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Beth Lake

Posted by rogersjd (2007-07-06)

I am looking for a lake by the name of Beth Lake, located in the Bull of the woods.  I do not find it listed anywhere on the maps (forest service, green, etc.)

This was my 1st trip with my father and I want to head back there....  Anyone who knows of the lake or has a good reference for me, I would be in your debt....


Thanks in adavnce.



Re: Beth Lake

Posted by pdxgene (2007-07-06)

I'd never heard of it, but it is listed on the sheet of "Lakes of the Mt Hood National Forest" which is a handout I picked up at some point somewhere.

The stats are 5 acres , 35' in depth ,and they stock it with Brook Trout. It's at 4,450' . They have the map location as T8S R6E SO8. I don't think I have a map that goes with those co-ordinates but it looks to be very close to Big Slide Lake (T8S R6E SO9). Big Slide Lake is listed as a destination on the Dickey Creek hike (#95 in Sullivan's 2nd edition). Part of that hike description says... 'Adventurers who love secret places can visit a trailess lake on the return trip.Hike back across the rockslide on the trail. A few hundred yards after reentering the woods, the trail crosses a creekbed. Just beyond this ravine bushwhack 200 yards up through a steep forest to a brush lined lake below Big Slide mountain's cliffs.' That could be it , or it's pretty darn close... Good luck with your quest....

Re: Beth Lake

Posted by pdxblazer-pct77 (2007-07-08)

I have been to Beth Lake!!!  Even my Mom and Sister made it - so it wasn't all that difficult.  But it was more than 30 years ago, and I can't remember how to get there. 

A couple of summers ago my teenage son and I came in from Dickey Ridge, and we could see the lake below.  But all we could find were cliffs with no logical way down.  We ended up hiking to Bull of the Woods and then down to Big Slide Lake instead.

I have photos of the lake and my parents old trail guides, articles, maps, etc. but can find no mention of a route.

Will be interested to find out if anyone else knows the way!!!

Bill Jensen





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