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Stub Stewart State Park OR - July 10th 2007

Posted by Jane (2007-07-12)
On my way to Cannon Beach Tuesday, I allowed myself time to stop at the brand new L.L.Stub Stewart State Park. You head west on Hwy 26 from Portland, after mile marker 46 watch for signs (it's the Vernonia exit, road #47 north) drive 4 miles and you'll come to the park entrance.
When I pulled up to the Welcome Center and got out of my car, the smells that greeted me were of fir trees, horses, freshly mowed weeds, and new lumber. There were a few park employees/office personal just getting there when I arrived, other wise I saw no other visitors at 9am. I grabbed a brochure with a map of the park's trails and headed for one just off the parking area - the brochure that was next to the well-stocked brochures on what to do if you cross paths with a mountain lion or a bear....off I went! Indifferent 
A short gravel trail (1/4 mile) led to a small campground called Brooke Creek Hike-in Camp. These "primitive" campsites here were ...very new looking, scattered, some with a bit more privacy than others, and nice new vault toilets close by.
Tall trees...
I continued on, the trail signs are on 8"x 11" sign placards, lettering was small but informative...
and if there wasn't a sign at a junction, this helped...
I walked for about an hour , exploring several short connecting trails, seeing not another soul ( I kept turning around and looking - I don't think I would have as often but there was one eery section of the Hares Canyon Trail - it was very dark and lots of what appeared as dying trees! I forgot to ask back at the park office what the deal was there...or maybe it was those cougar brochures that got to me...
This trail was called Widowmaker Way, I was hoping for a challenge(?), but nothing to live up to it's namesake*...
...however I did have a brief heart-catch when I startled a grouse up from near the trail!  Surprise   *Many of the trails are named for old logging routes or history, so besides Widowmaker Way, there's Skidder Row, Swing Donkey Trail, Boomscooter Trail, Catface Trail, Bullbucker Trail and many more.
I next drove up to the Hilltop Day-use area, it looked pretty hot out there in the open today!
A bit further is Mountain Dale Cabin Village. Hmmm, very nice and new looking, but reminded me of a mini  suburban culdisac neighborhood. 15 cabins here...
 I peeked inside, the furnishings were pretty basic., similar to what I've seen in yurts - a couple small tables and chairs, a fold-out and bunk beds with green vinyl-covered futons. The view from the southwest side cabins was nice though.
I had to get going,  there's more info on the other campgrounds, the horsecamp, trails and history of the park at  http://www.oregonstateparks.org/park_255.php   A few RVs camping, some curious drivers as myself , and a couple of bicyclists are all I saw today. A very family-feeling place, very new-feeling , but a neat area and very peaceful - today anyway! Do check it out of you are looking for a short-distance, easily accessible park to just hang out at for awhile!

Re: Stub Stewart State Park OR - July 10th 2007

Posted by wanderlust (2007-07-12)

On Monday I hiked the Bumping Knots and Holli's Point of View trails at the Stub Stewart State Park. Both trails follow old logging roads through second growth fir, alder, and maple.

At the southern end of the "Bumping KnotsTrail" is this railroad trestle.

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