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Portland Hikers Archive

Little Huckleberry Mountain, (Washington)bjul492006-09-22
No chocolate at Chocolate falls!bjul492006-09-17
Saint Mt Tabor, giving so much to so manybjul492008-04-08
#412 Lindsey Ridge Trail Exploration - April 26, 2008pablo2008-04-27
"Babes in the Woods" hike report 8-27-06Jane2006-08-27
"The Wife" 8-3-2007kscholz2007-08-14
04-17-08 ChinidereFred2008-04-19
05/04/08 Lindsey Creek FallsAlexanderSupertramp2008-05-04
1/13/07 Granite Peaks fettster2007-01-15
11-19-06 Siouxon Creekworldofaaron2006-11-21
11/23/07 Table Rock Wildernessfettster2007-11-25
12/23/07 King's Mountainpdxblazer-pct772007-12-24
2-13-08 Wahkeena/Multnomah | Forest Parknyxlily2008-02-15
2-17-08 Saddle Mountainnyxlily2008-02-19
2-27/28 Smith Rock, Palisades, John Day (Photo intensive)nyxlily2008-03-02
20 Miles of Timberline trail August 2-5 2007autumnleaves2007-08-28
3 Creeks ( Lost, Short, Cast) May 14thpdxgene2007-05-14
5-28-08 Silver Star Moun...I mean Larch Mo..wait, Hamilton Mountain!zombie2008-05-28
5.14.08 - Saddle Mountain - Damage assessmentzombie2008-05-14
6/24-25 Memaloose Lake / South Fork Mtn overnighterjimsiff2006-07-05
6/24/06 Silver Star Mountain via Bluff Mountain Trailfettster2006-06-25
7 days in the mountainsyosemite hiker2007-08-14
7/01 - 7/02 '06 Storming times at Strawberry Mountain Wildernessfettster2006-07-04
A (semi) Rare View of Lost Lake... from Raker Point!Splintercat2006-11-23
A day exploring the Bull Run Watershedjustpeachy2007-08-31
A five-mountain view on Larch Mountain (now open!)justpeachy2007-05-15
A Foggy, Wet Day on Elevator Shaft: 25 May 2008 (Sunday)CherokeeDriver2008-05-25
A new waterfall quiz! (Gorge waterfalls)chameleon2008-02-13
A Night on Observation Peakdrm2007-09-08
A perfect day at the beach, 8/10 (sorry, no pics)Grannyhiker2006-08-19
A Soggy Friday at McCord Creek!Splintercat2008-03-15
A soggy hike on the Multnomah-Wahkeena loop - 4/5/08justpeachy2008-04-08
A Week in the Wallowasdrm2007-07-31
A word of caution on the Elowah Falls trail!Splintercat2008-04-06
Abiqua and Butte Creek Falls, 5/12/08sparklehorse2008-05-12
Abiqua FallsJarhead2007-07-08
abiqua falls 4/6/08Aridd2008-04-08
Above Cedar Flats: Opal Creek thrash, August 04, 2007mattisnotfrench2007-10-28
Above Multnomah Fallsweathercrazy2008-01-23
Adams, almost! 6/30-7/1 2007jessbee2007-07-02
Adding links to your trip reportphadmin2007-11-21
Adding photos to your trip reportsphadmin2007-11-21
Adventure on the Breitenbush, pt. 2: Breitenbush Cascades, Breitenbush Lake & Kuckup Park (July 05, 2007)mattisnotfrench2007-07-06
Adventure on the Breitenbush: Park Ridge, 10/08/06mattisnotfrench2006-10-09
Adventures in the Ardèche (France), part 2: February-March 2008 [very long, LOTS of pictures]mattisnotfrench2008-03-23
After work to Bridal VeilStevefromdodge2007-04-24
After work to Lacamas Park 8-7-07Stevefromdodge2007-08-08
After work to Lewis and Clark State Park 8-6-07Stevefromdodge2007-08-08
After work to Mist FallsStevefromdodge2007-04-24
After work to St Peter's DomeStevefromdodge2007-04-24
After work to three small waterfallsStevefromdodge2007-08-27
Ainsworth Loop TrailNavigator2008-03-19
Alberta Park/Alameda Ridge, 1-16-07OneSpeed2007-01-16
Aldrich Butte and Aldrich Falls bushwack!jeffstatt2006-10-22
Aldrich Butte and Table Mountain 6-17-07Stevefromdodge2007-06-18
all the new snowdrm2007-09-29
Alta Meadow/Peak in the Sierrayosemite hiker2007-05-13
An Excellent "Lost Trails" Resource from Don & Roberta LoweSplintercat2007-05-02
An overnighter in Yosemiteyosemite hiker2007-02-23
Andy & Bryan, check this out...Splintercat2007-09-01
Angel's Rest / Devil's Rest Loop 12/31/07Scooter2008-01-01
angel's rest 1/23/2007retired jerry2007-01-24
Angels A.M.TRAILRUNNER2008-02-09
Angels and Devils Rest 4/5 and 4/12rogersjd2008-04-13
Angels Rest in April - Some Suprises!Splintercat2007-04-21
Angels Rest Loop 27Apr08VanMarmot2008-05-02
Angels Rest Via Foxglove Canyon - 2/23/08airdrum2008-02-24
Angels Rest-Wahkeena Falls Hike 9-30-07Jane2007-10-01
Another eastern gorge flower report...jley2008-03-10
another waterfall guessing game!pyles_942008-03-01
Anybody tried Falls Creek Falls lately?OneSpeed2008-03-10
Ape Canyon 08-12-06worldofaaron2006-08-14
Ape Cavechubby fm2007-10-16
Ape Cave - 8/12/06jimsiff2006-08-19
Ape Cave and Merrill Lake 9/15/07jeffstatt2007-09-19
Apparition Falls on Cast Creek (formerly Mt Hood Lost Waterfall)pdxgene2007-03-11
April 19 TAO Project at Angels Rest a Success!Splintercat2008-04-19
Archer Mountaincluain2006-12-28
Archer Mountain-Hidden Fallsjaimito2008-03-19
Archer Mt (in the Gorge) March 26thjeffstatt2006-06-01
At the edge of the abyss - a return to the Greenleaf slide.Don Nelsen2008-03-07
Autumn Colors on Vista RidgeSplintercat2006-10-01
Autumn in the Sonoran Desert looks more like SpringBill Bens2006-09-28
Awesome Multnomah Falls picpyles_942007-12-10
Backpack Mack's Caynon to Old Railroad Car along Dechutes Riveralpinejok2008-03-03
Backpacking ideasFrenchy2008-05-22
Backpacking to Big Slide Lake (Bull of the Woods)justpeachy2007-08-30
Badger Creek 2007/05/25 - 27worldofaaron2007-06-12
Badger lake trail from Bonney Crossing Campground 8/12joerunner2007-08-14
Bagby Hot Springs Hikeyma2007-11-25
Bagby Hot Springs hike 10-24-06Jane2006-10-25
bagby hot springs hike 12-15-2006res20102007-01-19
Bald Mtn.-McNeil Pt.-upper ridges-Cairn Basin-Eden Pk. hike report 7-9-06Jane2006-07-13
Barlow Pass Snowshoe Outing Dec. 16th (photos added)Jane2006-12-19
Barlow Pass Snowshoeingjustpeachy2008-03-18
Barlow Pass TrailheadNavigator2008-03-18
Barlow Pass, "Ghost Ridge", July 2 2007markesc2007-07-29
Barrett Spur (Friday 09-08-2006)bushwacker2006-09-10
Barrett Spur and Eden Park 8-26-07Stevefromdodge2007-08-27
Baskett Butte 5-26-08Stevefromdodge2008-05-26
Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refugechubby fm2007-05-13
Battle Ground Lake State Park/ Salmon Creek-Klineline Park 11-26-06Jane2006-11-25
Beacon Rock 9-8-07Jane2007-09-16
Bear Creek - Eagle Cap (7/1 - 7/4/2006)bushwacker2006-07-07
Bear Point, Mt Jefferson;7.6 miles RT, 3000 elevationbjul492007-09-21
Beaze Memorial Forest, and Fitton Green hikesbjul492008-03-11
Beazell Memorial Forestchubby fm2007-04-27
being an idiot on Snowking tazz2006-07-24
Beth Lakerogersjd2007-07-06
Beyond Cedar Flats 7-12-06OneSpeed2006-07-14
Bigelow Hot SpringsBill Bens2006-09-19
Bird Creek Meadows (Mt. Adams), 8/4/06adamschneider2006-08-04
Birkenfeld MountainDon Nelsen2007-06-28
Bitten by the Rabid Winds of Dog January 2006tazz2006-06-09
Black Bear and beautiful viewschameleon2008-05-06
Black Bear Creek (Fern Creek) and the Tish/Chetwoot ridgechameleon2008-03-18
Black Bear Creek Falls #1 and 2chameleon2008-01-22
Black Bear Falls on Fern Creekchameleon2008-03-25
Black Butte 6/23/07chubby fm2007-06-25
Black Peak North cascades Wa.tazz2006-08-21
Blown out of the Wallowas.tazz2006-06-06
Blue Mtns (Wenaha-Tucannon wilderness)drm2007-06-19
Bonanza Trail - Salmon Mtn Loop, July 28, 2007pablo2007-07-29
Bonneville Dam and Fish Hatchery 9/17/06jeffstatt2006-09-18
Boulder Lake, Bonney Meadows, Bonney Butte Hike Report 10-02-06Jane2006-10-03
boulder ridge 12/6/2006retired jerry2006-12-08
Boulder Ridge to Huckleberry Mountain 7-1-07Martell2007-07-01
Brief Larch Mt. reportjoerunner2007-12-15
Broken Top 9/22/07jessbee2007-10-01
Broken Top-Broken Hand-9-10-2006kscholz2006-09-11
Browder Ridge 7-14-07kscholz2007-07-27
Bull of the Woods - 6/24/06Paul2006-06-25
Bull of the Woods backpack 7/1 - 7/3/06sparklehorse2006-07-04
Bull of the Woods hike report 6-11-06thehikingdude2006-06-15
Bull of the Woods Lookout 10/26/07chubby fm2007-10-27
Bull of the Woods Lookout 7-22-06OneSpeed2006-07-22
Bull of the Woods Trip Reportptownexplorer2006-07-25
