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Portland Hikes

From Oregon Hikers Field Guide


City of Portland

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Forest Park
Dogwood-Wild Cherry Loop Hike Easy 2.6 880 Hike down and then up on thickly wooded trails in Forest Park
Maple-Wildwood Loop Hike Moderate 8.4 1080 Pleasant loop, mostly on foot trails, to visit big trees in the center of Forest Park
Firelane 7-Springville Road Loop Hike Easy 4.9 1120 Hike down and up ridges and, in between, the gullies of the Wildwood Trail
Tolinda-Ridge Trail Loop Hike Moderate 5.9 1685 Loop in central Forest Park using some less frequented trails
Linnton Loop Hike Moderate 5.2 930 Loop hike from Highway 30 into the heart of Forest Park
BPA Road-Newton Road Loop Hike Moderate 8.1 2600 Varied loop hike with spurs at the north end of Forest Park
Firelane 15 Hike Moderate 4.0 800 Quiet loop hike on the northwest edge of Forest Park
Newton Road to Newberry Road Hike Moderate 9.4 2190 Hike the Wildwood to Forest Park's northern reaches

West Hills
Audubon Sanctuaries Loop Hike Easy 3.0 740 Two short loops and an optional diversion to the Willamette Stone
Pittock Mansion Hike Moderate 5.0 900 Hike up a forested creek bed to a stately mansion
Hoyt Arboretum Loop Hike Easy 4.7 425 Explore a network of trails to view 1,100 species of trees
Washington Park Loop Hike Easy 3.9 585 Hike to several of Portland's most notable attractions
Featured.GIF Council Crest Hike Moderate 3.3 820 Climb to a summit with great views, just minutes from downtown
Marquam Trail to Council Crest Hike Moderate 6.4 1100 An excellent hike on a section of the 40-Mile Loop
Marquam Nature Park Loop Hike Moderate 6.3 1075 Forested loop with spurs using Marquam Gulch and the slopes of Sentinel Hill

Southwest Portland
Woods Park Loop Hike Easy 2.1 210 A pocket of native forest in Southwest Portland
Marshall Park Hike Easy 1.4 80 A walk along Tryon Creek that ends at the state park
Tryon Creek Inner Loop Hike Easy 1.9 200 A short loop through the popular state park
Tryon Creek Outer Loop Hike Moderate 5.7 630 Longer loop around the perimeter of Tryon Creek State Natural Area

North/Northeast Portland
Kelley Point Loop Hike Easy 1.7 45 Deciduous woodland and beaches at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers
Smith and Bybee Lakes Hike Easy 2.1 10 Urban wetland with large numbers of waterbirds
Peninsula Crossing-Columbia Slough Hike Moderate 10.2 150 Paved trails between the Willamette and the Columbia Rivers and along the Columbia Slough
Hayden Bay Loop Hike Easy 2.5 10 Hike a paved path on the Columbia and then visit historic Lotus Isle Park
Columbia Children's Arboretum Loop Hike Easy 1.0 5 Quiet loop in North Portland to see the state trees
Whitaker Ponds Loop Hike Easy 0.5 10 Quiet nature park on a slough in the industrial northeast
Rocky Butte Hike Easy 3.2 480 Hike below cliff faces to a park with expansive views

Southeast Portland
Oaks Bottom Loop Hike Easy 2.3 125 Walk around a wetland, enjoy a stunning mural, and look for a variety of birds
Crystal Springs-Reed Canyon Hike Easy 2.4 145 Enjoy a botanical garden and walk around a small lake below gushing springs
Mount Tabor Hike Easy 2.0 400 Explore a volcano in town

Powell Butte
Mount Hood Trail Loop Hike Easy 2.0 340 Climb through timber to the open summit meadow
Old Holgate Hike Easy 2.5 310 Walk an long-forgotten road up a timbered ridge
Powell Butte Perimeter Loop Hike Easy 3.3 500 The longest loop on Powell Butte
Powell Butte Summit Loop Hike Easy 2.0 220 Dirt trails to the summit orchard
Powell Butte Universal Access Hike Universal 1.6 200 Paved path to the summit orchard

Sauvie Island

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Wapato Greenway Loop Hike Easy 2.2 40 Birdwatching loop around a seasonal lake
Oak Island Loop Hike Easy 2.8 10 Seasonal hike through meadows and oak woodland
Warrior Point Hike Moderate 7.0 0 Flat forest and beach walk to the western tip of Sauvie Island

Gresham Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
City of Gresham
Gresham-Fairview Trail Hike Easy 6.7 130 A paved trail that leads past backyards, industrial lots, a creek and wetlands
Jenne Butte Hike Easy 3.3 690 Hike and bushwhack around a forested cinder cone with two summits
Gresham Butte-Butler Creek Hike Moderate 7.0 935 Visit two Boring volcanoes and then make a loop using a suburban greenway
Kelly Creek Loop Hike Easy 1.2 130 Short loop through wetland and forest habitat near a restored suburban stream

