn't even realize the mouse was there.




Silently, our mouse crept by the gaggle and approach the Larch Mountain Trail. Sliding past the threatening signs, he once again joined the throngs of public hikers.

Looking back, the mouse feels that most of the trail is completely hikeable now and that a trail clearing gang could have most of it in shape in a few days. The difficult part would be the staircase and the slide at the Wahkeena end. Hopefully, there will be some way to repair and reopen it.



Re: Perdition Trail

Posted by Don Nelsen (2006-11-05)

I should post some photos.


Re: Perdition Trail

Posted by Ron Goodwin (2006-11-10)

The Predition Trail had the stairs burned out in the 1991 Falls Fire and after $200,000 was spent putting in concrete stairs in the high water of 1995 came through and took a new course down where the new stairs were and took them out. 

Keep asking the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area to replace the stairs with a ships ladder and re-open this trail.  We get a lot of questions at the Multnomah Falls Visitor Center about this shorter 3 mile loop.  This would give people another alternative of a hike in the Gorge.


Re: Perdition Trail

Posted by Ron Goodwin (2008-04-14)

There is actually some interest in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area on re-working the west end of the Predition.  The only real problem is that it will take a lot of paperwork and neither Edan Lira (Trails) or Aaron Pedersen (Multnomah Falls) have the time to do this.  To get the ball going contact Stan Hinatsu   [email protected]  who is the Recreational Manager for the NSA.   He needs to keep hearing that opening this 3 mile loop would be great for the visitor that only has so much time and wants a good short hike in the Gorge.  This would make a great National Trails Day project. 

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