Burdoin Mountaincluain2007-01-20
Burnt Lake 4 -27 -07pdxgene2007-04-27
Burnt Lake '07 Finale ... 11/25pdxgene2007-11-25
Burnt Lake , Lost Creek Falls 5/30pdxgene2007-05-30
Burnt Lake / East Zigzag summit 8/6/06sparklehorse2006-08-07
Burnt Lake 7/1pdxgene2006-07-01
Burnt Lake 7/1/07pdxgene2007-07-01
Burnt Lake 8/9 good reflections todaypdxgene2006-08-09
Burnt Lake 9-9-07Jane2007-09-16
Burnt Lake and East Zigzag Mountain 7-4-07Paul2007-07-04
Burnt Lake hike report 7-25-06Jane2006-07-25
Burnt Lake trail 6/02/08pdxgene2008-06-03
Cable Falls - all four of them!Don Nelsen2007-02-18
Cache-Shellrock Trail, Shellrock Lake and Hideaway Creek Fallsjustpeachy2007-09-25
Camping in the Umpqua Duneschubby fm2006-07-31
Cancelling sunday hike to Aldrich Buttebjul492006-11-10
Cannon Beach June-Sept. 2007Jane2007-06-20
Canyon Creek loop - Mr Jefferson Wilderness 8/20/2006Paul2006-08-21
Cape Disappointment will not let you downchubby fm2006-09-26
Cape Falcon (Oswald West) 8/6/2006yma2006-08-08
Cape Falcon 3/5/08pdxgene2008-03-06
Cape Foulweather 7-12-07Stevefromdodge2007-07-14
Cape Horn (4/5)BeavZers2008-04-05
Cape Horn 12/7/07chubby fm2007-12-08
Cape Horn 3/10/07jessbee2007-03-11
Cape Horn area hike 4-18-07Jane2007-04-23
Cape Horn geology hike 4-27-08Jane2008-04-30
Cape Horn trail (section) hike 2-18-07Jane2007-02-26
Cape Horn, Friday, 5-2-08Charley2008-05-03
Cape Horn; 10/21/07drm2007-10-21
Cape Kids! (Cape Horn 9/9/06)jeffstatt2006-09-13
Cape Lookout and area (Whale Watching) 3-31-08nyxlily2008-04-02
Cape Lookout and Neskowin 7-12-07Stevefromdodge2007-07-14
Cape Lookout hike and camp Sept 10-11Jane2006-09-12
Cape Lookout State Park -- North Trail , Yurt Campingpdxgene2006-10-28
Carpenter Mountain Lookout TrailBill Bens2006-09-20
Cascade Head 08-05-06worldofaaron2006-08-10
Cascade Head 7-10-07Stevefromdodge2007-07-14
Cascade Head, May 24 2007markesc2007-08-14
Cascade Pass - Sahale Arm 9-14-2007Waffle Stomper2007-09-18
Casey Creek Loop,Wednesday, March14thbjul492007-03-14
Cast Creek Horseshoe Ridge Loop 11/1/2007retired jerry2007-11-03
cath arch trail flowers; 4.15.07drm2007-04-14
Catherine Creek 2-24-07chubby fm2007-02-26
Catherine Creek 3-14-07OneSpeed2007-03-20
Catherine Creek 3-23-08Stevefromdodge2008-03-23
Catherine Creek 3/30/07Stevefromdodge2007-04-02
Catherine Creek 4/9/08meana392008-04-11
Catherine Creek and Tom McCall Point 4/12/2008Brett_Holycross2008-04-15
Catherine Creek area hike 4-1-07Jane2007-04-04
Catherine Creek Coyote Wall Backpack 4/3/2008retired jerry2008-04-06
Catherine Creek Wildflower Walk 3-5-08Jane2008-03-09
Catherine Creek, 3/16/07adamschneider2007-03-24
Catherine Creek, 4/22/07sparklehorse2007-04-22
Caves swans and snow - etc...jley2008-02-11
Cedar or Aldrich Fallscluain2007-01-10
Cedar-Aldrich Falls - We did it...Jill2008-02-16
Chilnualna Fallsyosemite hiker2007-03-25
Chinidere Mountainthehikingdude2006-08-19
Clackamas River Trail - Mt. Hood National Forest - 3/17/07jaimee2622007-03-25
Clackamas River Trail 2/29/08chubby fm2008-03-01
Clackamas River Trail 6/27pdxgene2007-06-27
Clark Creek Snowshoe 3-4-07OneSpeed2007-03-04
Clark/Newton Creek Snowshoe Info?OneSpeed2007-02-26
Clatsop County areas - Beauty and Destruction Jane2008-02-25
Clatsop Loop/Tillamook Headbcostley2007-05-27
Clear Lake Trip Reportadventurewoman2006-06-11
Cold Water Lake and St. Helenstazz2006-07-04
Coldwater Lake - Tractor Junction Hike 7-7-07Jane2007-07-08
Coldwater Ridge / Fawn Lake Snowshoe 4/12/08SEM2008-04-14
Columbia gorge Loopdaetrip2006-07-09
Columbia Gorge Loop 6/23-25/06Wayne Kraft2006-06-25
Columbia Hills - Kodi's Birthday Hike 4/22/07fettster2007-04-23
Columbia Hills 3/11/07sparklehorse2007-03-11
Columbia Hills State Park & Horsethief Butte & Laketazz2006-08-06
Columbia River Gorge History: Biddle Butte (a very old trip report!)cluain2006-10-30
Comedy of Errors to Wahe Falls 5-31-08airdrum2008-06-07
Coming Soon: Huckleberries on Larch Mountain!OneSpeed2007-08-13
Conditions: Saddle Mountain and Wahkeena TrailOneSpeed2007-04-12
Cone Peak 5646'tazz2006-12-23
Cone Peak/Iron Mountain, 6/25/06adamschneider2006-07-10
Connecting lower and upper Coyote Wall trailsdrm2008-02-11
Cook Hill 3/18/07sparklehorse2007-03-18
Cooke Falls? Never heard of it..!Splintercat2008-02-23
Cooper Spur (Sunday 8-6-2006)bushwacker2006-08-08
Cooper Spur 09/10/06worldofaaron2006-10-05
Cooper Spur; Sept 15, 2007drm2007-09-16
Coos Bay area father/daughter trek. 03-18-08/ 03-21-08AlexanderSupertramp2008-03-25
Corral Springs Trail to Roaring River, Nov 4, 2007pablo2007-11-05
Corvallis AreaJewelle2008-05-06
Council Crest 3/20/07Martell2007-03-20
Cowboy Mt & Pt 5675 Stevens Pass US Hwy 2 4-21-08Bryan2008-04-26
Coyote Canyon and Wall hike 5-12-07Jane2007-05-14
Coyote Wall - 2/18/08Water2008-02-25
Coyote Wall - 7/30/06jimsiff2006-08-02
Coyote Wall 3-16-08Stevefromdodge2008-03-16
Coyote Wall 5-14Stevefromdodge2008-05-17
Coyote Wall Area 12-6-06OneSpeed2006-12-08
Coyote Wall TR 4/30/06sparklehorse2006-06-23
Crater Lake - Garfield Ridge - 5-20-07airdrum2007-05-23
Crater Lake/Camp Sherman 5/19 - 5/21nyxlily2008-05-22
Creating a trip reportphadmin2007-11-21
Cripple Creek, Cache Meadow, Serene, and Rock Lakes Oct 27, 2007pablo2007-10-28
Crossing the Sandypdxgene2007-01-13
Crossing The Sandy IV -- Ramona Falls trail is gonepdxgene2007-04-12
Dalles Mountain Ranchjley2007-04-16
Dalles Mountain Ranch - 4/13/08justpeachy2008-04-15
Day at Cannon Beach, OR 3-6-07Jane2007-03-12
Day at Dog 5-7-07Jane2007-05-08
Dechutes River Trail from Dechutes State Parkalpinejok2008-04-15
Defiance/Starvation loop; 5-23-07drm2007-05-23
Deschutes odds and endsdrm2008-03-11
Deschutes River 1/11/2008retired jerry2008-01-16
Deschutes River 3/5/2008retired jerry2008-03-09
Deschutes River Hike 10/15/2007retired jerry2007-10-20
Deschutes River Trail Overnight, April 4 and 5Charley2008-04-07
Deshchutes River Trail - 3/5/2007retired jerry2007-03-10
Devil's Peak 9/16/06jessbee2006-09-18
Devil's Peak from Salmon River West Trailhead 5/29/06jboppelt2006-06-02
Devil's Rest (via Wahkeena Falls)jeffstatt2006-06-02
Devil's Rest Loop from Wakleena 4/11/08retired jerry2008-04-11
Devils RestJewelle2008-03-22
Devils Rest and "lost" spur trails above Wahkeena FallsCherokeeDriver2008-03-09
Devils rest loop on a exceptionally beautiful day.joerunner2007-02-18
Devils Rest via Angel's Rest / Primrose - Ice storm! 11/02/2006Don Nelsen2006-11-05
Devils' Rest (Columbia River Gorge) 2/12/06jeffstatt2006-07-26
Diamond Peak Wildernessrosecity2006-08-08
Dimple Hill 5-5-08Jewelle2008-05-12
Dog Mountain 05-28-08AlexanderSupertramp2008-05-28
Dog Mountain 1-27-07 (Sorry, no pics)OneSpeed2007-01-29
Dog Mountain 3/4/07sparklehorse2007-03-04
Dog Mountain 5-17-07Stevefromdodge2007-05-18
Dog Mountain 5-24-08Stevefromdodge2008-05-28
Dog Mountain 5/22/07bcostley2007-05-23
Dog Mountain 6/3/07sparklehorse2007-06-03
Dog Mountain in Bloom 5/17/06jboppelt2006-06-07
Dog Mountain kicked my butt - 6/3/2007justpeachy2007-06-03
Dog Mountain, 6/2/08adamschneider2008-06-03
Dog River Trail-Zig Zag Trail 11-2-07Jane2007-11-03
Dog, Wind, & Beacon...Karl Helser2008-02-10
Dome Rock via Tumble Ridge Trail 9/23/06fettster2006-09-24
Don Nelson!!! Columbian Story About Table Mountain Landslide...weathercrazy2008-03-07
Dread and Terrorbackcountryhunter2007-05-03
Drift Creek Falls / Niagara Falls 6/19pdxgene2006-06-20
Drift Creek Falls 1/18/08pdxgene2008-01-19
Drift Creek Falls and Suspension Bridge, 1-4-07OneSpeed2007-01-11
Drift Creek Falls trail is closedjustpeachy2007-12-30
Drift Creek Falls, Cascade Head/6-10-11greg2006-06-12
Dry Creek & Pacific Crest FallsSplintercat2007-04-22
Dry Creek Falls (It's not so dry after all)thehikingdude2006-09-02
Dumbbell Lake?pdxgene2007-11-07
Duncan Creek 5/27/07jeffstatt2007-06-19