Salish Ponds Hike Easy 2.8 30 Loop around some restored ponds and then hike forested Fairview Creek
Blue Lake Park Loop Hike Easy 2.0 30 On a quiet day, this is a pleasant loop in a popular park with a natural area on its west end
Sundial Beach Loop Hike Easy 3.6 40 Walk a levee trail to a beach at the mouth of the Sandy River

Oxbow Regional Park
Oxbow Loop Hike Moderate 7.9 600 Explore the banks of the Sandy River, see a buried forest, and enjoy an old growth woodland
Alder Ridge Loop Hike Easy 2.6 380 Switchback down to a ridge top meadow in Oxbow Regional Park
North Oxbow Hike Moderate 5.4 350 Hike down from a high bluff to see the undeveloped side of Oxbow Park

Clackamas County

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Lake Oswego
George Rogers Park Hike Easy 3.4 150 View a historic iron furnace, then a river beach, and afterwards stroll above the Willamette
Springbrook-Iron Mountain Loop Hike Easy 3.4 355 Walk two forested parks and connect with Lake Oswego's iron mining history
Bryant Woods-Canal Acres Loop Hike Easy 1.7 40 Double loop through natural areas near the historic Oswego Canal
Luscher Farm-Cooks Butte Loop Hike Easy 4.4 315 Connect to a variety of semi-rural public spaces on trails and streets

West Linn
Mary S. Young State Park Loop Hike Easy 3.7 300 Hike through mixed native forest and along the Willamette River shore
Burnside Park-Maddax Woods Hike Easy 1.1 115 Short walk along a forested stretch of the Willamette River
Palomino Loop Hike Easy 1.9 495 Walk on narrow trails down Trillium Creek under old growth trees and loop back past a viewpoint
Wilderness Park Loop Hike Easy 2.2 390 Two loops in a stand of native forest; trails connect to Camassia Natural Area
Camassia Natural Area Loop Hike Easy 1.4 160 Pleasant loop through flower meadows
Fields Bridge Hike Easy 1.5 195 Tualatin River walk including glacial erratics and the story of the Willamette Meteorite

Elk Rock Island Hike Easy 1.3 130 Rock hop a Willamette River channel to an ancient volcano
Mount Talbert Summit Loop Hike Easy 1.9 490 Loop to the summit of Mt Talbert
Mount Talbert West Loop Hike Easy 1.9 410 Forested loop
Mount Talbert from Sunnyside Road Hike Easy 2.6 450 Climb Mt Talbert from the backside

Oregon City
Clackamette Loop Hike Easy 4.3 90 Loop in Oregon City and Gladstone at the mouth of the Clackamas River
McLoughlin Promenade Hike Easy 2.3 275 Historic walk above Willamette Falls and to the McLoughlin House
Canemah Bluff Loop Hike Easy 2.4 190 Walk to clifftop viewpoints over the Willamette and a historic cemetery

Washington County

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Fanno Creek Tigard Hike Easy 8.0 40 This is the southern half of the existing Fanno Creek Greenway
Cook and Durham City Parks Hike Easy 5.7 180 Walk in natural areas along the Tualatin River and Fanno Creek
Summerlake Park Loop Hike Easy 1.0 20 Loop around a wetland in suburban Tigard
Cooper Mountain Loop Hike Easy 2.9 300 This park protects vanishing oak savannah in an area of increasing suburban development

Tualatin Refuge Nature Trail Hike Easy 2.0 55 All season nature trail in the Tualatin River floodplain
Chicken Creek Loop Hike Easy 2.8 30 Late spring/summer access to riparian habitat in the Tualatin River NWR
Browns Ferry Hike Easy 2.1 25 Late fall through early spring birdwatching walk on the Tualatin River

Fanno Creek Beaverton Hike Easy 8.5 125 There are many short walking options and trailheads on this suburban greenway
Hyland Woods Loop Hike Easy 2.6 200 Quiet forest walk under a tall canopy in Beaverton
Lowami Hart Woods Loop Hike Easy 1.1 140 Loop walk in a lovely mixed woodland on South Johnson Creek
Commonwealth Lake Loop Hike Easy 1.7 75 Walk around a suburban lake with congregations of waterfowl in the winter
Willow Creek-Waterhouse Trail Hike Easy 5.2 170 Boardwalk along a creek and then an extension down a powerline corridor
Tualatin Hills Nature Park Loop Hike Easy 4.3 85 Take advantage of the many trails in this mixed woodland
North Johnson Creek Loop Hike Easy 5.1 350 Suburban loop connecting natural areas in Cedar Mill

Rock Creek Greenway Hike Moderate 8.1 560 Paved trail through hilly terrain under powerlines and past wetlands
Rock Creek-Orchard Park Hike Easy 5.0 50 Paved trail along Rock Creek with wetlands and riparian vegetation
Noble Woods Loop Hike Easy 1.2 65 Loop hike through lush woodland on Rock Creek
Rood Bridge Loop Hike Easy 2.6 80 Short loops at the confluence of Rock Creek and the Tualatin River
Jackson Bottom Loop Hike Easy 2.9 35 Great birdwatching stroll on the Tualatin River floodplain

