Hamilton Mountain 14 May 2017

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Hamilton Mountain 14 May 2017

Post by dgrabski » May 14th, 2017, 3:47 pm

The parking lot at the trailhead was about 2/3rds full at 11:30 - I thought it'd be busier, but it is Mother's Day, and it was a little gloomy out.

The trail was a bit muddy around Hardy Falls, especially around the steps, and in spots going up to Hamilton. There was a steady stream of water coming down the stony part of the trail, but again, wasn't too bad if you took a bit of care, especially when going downhill.

There were maybe eight people hanging out at the top of Hamilton - then when I started off going down the back side of Hamilton, I didn't see another person until I got back to the end of the loop.

The views from The Saddle were great with the low clouds coming through the gorge. It helped me forget a bit that I purposely put a bit of extra weight in my pack for training...

The trail conditions were pretty good especially considering how wet it was - I had about two miles of legit rain, not just that passive-aggressive Portland misty rain. A few branches here and there but the trails were pretty clear.

Time up to Hamilton top - 1:18
Total loop time - 2:47

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