Dungeness Spit, Sequim WA 4-14-08Bryan2008-04-15
Eagle Cap Wilderness 9/1/06 - 9/4/06fettster2006-09-05
Eagle Creek - witness to a rescueBCJ2006-07-31
Eagle Creek and Puchbowl Falls 2/3/07pcauldwe2007-02-04
Eagle Creek and Ruckel Ridgechameleon2008-02-19
Eagle Creek Backpacking Trip 03-06 thehikingdude2006-06-01
Eagle Creek in Snow - Use Cautionchameleon2008-01-29
Eagle Creek in the Rain 5-19-07Stevefromdodge2007-05-21
Eagle Creek Last Mondaychameleon2008-02-28
Eagle Creek on 3/3/2008chameleon2008-03-04
Eagle Creek to 433 Junctionjamesthehiker2008-03-22
Eagle Creek to Loowit FallsBryan2007-03-09
Eagle Creek to Tanner loop 6/23/07joerunner2007-06-23
Eagle Creek to Tunnel Falls 9/23 - 9/24Martell2006-09-27
Eagle Creek to Wahtum Lake, and Chinidere Mt 7/12 - 7/14jeffstatt2006-07-26
Eagle Creek to Wildcat Mtn loop Aug 5, 2007pablo2007-08-06
Eagle Creek Trail is Open! ( 1/11/08)chubby fm2008-01-11
Eagle Creek Trail to Ruckel Creek Trail via Wahtum Lake, Chinidere Mtn, and Benson Plateau 6/7/08Colonel2008-06-14
Eagle Creek Trip Report - Circa 1924Splintercat2007-04-21
Eagle Creek updatedrm2008-02-27
Eagle Crk to PCT to Ruckel 7/04/07DrDre2007-07-06
Eagle Cutoff (including route to Wildcat Mountain)pablo2007-07-29
Eagle-Benson TrailEddyB2007-11-02
East Fork Quinault River to Enchanted Valley; May 13-14drm2007-05-15
East Zigzag Mountain 4/26/08fettster2008-04-28
Eastern Badger Creek Wilderness 5/26-5/27 2007JosephSamuel2007-06-09
Ecola Point to Indian Beach 2/11/07pcauldwe2007-02-12
Ecola State Park 03/02/2008TRAILRUNNER2008-03-04
Ecola State Park to Indian Beach and Hikers Camp 02-23-2008palegreenstarz2008-02-24
Eden Park - Cairn Basin - Wy'East Basin 7/20pdxgene2006-07-20
Eke Crater, MauiDon Nelsen2007-12-04
Elevator Shaft - Nesika - Larch Mtn. 4-29 (Pablo's hike)Jane2007-04-30
Elevator Shaft / Cougar Rock / Nesika Lodge 9/22/06jeffstatt2006-10-05
Elevator Shaft........Callawad2007-04-10
Elk Cove from Vista Ridge (August 1, 2007)Splintercat2007-08-02
Elk Cove, 7/30-8/1/07Grannyhiker2007-08-08
Elk Cove-Pinnacle Ridge Loop 8-11-07Stevefromdodge2007-08-11
Elk Lake Creek & Bull of the Woods, June 21-23mattisnotfrench2007-07-02
Elk Lake Creek to the deep green pool: July 22mattisnotfrench2007-07-24
Elk Lk, Hoodoo, Coffin Mtn, Jeff Park, Pamelia Lakeyew_betula2007-05-01
Elk Meadows 7/16/07Grannyhiker2007-07-17
Elk Meadows hike report 6-22-06Jane2006-06-23
Elk Meadows TrailG.H. Landon2007-07-05
Elk Meadows, Mt. Hood, July 4th, 2007markesc2007-07-29
Elk Mountain 8-12-06Jennifer2006-08-13
Elk Mountain trail is now clear, except . . .Rick2007-04-16
Elk-Kings Mtn Loop, another perspective 9/26/06jessbee2006-09-26
Elk-Kings Mtns Scramble 9-10-06Jill2006-09-11
Elk/Kings Traverse DennisTheMenace2007-06-06
Elowah and Upper McCord Falls, 5/4/08sparklehorse2008-05-05
Enchantments 7/8-7/9BCJ2006-07-10
Enchantments Loop 9/29 - 10/2'07fettster2007-10-07
Endangered, but not yet lost--Foxglove WayGrannyhiker2007-07-26
Entiat River region, WA 7/31 to 8/06Aimless2007-08-09
Fall color at Fall Creek - 10/17/2007justpeachy2007-10-19
Fall color in the Table Rock Wildernessjustpeachy2007-10-10
Fall Color, Dawson Creek, Hillsboro, October 17 2007markesc2007-10-19
Fall Creek Falls is raging - May 19thhduggan2008-05-21
Fall Creek Trail near Eugenechubby fm2007-01-25
Fall on Silver Star Mountain / Sturgeon Rock / Pyramid Rockjeffstatt2007-09-20
Fall through central OregonTRAILRUNNER2007-10-20
Falls Creek Falls 06/06/08HeavyweightHiker2008-06-06
Family Weekend in Klickitat Countrychubby fm2008-05-20
Father's Day on the "other" Larch Mountain 6/17/07jeffstatt2007-06-19
Feb. 10th Gorge Trail WorkRon Goodwin2008-02-11
First of two different hikes.bjul492006-08-14
Flashback - Sunrise Area Hike 7-16-07 MRNPBryan2008-04-20
Flowers finally blooming at Rowenajustpeachy2008-05-12
Foggy Day on Dog Mountain - 6 April 08 (Sunday)CherokeeDriver2008-04-06
Forest Park - Wildwood trail end to endFredo2007-09-21
Forest Park Strange RealityJill2006-11-26
Forest Park, 4/15/06 + 4/20/06 mattisnotfrench2006-11-06
Forest Park-springtime on the Wildwood.chubby fm2008-04-18
Foxglove Falls 2-9-08airdrum2008-02-10
Franklin Ridge, Oneonta, Larch Mountain (06/10/2006)bushwacker2006-06-12
Free Ski Day at Mt. Bachelor - 1/26/07McFarnell2007-02-15
Friday 13th falls fotos....pdxgene2008-06-13
Frog Lake Buttes in WinterSplintercat2006-11-24
Frosty Multnomah Falls 1/22/08pdxgene2008-01-22
Frozen Eagle (Eagle Creek 1/13/06)jeffstatt2007-01-15
FYI - Tillamook Head - Seaside to Cannon BeachMissDoll2008-03-01
Gales Creek - Tillamook State Forestthehikingdude2006-11-01
Gales Creek - Tillamook State Forest - 9/16/07justpeachy2007-09-19
General message: Off trail trip reportsjeffstatt2008-04-30
Ghost Ridge Snowshoe 2/4/07sparklehorse2007-02-04
Gillette - The best a man can get?? (Gillette Lake hike 8/28/06)jeffstatt2006-08-28
Gillette Lake warmup overnighter; Apr 5drm2007-04-06
Gillette Lake/Greenleaf Overlook (WA) hike report 12-2-06Jane2006-12-03
Gnarl Ridge and beyond (7-15-2006)bushwacker2006-07-16
Goat Creek overnight 10-6-07baker99032007-10-08
Goat Lake Loop 8/1/2007retired jerry2007-08-07
Goat Rocks - Loop to Goat Lake - 8/26-8/27Martell2006-08-31
Goat Rocks - The Hard Wayjboppelt2006-07-24
Goat Rocks Full Moon Back country Ski reviewThrasher2007-03-09
Goat Rocks Wilderness (7/14-->7/15)yma2006-07-17
Goat Rocks without a Camera... sigh...Jill2006-09-04
Goat Rocks! 7/21/07 - 7/22/07Martell2007-07-23
Good snow pack on Benson PlateauFred2008-04-04
Goodman Creek 2/20/07chubby fm2007-03-14
Gorge Trail #400 from Wahclella Falls Trailhead to Upper McCord Creek Falls and back 3/4/07jaimee2622007-03-04
Gorge Views from "The Far Side"Splintercat2008-02-23
Gorton Creek - PCT 5/25 - 5/27/07Paul2007-05-28
Government Mineral Springs Sno*park and Trapper Creek Trailheaddrm2008-01-29
Grassy Knoll - beautiful, snow-free, and buggyJacko2008-06-16
Green Lakes via Falls Creek 7/29-7/30Martell2006-07-31
Green Point Mountain via Gorton Creek Trail and Herman Creek Trail (09/23/07)Fredo2007-09-24
Greenleaf slide area 3/16/08Susan Nelsen2008-03-20
Greenleaf Trail 2/15/08chubby fm2008-02-16
Gresham Butte 5-2-08Stevefromdodge2008-05-06
Grey Butte and Ochoco NF May 6-7 06tazz2006-06-06
Gumjuwac Saddle to Lookout Mountain 3/18/07fettster2007-03-20
Gumjuwac Snowshoe 2/11/07sparklehorse2007-02-12
Gumjuwac Trail - Lookout Mountain Hike Report 9-19-06Jane2006-10-03
Gunsight Overlook Snowshoe HikeSplintercat2008-03-22
Hamilton Mountain - 10-14-07Stevefromdodge2007-10-14
Hamilton Mountain 11/30/07chubby fm2007-12-01
Hamilton Mountain 2/16/2008TRAILRUNNER2008-02-16
Hamilton Mountain 3.5.8weathercrazy2008-03-05
Hamilton Mountain 4/26/08meana392008-04-28
Hamilton Mountain 5/13/07sparklehorse2007-05-13
Hamilton Mountain 7/16/06sparklehorse2006-07-17
Hamilton Mountain Loop Hike 3/24/07jaimee2622007-04-08
Hamilton Mountain Loop Hike Plus 3-21-07Jane2007-03-22
Hamilton Mtn / Wauna Pt 15,18 May 2008VanMarmot2008-05-19
Hamilton Mtn Summit; new, improved heightJill2008-02-10
Hamilton Mtn. Thursday April 3 2008 Charley2008-04-03
Hardy Ridge 6/18/06sparklehorse2006-06-19
Hardy Ridge in the snowDon Nelsen2008-03-30
Hardy Ridge,May 10thbjul492007-05-10
Harpers Ferry and the Appalachian TrailSplintercat2006-09-14
Harris Ranch Trail (Drift Creek Wilderness) - 10/24/2007justpeachy2007-10-28
Hart's Cove from the northchubby fm2007-01-21
Heart Lake- Browder Ridgechubby fm2007-06-06
Heceta head area of Or. Coasttazz2006-07-17
Hells Canyondrm2008-05-28
Hells Canyon, Oregon Oct. 2007joerunner2007-10-31
Herman Cr Cutoff Tr, #410EddyB2007-07-04
Herman Creekdrm2008-05-20
Herman Creek to Chinidere and Hicks Lake - Oct 13, 2007pablo2007-10-14
Herman Creek Tr to Noble Camp. Off Trail to Tomlike Mountain 3/14/08Thomas M2008-03-15
