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Cape Lookout hike and camp Sept 10-11

Posted by Jane (2006-09-12)
After having to work Saturday, wasn't sure where I wanted to head out Sunday, but with the weather forcast of  "Summer ain't over yet!" I was determined to get out somewhere!  After a couple phone calls and arrangement finagaling, the plan was for Mary Ann and I to drive to the Cape Lookout TH Sunday morning on the Oregon coast, and meet Ellen there, who was driving from southwest  of Portland.  Mary Ann and I each had a bit more scrambling to prepare Sat. evening as we planned on camping over at the Cape Lookout State Park then that Sunday night.
Directions: We took 26 west then Hwy 6 south to Tillamook, then crossed the 101 intersection in town, going a block or two, then turn left. At Third St. make a right. There's a huge new Safeway there now at that corner if you need any last minute provisions (I had forgot the Hershey bars for our s'mores ;) Drive 4-5 miles, watch for Whiskey Creek Road and sign for Cape Lookout SP and take that left. Keep watching the signage, you'll soon be on Three Capes Scenic Drive . After 5.3 miles you pass the campground and picnic area, keep going 2.7 miles to the TH parking lot.
There were several cars there when we got there (11 am-ish), Ellen was waiting for us, we booted up and headed up the trail. All of us had done this trail before at sometime, but different times of the year, and though there were some muddy spots, this was by far the dryest we'd ever seen it, which was nice. Most of the trail is shady and cool, but a few different spots for googling the ocean on either side of the cape as you gradually climb the trail (about 850' at its highest) It's 2.5 miles one way to the lookout point.  
looking north from trail:
Gorgeous Beach.JPG
 looking south from trail:
Dead Tree.JPG
Good timing allowed us to have the viewpoint to ourselves for awhile as the earlier hikers were on their way down. Well, almost to ourselves, an entertaining squirrel charmed morsels from our lunches.
Squirrel Enjoying Sunchip.JPG
A few more people  came and went as we relaxed in the sun, amazed that it wasn't windy at all, and we watched pelicans and gulls cavort below us over the stunning Pacific.    
Resting Above the PacificJPG.jpg
We leisurely but steadily headed back down later, MANY more cars there now, and  drove back to the State park campground. After choosing a good spot (the north end of A or B sections are nice) setting up our tents, we took a stroll on the beach. Well, the tide was rolling in and we couldn't go far, but enjoyed the late afternoon sun.  Ellen had to head home, and we were flushed with a great day of hiking, sun, ocean and fun companionship, but ready to wind down for the evening.
Cape Lookout campground beach:
Beach at Cape Lookout State Park.JPG
Sunset at the Beach.JPG
Our campfire was warm and tranquil, and we had an easy dinner of hotdogs, corn on the cob with lots o' butta, and a Mikes Hard Cranberry Lemonade. There were a fair number of other campers, but even with doggies and kidlettes, all was low key and quiet for the most part, and totally peaceful  by nightfall. We caught the sunset, did tea and s'more s later, talking or reading and just relaxing till sleep-time. It was so cool to have the ocean roaring just a few hundred yards a way, and the stars and moon were beautiful as well.
Our Campsite.JPG
Monday morning we had another campfire (it proved quick and easy for our cooking, and we used my little backpack stove as well for water boiling.) Coffee, scrambled  eggs with Havarti cheese, turkey bacon, and blueberry scones were breakfast.
Campers Coffee.JPG
Dishes done, we headed to the beach. The tide was way out, the beach was wide and flat and endless...We walked at least two hours, watched the gulls feeding on washed up crabs, greeted a handful of other people and dogs enjoying the sunny morning, and humbly agreed it was a great place to be and quietly reflect, on the anniversary of 9/11.
We returned to camp, took down everything and packed up, heading back to Portland about 12:30p.m. I strongly recommend anyone who can, to get out to the coast for these treasures of last-of-summer  days!  
(photos courtesy of Mary Ann, I'll add mine soon)

Re: Cape Lookout hike and camp Sept 10-11

Posted by pdxgene (2006-09-12)
is that the beach you hike down the 2mile trail to or a different one (it takes off from the same area as the one out to the edge of the cape)? i've wondered what that trail was like but it was high tide last time i was there and my book said it was better to go at low tide.

Re: Cape Lookout hike and camp Sept 10-11

Posted by Jill (2006-09-12)
Sounds like a wonderful time, Jane!

We stayed there last March while doing some whale watching but it was still a bit cool/damp at the time. We hiked up to Cape Lookout from the campground. That is one nice hike and you were lucky to have the tip o' the cape to yourselves.

Nice TR and pics!

Re: Cape Lookout hike and camp Sept 10-11

Posted by sparklehorse (2006-09-13)
Coffee, scrambled  eggs with Havarti cheese, turkey bacon, and blueberry scones were breakfast.

OK, that's it! Now I'm HUNGRY! Nice TR and pics Jane, I love it down there.


Re: Cape Lookout hike and camp Sept 10-11

Posted by jimsiff (2006-09-13)


You've been busy lately!  Great TR and pics.  We were there last December on a bluebird day.  We haven't camped there yet... thanks for the great info.

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