Badger Creek

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Badger Creek

Post by drm » May 14th, 2017, 2:36 pm

Went in yesterday and camped at one of the Pine Ck area camps six miles up. A local told me it is called 7 Mile Camp; I never heard that before. From camp we hiked two more miles, seeing only the slightest tiny patches of snow. So that is only three miles from the lake and the trail still melted out. It spritzed light rain earlier yesterday but was mostly dry after about 3pm. Near freezing at night. We had a fire, a rarity for me in the backcountry. But there was plenty of down and dry wood with a very short distance, and almost no wind.

Lots of trees down and some bothersome brush, but nothing too hard to get by. A couple on horseback was doing some maintenance down low and said the FS was coming in on May 23.
Badger Creek next to camp
trail maintenance team

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