Herman Creek Trail - Feb 10Splintercat2007-02-11
Herman Creek Watershed LoopEddyB2007-06-22
Herman Creek, Saturday 5-3-08Charley2008-05-04
Herman Creek-Nick Eaton Ridge Loop 10/13/07joerunner2007-10-14
Herman Creek/Indian Point (Pacific Crest Falls) 3/9BeavZers2008-03-15
Hidden in plain sight: a waterfall at Angels Rest!Splintercat2007-04-21
Hidden Lake - Little ZigZag Falls 6/18pdxgene2007-06-18
Hike report: Pioneer-Indian Trail, Mt.Hebo,OR 6-7-06Jane2006-06-07
Hiouchi / Hatton trail - Redwoodsmdvaden2007-10-31
Hiyu Mountain Bushwack, 10-13-06JosephSamuel2006-10-13
Hiyu Mountain Bushwack, 10-13-06thehikingdude2006-10-28
Hoh River - Mt. Olympus - July 12-15jley2007-07-20
Hood River Blossom status?jley2008-04-08
Hood winter solo attempt Feb 11 2006tazz2006-06-09
Hootnanny good time at Ball Point, with a taste of Badger Creek 5-19-07fettster2007-05-20
Horse Rock Ridge RNAchubby fm2007-02-14
Horsepasture Mtn. (Willamette NF) 5/5/07jessbee2007-05-06
Horsetail FallsStevefromdodge2006-11-20
Horsetail Falls loop to Triple Falls - 5/28/07justpeachy2007-05-30
Horsetail Falls, Columbia River GorgeElizabeth2006-10-04
Horsetail Falls-Oneonta Trail-Franklin Ridge-Multnomah Falls-Horsetail Falls 11.6 mileslmclady2007-03-04
Horsetail-Oneonta Trail Report (4-3-08)Splintercat2008-04-03
House Rock, Iron Mountain, Cascadia State Park & The South Santiam: June 30-July 02mattisnotfrench2007-07-02
House Trip to Mist Falls and mortality moment 2/17/08airdrum2008-02-19
Huckleberry Heaven (Indian Heaven) 10/13/06 - 10/15/06jeffstatt2006-10-16
huckleberry valleypyles_942007-12-08
Hug Point 5/28/07jeffstatt2007-06-19
Hyas Lake (Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA), 9/23-24/06--pics addedGrannyhiker2006-09-25
I-Pod Hike near Cascade Locks 10-24-07Stevefromdodge2007-10-24
Ice Chrysanthemums at Cape HornPrindleman2008-01-27
Icy waterfalls on FridayDon Nelsen2008-01-26
Illinois River Trail backpack non-report; April 2007drm2007-04-20
Indian (Labrador retriever?) Heaven, 9/2-4 (Pictures added; edited)Grannyhiker2006-09-05
Indian Heaven 8/4 - 8/6pcauldwe2006-08-07
Indian Heaven to Lower Lewis River Fallsjaimito2007-08-21
Indian Heaven Wildernessdrm2007-07-22
Indian Heaven Wilderness 7/12-7/14 (pictures added)Martell2006-07-17
Indian Heaven Wilderness 9/14-9/16/2007Paul2007-10-16
Indian Heaven Wilderness: Hike to Rock Lake (Thomas Lake TH) (10/4/2006)yma2006-10-09
Indian Heaven--unmaintained trailsGrannyhiker2006-10-27
Indian Mountain hike report(Saturday)bjul492006-08-19
Indian Mountain: Thomas and Fred’s splendid adventureFred2008-04-26
Indian Point (Columbia Gorge) - Mountain Lion Sighting - 10/2dondavies2006-10-03
Indian Point - Herman headlamp hike! Sept 12jeffstatt2006-09-13
Indian Point 3.29.7weathercrazy2007-03-30
Indian Race Track / Kalama'T 10/14/06 (w/ side trip to Big Lava Bed)Martell2006-10-15
Indian Racetrack and Panther Creek (Road and Falls)drm2007-10-06
Ingalls Creek 5-19,20-08 Hwy 97 near Blewett Pass WABryan2008-05-23
Iron Mtn from Road 035HopAlong2007-06-04
Is the entire gorge loop navigable right now?Sgt. Pepper2008-05-16
Jackson Falls BushwhackThe C-Ws2008-01-19
Jefferson Park 8-15-07pdxgene2007-08-15
John Day Fossil Beds 06/07/08 - 06/08/08AlexanderSupertramp2008-06-10
John Day Fossil Beds, Painted Hills, and Smith Rock: March 24-27 (lots of photos!)mattisnotfrench2007-04-11
Josh's season hiking 2006tazz2006-12-24
Julee's Ladies Only Snowshoe Adventure - another one SaturdayJulee's Gorge Tours2006-12-13
June Lake 1/23/08 (Night edition)nyxlily2008-01-25
June Lake Snowshoe - 1/21/08McFarnell2008-01-28
June Lake snowshoe, 2/25/07sparklehorse2007-02-26
june lake/st.helens treeline snowshoeingnwbobby2007-12-31
Just Like Heaven: Jefferson Park via South Breitenbush (7/29/07)mattisnotfrench2007-08-01
Kachemak Bay State Park, Kenai Peninsuladrm2007-06-06
Kalalau Trail - Nov 15-16 2007jley2007-11-29
Kalmiopsis Loop AttemptDrDre2007-06-29
Katanai Rock 04-23-07Stevefromdodge2007-05-01
Kings Mountain (saturday 2/16). Most snow I've ever seen up thereDennisTheMenace2008-02-17
Kings Mountain 04-01-08BruceG2008-04-01
Kings Mountain conditions 4/7/07fettster2007-04-08
kings mountain elk creek 1/31/2007retired jerry2007-02-02
Kings Mountain Jr to Kings MountainDennisTheMenace2007-05-31
Kings Mtn Loop Via Elk CreekGeez2008-05-20
Klickitat Rail Trail-- Swale Canyon 3/17/07jessbee2007-03-18
Klickitat Traildrm2008-02-10
Klickitat Trail - 4/13/08justpeachy2008-04-18
Klickitat Trail - Swale Canyon; May 19, 2007drm2007-05-19
L.L.Stub Stewart State Park April 3bjul492008-04-03
Lacamas Creek 4-27-08 (and 5-14-08)Stevefromdodge2008-04-27
Lacamas Heritage Trail 2/22/07adventurewoman2007-03-01
Lake Catalpa / Catalpa Lakemdvaden2007-10-21
Lakes Basin - Eagle Cap Wilderness (6/25-27/07)justpeachy2007-09-12
larch mnt. 2/28snowmanlake2007-03-02
Larch Mountain Crater 6/25/07Stevefromdodge2007-06-27
Larch Mountain Loop - 7/25/06jimsiff2006-07-28
Larch Mountain Trail - More like February than the end of MayDon Nelsen2008-05-29
Larch Mtn from Multnomah Feb 17, 2008pablo2008-02-18
Larison Creek 3/13/07chubby fm2007-03-14
Last look at great fall foliage color on Mt. DefianceDon Nelsen2007-09-30
Latourell Falls 4/6/07Stevefromdodge2007-04-09
Latourell Falls for the Familyjaimito2007-08-24
Latourell Falls in 2 minutesMartell2008-02-17
Latourell Falls, 11/18/06jimsiff2006-11-26
Lava Beds PCTdrm2007-07-20
Lava River Cave – 7/5/06jimsiff2006-07-27
Lena Lake and the Brothers trail in Olympic National Forestchubby fm2006-09-23
Lewisville Park, WA - nice day-outing for families Jane2006-09-09
Lindsey Ridge to Shellrock Mtn Loop - June 8, 2008pablo2008-06-10
Little Beacon Rock 4/6/07jeffstatt2007-06-19
Little Belknap Crater 9/30/06pcauldwe2006-10-05
Little Crater Lake etc. 3/28-3/29/07: More than I bargained for...jessbee2007-03-30
Little North Santiam River, 3/10mattisnotfrench2007-04-10
Little ZigZag Falls 12/16/07pdxgene2007-12-16
Lonely day at Lost Lakepdxgene2006-10-04
Long Day on Sloan Peak. Glacier Peak Wilderness Wa.tazz2006-06-14
Long Island Willapa Baybackcountryhunter2007-04-27
Looking for Archer Mountain from Duncan Creek: 8/12/07jeffstatt2007-09-19
Lookout Creek Old-Growth TrailBill Bens2006-09-19
Lookout Mountain (09/08/2006)yma2006-10-09
Lookout Mountain 4/5/08fettster2008-04-06
Lookout Mountain, Badger Creek WA on 7/12/07chubby fm2007-07-13
Lost Creek Nature Trail snowshoe 1/13pdxgene2008-01-14
Lost Lake -- Current conditions 6/8/08 pdxgene2008-06-08
Lost Lake 7/3/07pdxgene2007-07-03
Lost Lake Butte and camping 8/24/07jeffstatt2007-09-19
Lost Lake Loop 6/24/06Martell2006-06-26
Lost Lake Loop and Sunset from Lolo Pass, 10/23/07Grannyhiker2007-10-23
Lost Lake snowshoe 5/5/08pdxgene2008-05-06
Lost Lake(Mt.Hood)-PCT-Buck Peak hike report 10-28-06Jane2006-11-01
Lower Deschutes River to Gordon Canyon 10/14/06pcauldwe2006-10-16
Lower Macleay Trail 3-9-08Jane2008-03-10
lower obsidian falls??pyles_942008-02-01
Lower Starvation Loop (many photos)Splintercat2008-05-04
lower starvation loop 5-24-08pyles_942008-05-26
Lower Starvation Loop 5-6-07Stevefromdodge2007-05-07
Lower Twin Lake/Bird Butte Snowshoe 1-28-07Jane2007-01-28
Lower, Middle and Upper Ruckel Creek Falls 3-9-08airdrum2008-03-09
Lucky Peak, Idaho - May 3, 2008pablo2008-05-04
Luna Peak - North Cascades, 8/19-8/22 (more photos added)BCJ2006-08-23
Luna Unfinished Businesstazz2006-08-01
Lunch at Cape Horn -6-06-06Abear12008-06-07
Lyle Cherry Orchard 4/8/07Stevefromdodge2007-04-09
Lyle Cherry Orchard hike - 4/12/08justpeachy2008-04-14
Making the best of a dull dayStevefromdodge2006-12-03
Manganese mines- Olympic National Park 9/16/06chubby fm2006-10-08
marble mountain snowshoeing 2/11/07nwbobby2007-02-12
Marion Forks Area Waterfalls (incuding Puzzle Creek Falls)The C-Ws2007-11-18
