Indian Heaven - Bugs, Berries, Bathing

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Indian Heaven - Bugs, Berries, Bathing

Post by Thuja » August 12th, 2018, 1:36 pm

(no pictures, sorry...)

First time to Indian Heaven for a friend and me, we decided to hike in from Thomas Lake TH Friday morning before the crowds arrive, and hike/camp as we please until Sunday morning. I can see why "heaven" is a proper name for this place, wow! Droopy twisted mountain hemlock dappled among grassy fragrant meadows of every shade of green. Everything that is not hemlock or meadow seems to be covered by a dwarf kind of huckleberry with a flavor to beat them all. This morning, when an mysterious fog swept across the tree tops as we hiked back to the car, the diffuse light made the dew-dappled huckleberry bushes almost ultraviolet and glowing.

Bugs: lots of mosquitos from trailhead to almost Blue Lake, where there was a constant wind and no bugs at all.
Some annoying biting flies along the PCT from near Blue lake to Deer Lake, then hardly any bugs at all from Clear Lake to Lemei Rock, even in the evening. Also very few bugs around East Crater.
Lakes: swimming in every lake was fabulous!
Berries: While tempted to report berries as horrible, to keep the crowds at bay, they were honestly the highlight of our trip. The taller, smaller huckleberries are nothing compared to these low-growing plump nuggets of sweet, sweet goodness. Lots of them are ripe right now, some are still ripening. Well enough for birds, bears, and humans!

Edit to add: I have a low clearance vehicle. Following Forest Service recommendation, I drove Wind River Hwy, staying straight at the Curly Creek Rd junction, then right at 6507, which is a pretty good gravel road. Stayed on this for a few miles, then turned left when reaching 65 to get to Thomas Lake TH. Apparently 65 is washed out south of this point and only passable by high-clearance vehicles.

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Re: Indian Heaven - Bugs, Berries, Bathing

Post by Chip Down » August 14th, 2018, 6:52 pm

I love a TR with alliteration! :D

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