Forest Grove Area
Hagg Lake Loop Hike Moderate 13.5 520 Hike through forest and creek valleys around a foothills reservoir

Willamette Valley Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Willamette Valley State Parks
Erratic Rock Hike Easy 0.5 110 Short stroll on a paved trail to a large glacial erratic surrounded by farmland
Fort Yamhill Loop Hike Easy 0.5 100 Interpretive loop around the site of a mid-19th century military outpost
Champoeg Loop Hike Easy 3.4 120 Hike Oregon's early settler history along the Willamette
Champoeg to Butteville Hike Easy 5.8 300 Walk through lush forest to a historic store
Willamette Mission Loop Hike Easy 2.6 20 Explore a historic mission site, oxbow lakes, and riparian woods; longer loop possible
Luckiamute Landing Hike Easy 4.0 50 Hike in forest and past open fields to a campsite on the Willamette
Luckiamute Wetland Hike Easy 1.1 45 See large oaks and basking turtles in this valley state park

Willamette Valley Wildlife Refuges
Morgan Lake Loop Hike Easy 2.5 40 Seasonal wildlife refuge hike around marshes and open fields
Baskett Slough Hike Easy 1.0 100 Gentle, bird viewing hike
Rail Trail Loop Hike Easy 3.9 10 Hike boardwalks, dikes, and woodland in Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge
Woodpecker Loop Hike Easy 1.2 105 Loop hike on forested hill in the William Finley Wildlife Refuge
Mill Hill Loop Hike Easy 2.8 110 Hike to a secluded creek with wildflowers in the spring
Finley Refuge Loop Hike Moderate 8.4 455 After April 1st, walk around forest, meadows, marshes, and historic farm buildings
Pigeon Butte Loop Hike Easy 6.4 355 Seasonal loop around wetlands, open fields, and oak woods

Salem Area
Salem Riverfront Hike Easy 4.1 45 Use a converted railroad bridge to connect to Salem's Riverfront and Wallace Marine Parks
Minto-Brown Island Loop Hike Easy 9.3 45 Enjoy a network of trails in this large park on the Willamette Floodplain

McDonald State Forest
Calloway Creek Loop Hike Easy 4.1 330 Pleasant loop through mossy woods and forest research plots with interpretive signs
Section 36-Powder House Loop Hike Moderate 4.8 880 Loop through various stages of forest growth and research plantations; abundant wildflowers in the spring
Lewisburg Saddle Old Growth Hike Easy 2.0 240 Hike through a research area with 30-year-old trees and then admire some large Douglas-firs
Sulphur Springs via Alpha Trail Hike Moderate 5.4 1055 Hike through ridge top old growth and then downhill to a historic curative spring
Dan's Trail Loop Hike Moderate 9.6 1865 Double loop through a varied woodland to a viewpoint atop Dimple Hill
Oak Creek Loop Hike Moderate 5.4 750 Loop hike through mixed forest in the Oak Creek drainage

Scotts Mills Area
Abiqua Falls Hike Moderate 1.0 180 A short steep hike to the base of an impressive waterfall.
Butte Creek Falls Loop Hike Easy 1.1 320 An easy loop to two beautiful waterfalls.

Silver Falls State Park
Trail of Ten Falls Loop Hike Moderate 7.8 870 See all ten of the waterfalls in the park
Upper North Falls Hike Easy 0.6 40 Paved trail to a 65-foot waterfall in a dark amphitheater
North Falls Hike Easy 0.8 90 Staircase down to view a huge waterfall
Silver Falls Upper Loop Hike Moderate 3.0 290 Loop to waterfalls at the east end of the canyon
Featured.GIF Silver Falls Lower Loop Hike Moderate 4.6 670 Eight waterfalls in less than five miles
Maple Ridge Loop Hike Easy 2.6 400 Shortest loop in the park visits two major waterfalls
South Falls Loop Hike Easy 0.9 280 Quick hike to the most popular waterfall in the park
Silver Falls Perimeter Loop Hike Difficult 16.8 2470 Long, forested backcountry loop from the North Falls Trailhead
Smith Creek Loop Hike Moderate 9.0 1420 Loop up into forested hillsides and then skirt the bottomlands of Smith Creek

Corvallis/Albany Area
Takena Landing Hike Easy 3.4 65 Walk in riverine woodland on the north bank of the Willamette across from Albany
Avery Park Loop Hike Easy 1.3 30 Leafy loop around a bend in the Marys River
Cardwell Hill-Fitton Green Hike Moderate 7.8 1075 Walk an old wagon road and then take in the views from a grassy hilltop

Sweet Home Area
McDowell Creek Falls Loop Hike Easy 1.8 230 Loop hike to scenic waterfalls in a county park
Horse Rock Ridge Hike Easy 3.2 660 Steep open meadows on BLM land northeast of Eugene
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