Mary Ann's Snowshoe trip - Julee's Gorge Tours Dec. 9th (photos added!)Jane2006-12-10
Mary's Peak 4-12-08Jewelle2008-04-12
Marys Peak North Ridge Trail, 4-10-07chubby fm2007-04-12
MASSIVE Landslidejaimito2008-03-02
Matthieu Lakes & Yapoah Crater – 7/12-13/06jimsiff2006-07-27
May 10 TAO Trail Project - Salmon River TrailSplintercat2008-05-12
May 4th TAO Angels Rest Work Partyairdrum2008-05-04
Mazama Ridge Rainier snowshoe/ski Feb 2006tazz2006-06-09
Mazama Trail to Timberline trail 7/9/06Paul2006-07-09
Mazama Trail to Vista Ridge Trail (7/29/2006)bushwacker2006-07-31
Mc Dowell Creek Falls and beyond April 2006tazz2006-06-08
McCall PointStevefromdodge2007-03-11
mccord creek bushwhack 3-16-08pyles_942008-03-19
McGraw Cabin/ Hells Canyon 11-23 to 11/24jessbee2006-11-25
McKenzie River "Blue Pool" hikeBill Bens2007-07-09
McKenzie River Trail - Clear Lake and Waterfalls LoopsBill Bens2006-11-30
McNeil Point 7-15-06worldofaaron2006-07-16
McNeil Point 7/23/06sparklehorse2006-07-23
McNeil Point July 6retired jerry2007-07-10
McNeil Point via Mazama Trail 10/07/06fettster2006-10-08
McNeil Point via Top Spur Trailhead - 08/05/2006Trudder2006-08-10
McNeil Point, 7/9/06adamschneider2006-07-12
Memaloose Hills area hike 2-24-07Jane2007-02-26
memaloose lake /south fork mountainpyles_942007-12-27
Memaloose Lake/South Fork Mountain 9/19/07chubby fm2007-09-20
Memaloose State Park-Rowena Dell Canyon area hike report 11-16-06Jane2006-11-20
memaloose waterfall??????pyles_942008-02-12
Middle Bridal Veil & Middle Oneonta Bushwhack 2-Pak!Splintercat2007-05-12
Middle Bridal Veil Fallsjaimito2007-09-16
Middle Tanner Creek Falls 10-13-07airdrum2007-10-14
Mirror Lake & Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain - 11/23-24BCJ2007-11-30
Mirror Lake 1-18-08airdrum2008-01-18
Mirror Lake 1-23-07cruisingat822007-01-25
Mirror Lake 12-28-2006Paul2006-12-28
Mirror Lake 6/8/07justpeachy2007-06-09
Mirror Lake 9/29-9/30Martell2007-10-02
Mirror Lake EveningSplintercat2007-01-13
Mirror Lake, August 23rd (family hike)BCJ2007-08-26
Mirror Lk.-Tom,Dick,Harry Mtn. Ridge Snowshoe 1-1-07Jane2007-01-01
Mist Falls 3-16-08Jewelle2008-03-16
Mist Falls Hike - 01/05/08AlexanderSupertramp2008-01-05
Mitchell Pointdrm2007-04-24
Mitchell Point Tunnel?OneSpeed2007-04-23
Moffett Creek Bushwack (April 7)Splintercat2007-04-08
Moffett Creek Recon Thread!chameleon2008-01-30
Molalla River Recreation Corridor trail networkjustpeachy2007-07-19
Monte Cristo 7/4/07fettster2007-07-06
Moraine Lake - Three Sisters Wildernessrawdon2007-01-07
Mosier TunnelsStevefromdodge2007-03-11
Mount Hood Loop - 8/21retired jerry2007-08-26
Mount Hood SummitFred2008-06-08
Mount Mitchellweathercrazy2007-10-06
Mount Mitchell: 11/18/06jeffstatt2006-11-19
Mount Pisgah, Eugene hike 10-15-06Jane2006-10-24
Mount St Helens Climb 7/27/2006Don Nelsen2006-08-02
Mount St. Helensjeffstatt2006-08-12
Mount Talbert 4-7-08Stevefromdodge2008-04-28
Mt Adams wanderings; Sept 2-4drm2007-09-04
Mt Adams west side; July 7/8drm2007-07-09
Mt Defiance - March 5, 2008 + Lindsey Fallspablo2008-03-05
Mt Ellinor and Big Creek Loop in Olympic National Forestchubby fm2006-09-23
Mt Hood to the Columbia River via Eagle Creek over July 4thlosthiker2006-07-06
Mt Jefferson 7/29/06Don Nelsen2006-08-02
Mt Rainier 7/17 - 7/18pdxgene2006-07-20
Mt Ray- Waldo Lake Wilderness 10/12/06chubby fm2006-10-13
Mt St Helens - Mt Margaret Backcountry backpackdrm2007-09-25
Mt St Helens 8/6/06fettster2006-08-06
Mt St Helens rim/Loowit trail hikejoerunner2007-06-19
Mt Tallac (Sierra Nevada) 2007-06-03worldofaaron2007-06-13
Mt. Adams, north side - 8/5-8/6BCJ2006-08-07
Mt. Adams, south spur - 8/28/06jimsiff2006-08-30
Mt. Baker, July 13-14BCJ2007-08-26
Mt. Defiance (lower loop) and Mitchell Point, 3/04mattisnotfrench2007-04-10
Mt. Defiance 9/4/06sparklehorse2006-09-05
Mt. Defiance, again!Phil2006-10-08
Mt. Defiance: 4 May 2008 (Sunday)CherokeeDriver2008-05-04
Mt. Hood Cooper Spur, July 14-15th 2007markesc2007-07-29
Mt. Hood Fall Color, October 22 2007markesc2007-10-22
Mt. Hood Summit Attempt: 1 June 2008 (Sunday, early)CherokeeDriver2008-06-06
Mt. Hood Untrip ReportWayne Kraft2006-07-07
Mt. Jefferson Wilderness - Jeff Parkcware2006-10-04
Mt. Lena - Olympicsjley2007-06-03
Mt. Mitchell 1-July-07jley2007-07-02
Mt. Mitchell Snow Report 3/22/2008SEM2008-03-22
Mt. Mitchell, July 8 & August 11BCJ2007-08-26
Mt. Mitchell, WA (attempt) 5-16-08Jane2008-05-16
Mt. Rainier climb - 7/30-7/31 (with photos)BCJ2007-08-02
Mt. Shasta - June 28 to July 2hikingrandma2007-07-05
Mt. Shasta, June 10-11 (photos added)BCJ2006-06-12
Mt. St. Helens 9/10/06sparklehorse2006-09-12
Mt. St. Helens Climb 7-29-07Mary Ann2007-07-30
Mt. St. Helens, 4/7BCJ2007-08-27
Mt. St. Helens, to the top 1/13/07jessbee2007-01-14
Mt. Tabor's colors and creatures 10-23-07Jane2007-10-27
Mt. Thielsen 8/12/07T&J2007-08-13
Mt. Thielsen and Central Oregon 9/1-9/2jessbee2007-09-09
Mt. Thielsen in Winterjessbee2008-03-09
mt.mitchell hike 5/6/07 sun.nwbobby2007-05-07
mt.mitchell hike sat.march 24nwbobby2007-03-24
Mt.Thielson area trip report (photos added)Jane2006-09-01
Muddy Fork Crossingfunhog2007-02-13
Muddy Fork headwall, 'old' PCT 7-9turtle2007-07-11
Mult.Falls to Nesika hike 12-10-06Jane2006-12-15
Multnomah Creek - #441 Trail hike 3-18-08Jane2008-03-18
Multnomah Creek in SnowSplintercat2008-02-03
Multnomah Falls 1/11/07pdxgene2007-01-11
Multnomah Falls trail closed due to ice bjul492007-01-12
Multnomah to Devil's Rest to Wahkeena - 4/24/08zombie2008-04-25
Multnomah-Wahkeena Loop: Not Your Daddy's Trip Report!Splintercat2008-05-27
Multnomah-Wahkeena-Angels-Devils-Franklin Ridge 2006.11.24moosefish2006-12-01
Munra Point 1-31-2007JosephSamuel2007-02-03
Munra Point 5-4-08Stevefromdodge2008-05-08
Munra Point Sundaychameleon2008-04-14
Munra Point: with a Messy Mile to Moffett 7/22/06jeffstatt2006-07-24
Munra Pt south to Tanner Creek loop - June 26, 2007pablo2007-06-27
Munson Creek Falls / Niagara Falls 12/05pdxgene2006-12-05
Murna Point from Elowah TH 4/26/08rogersjd2008-04-26
My experience at Lacamas Park 03/18/07Jenn2007-03-22
my old secret Columbia Gorge hikes divulged (Part I)yew_betula2006-06-10
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Name this falls (Upper Multnomah)chameleon2008-02-21
Natural Selection at Work...?Splintercat2008-04-27
Neahkanie Mt on Memorial Dayadventurewoman2006-06-01
Necklace Valley - Oct 12-13jley2007-10-24
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Nesmith Point: 20 April 2008 (Sunday)CherokeeDriver2008-04-20
New forum!thehikingdude2006-10-26
New Route on Kings Mountain/Wilson River TrailheadDennisTheMenace2007-04-28
New waterfalls west of Hardy RidgeDon Nelsen2008-05-06
New wildflower site / wildflower trip reportsgreglief2008-05-06
New Year's Day, 2007, at the BeachGrannyhiker2007-01-03
new years day hike to mist fallspyles_942008-01-01
Newberry Crater 9/4-6chubby fm2007-09-08
Newton Creek Trail 7-14-07Waffle Stomper2007-07-14
Niagra Falls... Oregon.jley2007-05-16
Nice little loop hike...great for after work.meana392007-12-27
Nick Eaton Ridge & Indian Point: 18 May 2008 (Sunday)CherokeeDriver2008-05-18
Nick Eaton Ridge - Jan 1, 2008pablo2008-01-01
Nick Eaton Ridge / Gorton Ck TrailVanMarmot2008-04-17
Nick Eaton Ridge: 16 March 2008CherokeeDriver2008-03-16
Nisqually Wildlife Refuge 4-4-08Stevefromdodge2008-04-04
nooooo! pyles_942008-06-01
North Cascades NP: Copper Ridge/Chilliwack Riverdrm2007-08-24
North Fork Umatilla Trail 2/18/07jessbee2007-02-18
North Lakedrm2007-11-11
North ridge of Gunsight peak 7600' (Elkhorns)tazz2006-12-24
North/Echo/South Peak Traverse- 6/12/07chubby fm2007-06-14
Northwestern Lakedrm2007-05-09
Norway Pass to Spirit Lakejaimito2007-09-04
Not Mt Talbertbjul492007-10-22
Oak Ridge Trail 1/25/08chubby fm2008-01-26
Oaks Bottom – 7/27/06jimsiff2006-07-28
Observation Peak 2007-06-16worldofaaron2007-06-24
Observation Peak area; Trapper Creekdrm2008-06-15
Obsidian Trail (9/23)DennisTheMenace2007-09-30
Ogle Mountian and lake/pond via Evans Mountian/Henline MountainJarhead2007-07-08
Olallie Butte and Twin Peaks 6/10/06jboppelt2006-06-11
Olallie Butte Trip Reportptownexplorer2006-11-13
Olallie Lake , 7/11/07& 7/12/07pdxgene2007-07-12
Olallie Lake 10/13 -- sometimes your best plans get made after you get lost... pdxgene2006-10-14
Olallie Lake 9-21 , 9-22pdxgene2007-09-22
Olallie Lake Non-Hike/Fall Foliage Drive 10/26/07Grannyhiker2007-10-27
Old forest service road info?pdxgene2007-05-11
Old Vista Ridge Trail to Katsuk Point - Nov 4Splintercat2007-11-05
Oldman Passjeffstatt2006-12-13
Oldman Pass Snowshoe 1-6-07Jane2007-01-20
Ollalie Lake areaAimless2007-07-26
olympic peninsula ozette 1/13/07 retired jerry2007-01-19
Olympics - Quinalt River, Three Lakes & Big Trail Loop July 20-22worldofaaron2006-08-02
One day off on buisiness trip: What hike could you recommed for saturday 17th may?AnderlSp2008-05-14
Oneonta creek on Mondaychameleon2008-02-12
Oneonta TH to John B. Yeon and back.joerunner2007-04-08
Opal Creek - 6/18/06jimsiff2006-06-19
Opal Creek 1/7/07 (no pics--sorry)OregonCajun2007-01-08
Opal Creek 5/19/08pdxgene2008-05-19
Opal Creek 6/27pdxgene2006-06-27
Opal Creek Fallschameleon2008-04-08
Opal Creek hike 4-3-07Jane2007-04-05
Opal Creek to trail's end, 9/24 (w/ loads of pictures!)mattisnotfrench2006-09-25
Opal Creek Trail, 3/24-3/25/07Martell2007-03-26
Oregon Coast TrekBill Bens2006-10-03
Oregon Dunes: John Dellenbeck Trail 12/18/06jessbee2006-12-25
Oregon FieldGuide Canyoneering Episodemeana392008-05-11
Out of the Clackamas to Huxley Lake and beyond - May 31, 2008pablo2008-05-31
Owl Point Chainsaw Massacre IVSplintercat2007-10-12
Owl Point from Vista Ridge - 2007 Trail Projects!Splintercat2007-06-14
Owl Point Trail Tending - Big Splash on our First Outing!Splintercat2007-09-22
Owl Point/Vista Ridge Trail Project - July 21 Pics!Splintercat2007-07-22
Oxbow Park, OR - nearby park for picnicing and campingJane2006-09-09
Ozette Triangle, Feb. 18-19, 2006BCJ2006-06-13
Pacific Crest Trail from Herman Creek to Bridge of the Gods 3/8/08meana392008-03-16
Pacific Crest Trail From The Bridge of the Godsmeana392007-12-21
Pacific Crest Trail- Stevens Pass to Goat Rocks 8/25-9/9/2006 (photos added)losthiker2006-09-17
Painted Hills 4-25-08Stevefromdodge2008-04-29
Palmateer Point 7/8/07sparklehorse2007-07-08
Pamelia Lake on a Tuesday!chubby fm2006-08-09
Pansy BasinBryony2007-10-22
Paradise Park (Mt. Hood), 7/26/06adamschneider2006-07-27
Paradise Park 10/28-29Paul2006-10-29
Paradise Park 7/24pdxgene2007-07-24
Paradise Park 7/9 just another crummy day in Paradise...pdxgene2006-07-09
Paradise Park 8/1/07pdxgene2007-08-01
Paradise Park 8/27sparklehorse2006-08-28
Paradise Park 8/5/07fettster2007-08-06
Paradise Park hike 8-15-06Jane2006-08-16
Paradise Park Trail 6/20retired jerry2007-06-23
Paulina Peak (Newberry Crater) 12/22/06jessbee2006-12-27
Paulina Peak, Edison Sno-Park, Tumalo Mountainmoosefish2007-01-04
PCT - Lolo Pass to Top Spurdixichix2007-06-02
PCT - Wind River 6/08/2008sarbar2008-06-09
PCT Chinook Pass to Anderson Lake, WA, 10/10-12/06 (Pictures added; edited)Grannyhiker2006-10-16
PCT-Herman Creek LoopFred2008-05-03
Perdition TrailStevefromdodge2006-10-26
Perseids Meteor Shower watching reportsairdrum2007-08-13
Pierce Point trail, Pt Reyes National Seashore, CA 12/24/06chubby fm2006-12-29
Pike's Peak in COHikerMom2007-01-05
Pinnacle Ridge, 7/20/06adamschneider2006-07-21
Pioneer Trail-Mt.Hebo hike 8-24-07Jane2007-08-24
Playing hooky at Mitchell Point: 4/13/2007jeffstatt2007-04-19
Pocket Creek Snow Shoe Hike - New Year's Day, 2007hikingrandma2007-01-05
Pocket Creek X-C, 12/22/07jalepeno2007-12-30
Polallie Ridge-Tilly Jane Snowshoe 2-1-07Jane2007-02-05
Potato Butte (9/3/2007)justpeachy2007-09-05
Pre Trip Reportyosemite hiker2007-03-23
Primrose Trail in the GorgeJosephSamuel2006-10-28
Prindle FallsDon Nelsen2007-05-02
Purcell range of BC canadatazz2006-09-27
Pu’u Ali’i, Kalawao County, MolokaiDon Nelsen2007-12-16
Quick morning on Larch Mountain Trail 10-14Stevefromdodge2006-10-26
Quick sunset snowshoe trip at Hoodtazz2006-11-26
Quickie Report: Green Lakes (Three Sisters Wilderness)OneSpeed2007-07-29
Rain, wind, and sun at Netarts Spit, 2/24mattisnotfrench2007-02-25
Rainy morning at Lacamas: Round Lake and Woodburn Falls (March 3, 2007)jeffstatt2007-03-14
Ramona Falls 5-26-07pdxgene2007-05-26
Ramona Falls 7/31 'Seasonal bridge' is in!pdxgene2007-08-01
Ramona Falls hike 10-22-06Jane2006-10-24
Ramona Falls/Yocum Ridgeturtle2007-08-06
Rating StarsBill Bens2006-06-11
Re Horsetail Falls- Franklin Ridgelmclady2007-03-05
Re: Jefferson Park 7/31/07G.H. Landon2007-07-31
Rediscovering Red Hill and Perry LakeSplintercat2006-09-27
Request for Trip Report Infothehikingdude2006-08-22
Return to BensonFred2008-04-14
Return to the Russ Jolley Trail on Horsetail CreekDon Nelsen2008-05-06
Rhododendron gardenspyles_942008-05-21
rialto beach 4/25/2007retired jerry2007-05-06
Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge - More Family Funthehikingdude2006-09-09
Ridgefield Wildlife RefugeStevefromdodge2007-04-29
River Gorge hike - Mississippi River that is!Jane2007-12-03
Riverside Trail, Clackamas River, 1/28mattisnotfrench2007-02-19
Robin Lakes - Alpine Lakes Wildernessrawdon2007-01-07
Rock Creek Butte 9106'tazz2006-07-11
Rock Creek NW of Stevenson - March 22, 2008pablo2008-03-23
Rock of Ages - Mystery Trail loop, July 8, 2007pablo2007-07-10
Rock of Ages 8/10/06jeffstatt2006-08-12
Rock of Ages for All Ages 9/25/07jeffstatt2007-09-26
Rock Of Ages HikeJewelle2008-03-24
Rock of Ages Ridge - Oneonta Creek Loop 5/3/08BushMarmot12008-06-06
Rock of Ages, Upper Horsetail Falls, Bell Creek, Oneonta loopbushwacker2006-06-23
Rogue River Backpack 2/16/2008retired jerry2008-02-21
Rogue River trail 6/28DrDre2007-06-29
Rogue River Trail TRPaul2006-06-15
Rooster Rock State Park 2/28/08Stevefromdodge2008-03-04
Rooster Rock- Menagerie Wildernesschubby fm2007-05-18
Ruby Mountain--North CascadesGrannyhiker2006-10-27
Ruckel Creek Hanging MeadowsSplintercat2007-04-29
Ruckel Ridgejboppelt2006-06-06
Ruckel Ridge Excursionista2008-05-19
Ruckel Ridge attempt - 2/17Fredo2008-02-18
Ruckel Ridge Loop - 10/22/06jimsiff2006-11-26
Ruckel Ridge Loop: 13 April 2008 (Sunday)CherokeeDriver2008-04-13
Rudolf Spur and Ruckle RidgeEddyB2007-09-21
Rudolph Spur - May 6, 2007pablo2007-05-07
Rudolph Spur loop, the canonical version. Sept 29, 2007pablo2007-09-30
Russ Jolly trail (on- and off-) / Rock of Ages / cross-plateau / Oneonta loop (4/6/08)Fredo2008-04-08
Saddle Mountain (Coast Range), 6/11/06adamschneider2006-06-20
Saddle Mountain - Trail Closed at 1 mileworldofaaron2007-01-29
Saddle Mountain December 28, 2006Levi2006-12-29
Saddle Mountain: Open for BusinessOneSpeed2007-06-18
Saddle Mtn. 6-15-08Jane2008-06-16
Salmon Butte (almost) 6/24/07Martell2007-06-25
Salmon Butte 6-15-06 -- Rhodies!OneSpeed2006-06-16
Salmon Butte 6/25/06sparklehorse2006-06-25
Salmon River Trail 3/22/08pdxgene2008-03-22
Salmon River Trail 4/8funhog2007-04-09
Salmon River Trail to Kinzell Lake Tr. Jct. 3/31/07Aimless2007-03-31
Salmon River update; 5-6-07drm2007-05-08
Salmonberry Canyon 2/26/2008retired jerry2008-02-29
Salmonberry River Canyon (Coast Range) - May 7, 2007justpeachy2007-05-09
Sand Point, Cape Alava 12/5/2007retired jerry2007-12-12
Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands NP, 3/24/07Grannyhiker2007-05-12
Santiam Pass- Snowshoe trip to North Blowout Shelterchubby fm2007-02-08
Santiam Wagon Road- 11/9/06chubby fm2006-11-13
Saturday of crowds and sceneryCharley2008-04-15
Scott Mountain-Mt Washington Wilderness, 10/26/06chubby fm2006-10-27
Scott Trail (9/21)DennisTheMenace2007-09-30
Searching for old hiking guides and mapsjimsiff2007-09-07
Second of two different hikesbjul492006-08-15
Sevenmile Hill trek 3-25-08Jane2008-03-30
Several hikes in and around Privas, France: Fall-Winter 2007mattisnotfrench2008-01-10
Shedd Camp Selter, Middle Santiam Wilderness..6/20/07chubby fm2007-07-12
Shellburg FallsNavigator2008-05-02
Shellburg Falls and Stasel Falls 4/15/07Stevefromdodge2007-04-16
Shellburg Falls-11/14/06chubby fm2006-11-16
Shellrock Mountain - November 25, 2007pablo2007-11-25
Shi Shi Beach 8/4-8/6Martell2006-08-07
Shi-Shi Beach, Olympic NP, 8-23-25/07Grannyhiker2007-09-23
Shoe Lake 09-02-06 & 09-03-06worldofaaron2006-09-10
Signal Buttes June 25, 2007jeffstatt2007-06-25
Silver Creek Falls, October 8 2007markesc2007-10-08
Silver Falls 3/25Stevefromdodge2007-03-26
Silver Falls SP - Trail of 10 Falls 5/25/08Brett_Holycross2008-05-27
Silver Falls State Park: 11/5/06pdxgene2006-11-05
silver star 1/25/2008retired jerry2008-01-25
Silver Star area 2/17/08fettster2008-02-18
Silver Star Hike June 2007Amanda2007-06-21
Silver Star Mountain - 11/20BCJ2007-11-29
Silver Star Mountain 2/5/2007retired jerry2007-02-06
Silver Star Mountain 5/20/2008retired jerry2008-05-23
Silver Star Mountain hike report 7-23-06Jane2006-07-23
Silver Star Mountain, 6/17adamschneider2006-07-06
Silver Star Mountain, 6/17/06adamschneider2006-06-17
Silver Star Sunday, 12/9/07Don Nelsen2007-12-10
silver star via starway trailnwbobby2008-03-22
siouxon creek hike 9/22-9/23nwbobby2007-09-23
Siouxon Creek Trail report on hike of Sept. 15, 20007musikhiker2007-09-20
Siouxon Creek~Gifford Pinchot National ForestMe~N~Josie2006-11-12
Sisters in June?RLH2008-03-19
Sisters Loop; Aug 6-10drm2007-08-11
Skeleton Cave – 7/15/06jimsiff2006-07-27
Sky Lakes Wilderness, September 3-6, 2006vincentpaul2006-09-07
Smith Rock - 7/10/06jimsiff2006-07-27
Snowshoe on Detroit Lake 1/1/08pdxgene2008-01-01
Snowshoe to Burnt Lake trailheadpdxgene2008-02-18
Snowshoe to(wards) Ramona Fallspdxgene2008-04-25
Snowshoeing and Sledding at White River CanyonMary Ann2008-02-29
Snowshoeing at Old Maid Flatjustpeachy2008-02-25
Snowshoeing in Sequoia National Parkyosemite hiker2007-01-17
Snowshoeing Whatum Lake (Don’t try it)Fred2008-05-12
snowy overnighterdrm2008-02-24
Snowy Silver Falls 12/26/07pdxgene2007-12-26
Soapstone Lake Trail 5-20-08Jane2008-05-20
Soapstone Lake-Hwy 53letsfish2006-11-13
Soda Peaks Lakedrm2007-10-29
Soda Peaks Lake, Trapper Crk Wilderness; Jun 7, 2009drm2007-06-09
Solstice trip: Angels rest/Devils peak night time venture.joerunner2007-06-22
Sometimes... (The Grotto and Rocky Butte)Stevefromdodge2007-09-21
Somewhere in the Ochocos- 10/19/07chubby fm2007-10-20
South Fork Clackamas "Trail"Splintercat2007-05-17
South Fork Hoh River, Olympic National Parkchubby fm2006-09-26
South Fork Salmon River to Plaza Lake - Sept 11, 2007pablo2007-09-13
South Mt. Defiance and Bear Lake trails. 9/03/06bjul492006-09-04
South Sisterjeffstatt2006-07-25
South Sister 10/3/06jessbee2006-10-04
South Sister jaunt - 8/3/07jimsiff2007-08-07
South Sister Summit, August 5 2007markesc2007-08-15
South Sister, Aug 11-12 2006rhurwitz2006-08-15
Southern Oregonchubby fm2006-07-20
Spectacular colors at Marion Lake - 9/20/07justpeachy2007-09-24
Spectacular fall color on Mt. Hood and at Tamanawas Falls - 10/9/2007justpeachy2007-10-12
Spider-whacking at Elowah Falls - 9/25/07justpeachy2007-09-27
Spray Park - Mt. Rainier 4-5-aug-07jley2007-08-08
Spring Break in the High Desertchubby fm2008-03-28
Spring Break: Astoria to Eureka / March 29 - Apr 06AlexanderSupertramp2008-04-08
Springtime at Silver Falls 5-10-07pdxgene2007-05-10
Squaw Mountain 9/8/07pyles_942007-12-08
squaw mtnpyles_942007-12-05
St. Helens 12-april-08jley2008-04-19
St. Helens Climbe748522006-08-01
St. Helens WRARameniste2007-01-16
Stagman Ridge, Mt Adams, WAGeez2007-08-05
Starvation Creekchameleon2008-04-01
Starvation Ridge 4/5/08 meana392008-04-05
Starvation Ridge melted outdrm2008-06-13
Starvation Ridge Trail 12-8-07meana392007-12-08
Starvation Ridge: 30 March 2008 (Sunday)CherokeeDriver2008-03-30
Starway #175 - Nov 23, 2007pablo2007-11-24
Steens Mountain (long Memorial Day weekend 05-28-2006)bushwacker2006-06-10
Steens Mountain-East side- 4/12-13kscholz2008-04-16
Stout Creek 10/10/07hm113382007-10-14
Strathcona Prov Park, Vancouver Isl; July 2006drm2007-04-07
Strawberry Island,(aka Hamilton Island), and Ft Cascades trailsbjul492008-03-27
Strawberry Lakes 6/24/07 - 6/27/07vincentpaul2007-06-28
Strawberry Mt. Wilderness - south sideAimless2007-06-26
Stub Stewart State Park OR - July 10th 2007Jane2007-07-12
Summit Creek FallsThe C-Ws2008-02-19
Sun, surf , sand, snow, rain, hail, wind...pdxgene2007-12-20
Sunny Tuesday snowshoepdxgene2008-04-01
Sunrise for Sleeping Beauty 7/4/2007jeffstatt2007-07-06
Sunrise Peak - Dark Divide 4/28/07fettster2007-04-29
Sunrise to White River (Mount Rainier) 9/2/07Martell2007-09-04
Sunset from Angel's Rest - 8/15/06jimsiff2006-08-20
Table Mountain - 06.14.08zombie2008-06-14
Table Mountain 5.18.7weathercrazy2007-05-19
Table Mountain 6/10/07sparklehorse2007-06-12
Table Mountain 7/30/06sparklehorse2006-08-02
Table Mountain and Three Corner Rock - 6/10/06jimsiff2006-06-13
Table Mountain Conditions at 5-18 ready for your hike[email protected]2008-05-18
Table Mountain in the snow 1-20-08Don Nelsen2008-01-21
Table Mountain, 4-17-08Charley2008-04-18
Table Mountian 3/09/2008SEM2008-03-10
Table Mtn (Heartbreak Ridge) 25Apr08VanMarmot2008-05-01
Table Rock Hikemorris03522007-11-28
Table Rock- Molalla Recreation CorridorJarhead2007-07-14
Taking advantage of the beautiful weather to see Wahclellameana392007-10-22
Tale of Four Lakes (Timothy, Little Crater, Clackamas and Olallie)jeffstatt2006-08-07
Tam McArthur Rim & Broken Hand - 8/7/07jimsiff2007-08-13
Tamanawas Falls and Elk Cove trail...jley2007-05-27
Tamanawas Falls area hikes 7-23-07Jane2007-07-24
Tamanos Mt Summit - MRNP - 9-23-06Jill2006-09-24
Tanner Butte 10/17/06jessbee2006-10-19
Tanner Butte Trail #401 (The Gorge)bushwacker2006-06-04
Tanner Butte, 6/8/06.JosephSamuel2006-06-09
Tanner Creek - October Kids Hike!Splintercat2006-10-19
Tanner Creek Waterfalls: The Definitive Thread! (and naming rights)Splintercat2007-12-08
Tanner Creek-Moffett Creek-Nesmith Ridge - May 13, 2007pablo2007-05-15
Tanner lake loopparkrangersue2008-01-29
Tanner-Eagle Traverse, Sept. 15-16wlgjim2007-09-17
Teacup Lake XC Ski Trip - January 4thhikingrandma2007-01-05
Telemarking near Bennett Passdrm2007-04-11
Tenas Lakes - 8/4-5/07jimsiff2007-08-17
The Big Tree/Oregon Caves 5/9-5/11/2008rogersjd2008-05-12
The crappiest photo guaranteed to make you smile:)TRAILRUNNER2008-03-07
The Good, the Bad, and the Bugly (and the falls above Tunnel too)chameleon2008-04-29
The Search for Opal Creek FallsDon Nelsen2007-08-04
The spit at Cape Lookout State Park/Netarts Bay.CubFan2008-03-28
The Wahkeena "Figure Eight:" 11 May 2008 (Sunday)CherokeeDriver2008-05-11
Think you've seen everything?Bill Bens2006-08-02
Three Sisters Backpack 9/1/06 - 9/4/06Paul2006-09-05
Three Sisters Wilderness - Trailsclub backpack outing 8/4 - 8/6/06Jane2006-08-09
Thunder Mountain and Nimbus peak Wa. "The Battle Within"tazz2006-10-04
Tillamook Head Summitchubby fm2008-01-03
Tilly Jane and Cooper Spur Shelter snowshoe (Saturday 1-27-07)bushwacker2007-01-31
Tilly Jane Guard Stationdrm2008-01-14
Tilly Jane traildrm2008-01-10
Timberline from Top Spurturtle2007-06-18
Timberline Lodge to Cascade Locks 8/23/06 through 8/26/06Wayne Kraft2006-08-28
Timberline Trail (phone info report, not a trip report)adamschneider2006-07-08
Timberline Trail loop around Mt. HoodBill Bens2006-09-14
Timothy Lake hike report 8-29-06Jane2006-08-30
Timothy Lake via Little Crater Lake 10/7/06pcauldwe2006-10-09
Tish Creek Falls bushwhack 3-27-08pyles_942008-03-27
Toleak Point April 17, 2008retired jerry2008-04-22
Tom McCall Point meana392008-03-22
Top Spur to Barrett SpurDavid and Karen2007-07-29
Top Spur to McNeil Pt, Cairn Basin - GO NOW!!! =)JohnTheBaton2007-08-12
Top Spur to Muddy Fork on PCTRon Goodwin2007-07-22
Top Spur/McNeil/Elk Coveturtle2007-07-16
Top Spur/Timberline towards McNeil PointG.H. Landon2007-07-02
Tower Rock, WA area hike 7-29-07Jane2007-07-30
Trail Conditions: Jefferson Park, South Sister, St. HelensHikerMom2007-07-14
Trail of Restless Waters 7-11-07Stevefromdodge2007-07-14
trail's enddrm2007-11-03
Trails Club Alpine Outing - Sawtooth Photoshikingrandma2006-09-10
Trails Club Alpine Outinghikingrandma2006-08-19
Trails Club Sawtooth Outing Photoshikingrandma2006-08-30
Trails layer from Mt Hood Nat'l Forest GIS data library converted to Google Earth KMZpablo2008-04-14
Trapper Creek area snow reportdrm2008-03-17
Trapper Creek Wilderness; 4-8-07drm2007-04-09
Trillium Lake -- fall colors, no peoplepdxgene2006-09-27
Trillium Lake Loop -- ZigZag Mt. bear warnings postedpdxgene2006-08-06
Trillium Lake SnowshoeOregonQPR2008-02-15
Trillium Lake snowshoe 12/10/07pdxgene2007-12-11
Trillium Lake snowshoe 2/14/08pdxgene2008-02-14
Trillium Lake Snowshoe 2007-04-15worldofaaron2007-05-28
Trillium Snowshoe (yes, another one)Paul2006-12-17
Trillium time at Tryonchubby fm2008-03-30
Trip Report - Eagle Creek - 12/18/2006retired jerry2006-12-20
Triple Fallssschrock2008-03-27
Tryon Creek State Park hike 12-12-06Jane2006-12-15
Tualatin National Wildlife Refuge - Winter Solstice 12/21 4:22pmpdxgene2006-12-21
Tubal Cain and Tull Canyon trail, Olympic National Forestchubby fm2006-09-24
Tumalo Creek – 7/7/06jimsiff2006-07-27
Tumalo Falls LoopBill Bens2006-09-22
Tumalo Mountain via Snowshoe-12-07-2006kscholz2006-12-07
Tumalo Mt 3/22/2008TRAILRUNNER2008-03-24
Tunnel Falls last Sundaychameleon2008-04-25
Twin Lakes / Battle Ax Trip Report 7/7-7/9 - 26.4 Miles - 6541' Gainthehikingdude2006-07-09
Twin Lakes / Feb 5thsschrock2008-02-05
Twin Lakes, Palmateer Point & Trillium - 8/26-27/06jimsiff2006-08-30
Twin Peaks for Father's Dayjeffstatt2006-06-19
Twin Pillers Trail - Mill Creek Wilderness - Ochoco N.F.NW_Eric2007-05-06
Twisted Sister- a summary of a 3 day, 38 mile "Full Moon" backcountry ski trip Feb 2-4, 2007Thrasher2007-02-07
two trips: Labyrinth and Casey Campdrm2008-03-22
Unicorn Peak 6971' Tatoosh MRNPtazz2006-06-27
University Falls 3/21/08chubby fm2008-03-22
University Falls and Peninsula Trail 5/22pdxgene2007-05-22
University of Oregon Library Map Collection Redux - May 1, 2008pablo2008-05-06
University of Oregon library MAP collection trip reportpablo2008-02-15
Update on Eagle Creek--more cautionmusikhiker2008-02-04
Uploading photosRLH2007-06-28
Upper Bridal Veil Falls BushwhackSplintercat2007-04-08
Upper Latourell Falls - Old spur to the topjimsiff2006-11-22
upper lower deschutes river trail 3/22/2007retired jerry2007-03-25
Upper McCord Creekgreglief2007-08-29
Upper Ruckel Creek FallsDon Nelsen2007-04-25
Upper Tanner Creek - A Short Re-visitchameleon2008-05-20
Upper Tanner Creek FallsDon Nelsen2007-05-11
Upper Twin Lake Snow Campingvincentpaul2007-01-28
Upper Upper McCord Creek Falls?airdrum2007-04-24
upper upper mcord creek fallspyles_942007-12-08
Upper Wahkeena Falls TrailStevefromdodge2006-10-27
Viento Ridge - Wygant loop, May 28, 2007pablo2007-05-29
Views from Defiance: week 4Phil2006-10-29
Vision Quest Pits near Catherine Creek, 4/3/08chubby fm2008-04-03
Vista Ridge - Eden Park Loop 8-13-07pdxgene2007-08-13
Vista Ridge 06/23/07RLH2007-06-28
Vista Ridge 6/24pdxgene2006-06-24
Vista Ridge to (Gr)owl Point Trail Tending... and more!Splintercat2007-10-27
Vista Ridge to The Rockpile and Owl Point (July 7)Splintercat2007-07-07
Vista Ridge Trail to The Rockpile, 11/3/07Grannyhiker2007-11-03
Vista Ridge trip reportpdxgene2006-06-09
Vista Ridge, Barret Spur, and Elk Cove; Mt. Hood 8-13-2007markesc2007-08-14
Wahclella Fallsferris2007-03-18
Wahclella Falls & Sherrard Point - 7/30/06jimsiff2006-08-02
Wahclella Falls and a dozen others!: 11/11/06jeffstatt2006-11-11
wahclella falls and elowah falls 2/9/08pyles_942008-02-11
Wahkeena Falls - Multnomah Falls 11/11/06jimsiff2006-11-26
Wahkeena Falls to Fairy Falls 9/3/06jeffstatt2006-09-13
Wahkeena to Devils Rest 4/19/08rogersjd2008-04-19
Wahkeena, Angels Rest, Foxglove, Devils Rest, Multnomah Creek/Falls, Return Trails loop. 01-06-2007bushwacker2007-01-06
Wahkeena-Angels Rest hike report 6-17-06Jane2006-06-19
Wahkeena-Mult. Falls trails loop 2-26-07Jane2007-02-27
Wakeena Falls jauntturtle2007-07-22
Wallalute Falls - After the FloodSplintercat2007-06-03
Wallowas Backpack 8/2006, Part 1sparklehorse2006-08-20
Wallowas Backpack 8/2006, Part 2sparklehorse2006-08-20
Warning. Archer Mountain slidecluain2007-03-12
Warren and Ruckel Creeks weekend of 5/3-4JoeMtn.Goat2008-05-12
Warren Lake!drm2008-05-17
Warrior Point- Sauvie Islandchubby fm2008-01-03
Warrior Rock 3/25/07sparklehorse2007-03-26
Was that really sunshine yesterday? baker99032008-01-22
Washington fall foliage, Oct. 13-14Grannyhiker2007-10-20
Watchman Peak - Crater Lake 7/10/07jeffstatt2007-07-12
Water FALL 6-Pacjaimito2007-10-22
Water Falls 4-Pac :)Jane2007-10-28
Waterfall quiz (Upper Sheppard's Dell)Stevefromdodge2007-09-04
Waterfalls of Duncan Creekjaimito2008-04-07
Wauna Fallschameleon2008-03-11
Wauna Point 4/6/2007retired jerry2007-04-10
Wauna Point 5/7/06jimsiff2006-06-07
Wauna Viewpoint, 10/21/06jimsiff2006-11-26
Wauna Winter! (Wauna Viewpoint 1/13/06)jeffstatt2007-01-16
Wauneka Point - July 1, 2007pablo2007-07-02
Weldon Wagon Trail, 4/8/07sparklehorse2007-04-08
went to the beachnwbobby2007-04-01
West Fork Trail (Herman Creek)jimsiff2007-09-14
West from Wyeth on the Gorge TrailStevefromdodge2007-06-20
West Mcmillan Spire Southern Pickets North cascades Watazz2006-06-14
West Zigzag East Zigzag Loop 5/28retired jerry2007-05-30
West Zigzag Lookout 2/17/07fettster2007-02-18
Wet and cold at Herman Creek: 10/20/07jeffstatt2007-10-23
Wet and foggy day at Cape Horn, 11/22/06jimsiff2006-11-26
Wet, wild, 'whack to Cable Falls (again)jessbee2007-02-24
Weygandt Basin snowshoe 2-12-08Jane2008-02-13
Weyth to Mt Defiance to Starvation Falls and back.joerunner2007-07-03
Whalen Island on the coast 5/13/07chubby fm2007-05-15
What a day!!!!jaimito2007-10-22
What a day!!!!! I agreeWaffle Stomper2007-10-23
What tips/hints/skills do you use to find and follow lost trails?RobFromRedland2008-06-02
Where is Marion Falls?justpeachy2007-09-20
Where the heck is Katsuk Point..?Splintercat2007-09-09
Whetstone mt loop 6/8fattycat2006-06-09
Whitman Creek to Hall Ridge 3/2/08Karl Helser2008-03-04
Whittier Ridge via Coldwater - Sept 1, 2007pablo2007-09-02
wierd side trail near the base of wahkeena fallspyles_942008-01-19
Wild Turkey AssaultJewelle2008-05-12
Wildcat Mountain 06-30-2007Paul2007-06-30
Wildflowers galore at Tom McCall Preserve!justpeachy2007-04-30
Wildflowers still late at Dalles Mountain Ranch and Rowenajustpeachy2008-04-26
Wildlife Images (It's a place) Found owl in need.mdvaden2007-10-23
Wilson River Trail 9/21pdxgene2006-09-22
Wilson River Trail - thru-hike 3-May-08jley2008-05-04
Wind Mountain: 9/22/06jeffstatt2006-10-04
Wind River Range, 8/2007sparklehorse2007-08-20
winter waterfall hunting 12/29pyles_942007-12-29
XC skiing/Snowshoeing Trillium Lake 12/8/06 (No Pics)hikingrandma2006-12-09
Year-end escape at the Big Benddrm2008-01-10
Yocum Ridge 9/12/2007retired jerry2007-09-18
Yocum Ridge Trailpdxgene2007-02-28
Zig Zag Canyon 9-10-06pcauldwe2006-09-11
ZigZag to Paradisejoerunner2007-07-16
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